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40:1  Ha Meem
40:2  This is a Revelation from Allah the Almighty, the Knower,
40:3  the Forgiver of sins, Acceptor of repentance, Severe in punishment and the Bestower of favours. There is no god but Him. To Him is the return.
40:4  Only the disbelievers argue about Allah’s revelations, so don’t be surprised by their toing and froing in the land for trade
40:5  The people of Nuh before them and other parties after them also denied; each community tried to defeat their messenger and disputed desperately to crush the Truth with falsehood. I punished them, so look what became of them!
40:6  Your Lord’s sentence against the disbelievers was carried out: “They are people of the Fire.
40:7  The angels who maintain the Divine Throne and those around it glorify and praise their Lord. They are faithful, and seek forgiveness for the believers; they pray: “Our Lord, all good happens because of Your Kindness and with Your Knowledge, so forgive those who repent, follow Your way and protect them from the punishment of Hell.
40:8  Our Lord, admit them into Everlasting Gardens, which You have promised them and anyone who reforms himself, including their forefathers, spouses and children. You are Almighty, the Wise.
40:9  Protect them from the consequences of evil; whoever You have protected from punishment that Day, You will be kind to them, and that’s the supreme victory.
40:10  The disbelievers will be told: “When you were invited to faith you disbelieved, Allah’s dislike of you was far greater than your dislike of yourselves this day.
40:11  They will say, “Our Lord, twice you put us to death and twice you gave life; we now confess our sins, so is there a way out?”
40:12  That is because when you were called to Allah you disbelieved but accepted idolatry, so today the decision is Allah’s, the Exalted, the Great.
40:13  He will show you His Signs, and sends provision down from the sky for you. But only the devout pay attention.
40:14  So serve Allah, sincerely serving His religion, though the disbelievers dislike it
40:15  High above all ranks is, the Lord of the mighty Throne. The Revelation is sent by His Command to His servants with whom He is pleased to warn people of the Day of Meeting.
40:16  The Day when they will come out and nothing of theirs will be hidden from Allah. “Whose is the absolute power and control today?” “Allah, the One, the Dominant.”
40:17  Today every soul will be rewarded for what it did; there will be no injustice today. Allah is quick in reckoning.
40:18  Warn them of a fast-approaching Day, when hearts will come up to the throats chokingly. The evildoers will have no friend or an intercessor who will be listened to.
40:19  Allah knows the cheaters and what the minds conceal.
40:20  Allah will judge justly, but those they served beside Allah will make no judgment at all; indeed Allah is the Hearing, the Seeing
40:21  Haven’t they travelled about in the land to see the fate of those before them? They were far stronger than them, and they left behind many remains on the land. So Allah punished them for their sins; no one can protect them from Allah.
40:22  That happened because messengers came to them with clear signs, and they disbelieved, so Allah punished them; He is Strong, severe in punishment
40:23  We sent Musa with Our signs and a mandate
40:24  to Pharaoh, Haman and Qarun. They called him, “a magician, a liar!”
40:25  He came to them with Our Truth, and they replied, “Kill the children of the believers with him and spare their women.” However, the disbelievers’ plot was bound to fail.
40:26  The Pharaoh said, “Leave me to kill Musa, and let him call upon His Lord; I fear he will change your religion or spread disorder in the land.”
40:27  Musa replied, “I seek protection from my Lord and your Lord from every haughty person who disbelieves the Day of Reckoning.
40:28  A believing man from Pharaoh’s family, who had kept his faith secret, said: “Are you going to kill a man because he says Allah is my Lord, and has come with clear signs from your Lord? If he is a liar then let it fall on his head, and if he is truthful then some of what he threatens you with will fall on you.” Allah does not guide the one who is a lying rebel.
40:29  He continued: “My people! Today you rule this land and have power, but who would help if Allah’s punishment came on us?” The Pharaoh replied, “I have told you what I believe, and I am guiding you to the right path.”
40:30  The believer answered, “I am fearful about your fate, it will be same as those people who opposed the messengers,
40:31  the fate of Nuh’s people, Ad, Thamud and those after them. Allah does not want injustice for human beings.
40:32  My people, I fear for you the Day of Lament.
40:33  the Day you will turn back and flee with no one to defend you against Allah’s wrath. Whoever Allah lets go stray, will have no guide.
40:34  “Previously Yusuf came to you with clear signs, but you doubted what he brought until his death, then you said, “Now Allah will not send a messenger after him.” That is how Allah leaves in error the doubting rebel;
40:35  they dispute Allah’s revelations without His endorsement. That’s loathsome to Allah and the believers. So Allah closes the mind of every proud tyrant.
40:36  The Pharaoh said, “Haman, build a tower for me, so I might find pathways reaching
40:37  to the skies to look for the God of Musa; I think he is a liar.” That is how Pharaoh’s evil deeds appeared attractive to him, and he was prevented from reaching the path – and Pharaoh’s plot led him to ruin
40:38  The believer said: “My people, follow me and I shall guide you to the right path.
40:39  My people, the life of this world is a brief period of enjoyment whilst the Hereafter is the lasting home.
40:40  Whoever does evil will be punished proportionally, and whoever does righteousness, whether male or female, and is a believer will enter Paradise, there they will have unlimited provision.
40:41  My people, how come I am calling you to salvation and you are calling me to the Fire?
40:42  You invite me to disbelieve in Allah and associate with Him what I have no knowledge of. I will continue to invite you to the Almighty, the Forgiver.
40:43  Undoubtedly what you call me to worship is unfit for worship here and in the Hereafter. We will all be returning to Allah, and the rebels will be the companions of the Fire.
40:44  Then you will soon remember what I am saying to you; I rest my case with Allah. Allah sees His servants.”
40:45  Allah protected him from being harmed, but Pharaoh’s people were overwhelmed by terrible sufferings
40:46  The Fire of Hell will be there all the time for them until Judgement Day, and the angels are told: “Enter Pharaoh’s people into the severest punishment.”
40:47  In the Fire they will quarrel with each other, and those who were oppressed will say to the arrogant leaders, “We were your followers, now save us from burning in the fire.”
40:48  The arrogant will say, “We are all in it together; indeed Allah has decided among His servants.”
40:49  Those in the Fire will say to the gatekeepers of Hell, “Ask your Lord to reduce our punishment at least for a day.”
40:50  They will say, “Didn’t your messengers come to you with clear signs?” They will answer, “Yes.” They will reply, “So call them! The prayers of the disbelievers are ineffective.”
40:51  We support Our Messengers and those who believe both in this life and on the Day when witnesses will stand up to testify
40:52  the Day when no excuses will benefit the wrongdoers – and they will be cursed and given a dreadful home
40:53  We gave Musa the guidance and made the Israelites heirs of the Book,
40:54  a guidance and a reminder for the understanding.
40:55  So be patient, since Allah’s promise is true, seek forgiveness for the sins of your people, glorify and praise your Lord evening and morning.
40:56  Those who dispute the revelations of Allah without any authority given to them have only a desire for greatness in their hearts that they will never achieve. So seek Allah’s protection, He is Hearing, Seeing.
40:57  The creation of the Heavens and the Earth is far greater than the creation of humans, but most people don’t know.
40:58  The blind and the seeing are not the same; the righteous believers are not same as the wicked. How little you reflect
40:59  There is no doubt that the Final Hour will come, but most people don’t believe.
40:60  Your Lord said: “Call on me and I will answer you.” Those who are arrogant about worshipping Me will soon enter Hell disgraced.
40:61  Allah made the night for you to rest in and the day for you to see His bounties; Allah is graciously generous to people, but most people are unthankful.
40:62  That is Allah your Lord, Creator of everything; there is no god but Him! So how then can you turn away from Him?
40:63  But that is how those who dispute Allah’s Scriptures turn away
40:64  Allah made the Earth for you to live on, and the sky a roof. He fashioned you in the best forms and gave you enjoyable provision. That is Allah your Lord! Blessed is Allah, the Lord of the worlds.
40:65  He is the Living; there is no god but Him, so worship Him sincerely, wholly committed. All praises are for Allah, the Lord of the worlds.
40:66  Say: “I am forbidden to worship those you pray to beside Allah, since clear signs have come to me from My Lord, and I have been commanded to submit to the Lord of the worlds.
40:67  He created you from dust, then from semen, then from a clot of blood and then He brought you out as a baby. Then you reached maturity, eventually becoming old – though some of you will die earlier – so you reach a fixed time so you might understand.
40:68  He gives life and death, and when He decides an affair He says to it: “Be,” and it comes into existence
40:69  Haven’t you seen those who dispute Allah’s revelations – how they turn away?
40:70  They don’t believe the Book that We sent with Our Messengers – they will know the consequences.
40:71  With iron collars around their necks and chains on their feet they will be dragged
40:72  into boiling water, then burned in the Fire.
40:73  They will be asked: “Where are those you associated with
40:74  beside Allah?” They will say, “They have deserted us, those we worshipped in the past were nothing.” That is how Allah lets the disbelievers go astray.
40:75  This is all because you were happy with falsehood in the Earth and lived merrily.
40:76  Enter through the gates of Hell to stay there forever, a terrible place for the arrogant.
40:77  So be patient; Allah’s promise is true. Whether We let you see some of the punishment promised to them or We cause you to die first it does not matter; finally, they will be returned to Us
40:78  We sent messengers before you; some We told you about and others We haven’t yet told you about. A messenger only brings miracles by Allah’s permission. When Allah’s command comes on Judgement Day justice will be done; there the followers of falsehood will be losers.
40:79  Allah made livestock for you to ride on and to eat from,
40:80  there are other benefits too for you in them. You can get to any destination you wish riding on them, and ships also carry you.
40:81  He shows you His signs, so which of Allah’s signs will you deny
40:82  Haven’t they travelled about the land and seen the outcome of the deniers of past times? They were greater in numbers, mightier than them and moreover left behind bigger remains on the land, yet all they accomplished will not benefit.
40:83  So when Our messengers came to them with clear signs, they smugly continued with what little they knew, and were finally engulfed by the punishment they mocked.
40:84  So when they saw Our punishment they declared, “We believe in Allah; the One and we reject any partner we associated with Him.”
40:85  Their belief won’t benefit them now, since they have seen Our punishment. This was the Way of Allah among His servants in the past, the disbelievers will be utter losers there