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40:1  These are among letters of the Arabic language that appear at the beginning of some Qur'aanic chapters. Significance of these letters is a mystery. Omniscient Allah has perhaps purposely kept it mysterious to remind mankind of the limitation of knowledge it is bestowed with
40:2  Sending down of the Book (Qur'aan) is from Allah, the Omnipotent, the Knowledgeable
40:3  Forgiver of the sin and Acceptor of the repentance, severe in giving punishment, limitless in reach. None is worthy of worship other than He. To Him is the final destination
40:4  No one calls Allah's Verses in question, but those who suppress the Truth! Hence, let not their activity among the populace deceive you
40:5  People of Noah, before them, denied the Truth. And the tribes, after them, did the same. And every people tried hard to engage their Messenger in false arguments and smother the Truth thereby. But then I caught hold of them! And how did I punish them!
40:6  And thus was the word of your Lord concerning those who suppressed the Truth fulfilled — that they would be inmates of the Fire
40:7  Those that bear the Throne, and are around It, hymn the praise of their Lord and do believe in the praise they hymn. And they pray for forgiveness for those who believe, "Our Lord! You comprehend all things in mercy and knowledge. Do forgive those who repent and follow Your way, and save them from the punishment of Hell."
40:8  "Our Lord! And admit them to the Gardens of Eden which You have promised them, and admit thereinto such of their fathers and their wives and their descendants as mend their ways. You are indeed the One Omnipotent, Wise."
40:9  "And save them from bad deeds! And one whom You have saved from bad deeds, that one, verily, You have taken into mercy that day. That is the highest success."
40:10  An announcement is indeed made to those who had suppressed the Truth, "Allah's abhorrence is certainly more terrible than your abhorrence one of another, when you were called towards belief but you declined!"
40:11  They say, "Our Lord! Twice have You kept us in a dead state, and twice have You given us life. Now that we do confess to our sins, is there any way out?"
40:12  "You are in this plight because, when only Allah was invoked, you would suppress your belief, but when someone besides Him was invoked, you would demonstrate your belief. The command then is only with Allah, Who is the One, and only, High and Great."
40:13  He it is Who shows you His signs, and sends down for you provision from the sky. And none pays attention save one who turns to Him in repentance
40:14  So pray to Allah, making your way of life exclusively for Him, and even if the suppressors of Truth be averse
40:15  Exalter of the Ranks, Lord of the Throne (Seat of absolute authority)! He transmits the Spirit of His command upon whom He wills of His subjects to warn people of the Day of Meeting
40:16  The Day they emerge (from the graves), nothing of them being hidden from Allah! Whose is the Sovereignty that day? Allah's — the One, the Almighty
40:17  This day everyone is rewarded what one had earned; no wrong, this day! Allah indeed is swift at accounts
40:18  And warn them of the Approaching (Judgment) Day, when the hearts will be choking at the throats, when shall there be no friend for the wrong-doers, nor shall any intercessor be heeded
40:19  He knows the traitor of the eyes, as well as that which the heads (minds) hide
40:20  Allah's decision is based on truth, and those whom they pray to besides Him decide nothing. Allah is indeed the One Who listens, sees
40:21  Have they not travelled on the earth to see what happened to those who lived before them? Those were stronger than these in power and influence on the earth. Yet Allah seized them for their sins, and none could defend them from Allah
40:22  That was because their Messengers did bring them clear evidences (of Allah's Sovereignty) but they suppressed those evidences and Allah caught hold of them. He is indeed strong, severe in punishment
40:23  And We did send Moses with Our signs and a clear warran
40:24  Towards Pharaoh and Haman and Korah, but they called Moses a lying sorcerer
40:25  Then as he (Moses) brought them the Truth from Us, they ordered, "Kill the sons of those who believe with him, and spare their women." And the plot of those who suppress the Truth cannot but be faulty
40:26  And Pharaoh said, "Leave killing of Moses to me, and let him pray to his Lord. I do indeed fear that he will change your way of life or that he will cause anarchy to spread in the land
40:27  And Moses said, "I do indeed seek refuge in my Lord and your Lord from every arrogant person who believes not in the Day of Account-taking."
40:28  And a believing man of Pharaoh's family, who concealed his faith, said, "Would you kill a man because he says, `My Lord is Allah,' and has brought you clear evidences from your Lord? If he is lying, he will himself suffer therefor; and if he is truthful, then something of what he warns you of will strike you. Allah does indeed guide not one who is a lying transgressor."
40:29  "O my people! Today, you have the ruling authority, you having the upper land. But who would save us from the wrath of Allah should it come to us?" Pharaoh said, "I do but show you what I see, and I do but guide you to wise way."
40:30  And a believer said, "O my people! I do indeed fear for you a day like that faced by the confederates."
40:31  "Like what happened to Noah's folk, and AAad and Thamood, and those that lived after them, and Allah wills no injustice for His subjects."
40:32  "And, O my people, I do indeed fear for you a Day of (general) Summons to all (dead) people [when they shall all rise alive and gather together for Allah to pronounce His judgment on everyone and everything]."
40:33  A Day when you will turn to flee, having none to defend you from Allah. And there is none to guide one whom Allah sends astray
40:34  And verily Joseph had come to you earlier with clear signs, yet you ceased not to be in doubt concerning what he had come to you with; till, when he died, you said, "Allah will not raise any Messenger after him." Thus does Allah let a doubting transgressor go astray
40:35  [Allah lets] those [go astray] who quarrel over Allah's Verses/signs without having any authority — a greatly hateful behaviour in the sight of Allah and in the sight of those who believe. Allah thus does set a seal [of abhorrence] on arrogant mind of every tyrant
40:36  And Pharaoh said, "O Haman! Build for me a tower that I may get to the means."
40:37  "The means of access to the heavens to rise up to the Entity Moses worships, though indeed I consider him a liar." Thus did the evil in what Pharaoh did seem good to him, and he was debarred from the path of righteousness. And Pharaoh's plan was bound to come to naught
40:38  And the man who believed said, "O my people! Follow me. I will show you the way of right conduct."
40:39  "O my people! Life of this world is but a temporary provision, and the Hereafter — that is the permanent home."
40:40  Whoever does an ill-deed, he will not be repaid but by the like thereof. And everyone, male or female, doing a righteous deed and believing, will enter the Garden to be provided with therein without measure
40:41  And (the believing man from among Pharaoh's people continued,) "O my people! What is the matter with me that I call you to salvation while you call me to the Fire!?"
40:42  "You call me to suppress my belief in the Oneness of Allah and to worship others besides Him — others of whom I have no knowledge! And I call you to the Omnipotent, the Forgiver."
40:43  "There is no doubt that the thing you call me to has no claim to being of any substance in this world or in the Hereafter, that our return will be to Allah, and that the transgressors will be the inmates of the Fire."
40:44  "And you will remember what I say to you. I entrust my cause to Allah. Allah does indeed see all that His subjects do."
40:45  Allah then protected him from the evils of what they plotted. And the scourge of punishment encompassed Pharaoh's people
40:46  The Fire — they (Pharaoh's people) were warned about it morning and evening. And the day the Hour (the time when the present world will end and the Hereafter begin) arrives (it will be said,) "Put Pharaoh's people to the most severe punishment."
40:47  And when they quarrel in the Fire, the weak ask the proud, "We were just your followers. Would you therefore relieve us of a portion of the Fire?"
40:48  The proud say, "We are all together in this. Allah has already pronounced the Judgment on His subjects."h
40:49  And those in the Fire plead with the guards of Hell, "Entreat your Lord that He gives us this day some relief from the punishment."
40:50  They [the guards] say, "Did not your Messengers come to you with clear evidences?" They [those in the Fire] say, "Yes, they did." The guards say, "Then you yourself make the prayer to Allah! And the prayer of those that suppress the Truth is but in vain."
40:51  We do indeed help Our Messengers, and those who believe, in the life of the world and on the Day the witnesses arise
40:52  The Day when the excuse of the wrong-doers shall avail them not. And for them is the curse, and for them the ill abode
40:53  And We did give Moses the guidance, and We made the Children of Israel inherit the Book
40:54  [The Book was] guide and message for men of understanding
40:55  Do have patience then! Allah's promise is indeed true. And ask for forgiveness of your sin, and hymn the praise of your Lord in the evening and in the early morning
40:56  Those indeed who raise disputes concerning Allah's Verses without any divine authority having come to them, there is nothing in their minds but greatness which they will never attain. So take refuge in Allah. He — He alone — indeed is the One to hear, see
40:57  Creation of the heavens and the earth is certainly greater than creation of mankind. However, most people know not
40:58  And the blind man and one who is able to see are not equal, neither are those who believe and do good works equal to the evil one. Little do you reflect
40:59  The Hour is certainly coming, no doubt thereof! However, most people believe not
40:60  And your Lord has said, "Pray to Me and I will respond to you. Those indeed who are too proud to worship Me — those will enter Hell humiliated."
40:61  It is Allah Who has made night for you to rest therein, and He has made day for you to see well therein. Allah is indeed most gracious on mankind, yet most people give no thanks
40:62  That (Gracious One) is Allah, your Lord, the Creator of all things! There is none worthy of worship but He. How then are you fooled by falsehood
40:63  Thus are they fooled who reject Allah's Verses
40:64  It is Allah Who made the earth a dwelling-place for you and the sky, a generator of means to provide sustenance. And He shaped you and perfected your shapes, and has provided you with good things. That is Allah, your Lord. Blessed then is Allah, the Lord of the worlds
40:65  He is the ever-living One. None is worthy of worship but He. So pray to Him, keeping your way of life exclusively for Him. Praise to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds
40:66  Say, "I am indeed forbidden to worship those whom you pray to besides Allah since clear evidences have come to me from my Lord, and I am commanded to submit to the Lord of the worlds."
40:67  It is He Who created you from dust, then from a tiny seed of fertilized ovum, then from a clinging leech-like clot of blood. He then brings you out as a child, then facilitates you to attain to full strength and then to become old — though some among you die before — so that you reach an appointed term, and so that you understand (sentence continued to next Verse
40:68  (That) it is He Who gives life and causes death. When He ordains a thing, He just tells it, "Be" and it is
40:69  Have you not seen those who dispute Allah's Verses/signs, how they are deviated?
40:70  Those who deny the Bookand that wherewith We sent Our Messengers. But they will come to know the Truth
40:71  When they are dragged by chains, with iron collars around their necks
40:72  Through boiling waters. Then they are burned in the Fire
40:73  Then they are asked, "Where are all those whom you worshipped"
40:74  "(Worshipped) besides Allah?" They reply, "They have failed us; but what we used to pray to besides Allah before had no legitimacy to pray to at all!" Thus does Allah send astray those that suppress the Truth
40:75  (They are told,), "You are in this sorry plight because you used to exult on earth without right, and because you used to be insolent."
40:76  "Enter now the gates of Hell, to dwell therein. Evil then is the abode of the arrogant."
40:77  Do have patience then! Allah's promise is indeed true. And whether we let you see something of what We promise them, or We cause you to die, still to Us they will be brought back
40:78  And We did send Messengers before you. We have told you about some of them, and We have not told you about the others. And it was not given to any Messenger that he should bring a (miraculous) sign save by Allah's leave. Then as Allah's decree comes, every matter is judged in accordance with the Truth, and the followers of falsehood will then be lost
40:79  It is Allah Who has made cattle for you to ride on some of them — and you eat some of them
40:80  And you have in them (cattle) benefits — and to satisfy by their means a need in your minds, you are carried upon them, as upon the ship
40:81  And He continues to show you His signs. Which, then, of the signs of Allah do you deny
40:82  Have they not travelled on earth to see what happened to those before them? Those were more in number than them, and stronger in power and influence on the earth. But what they earned availed them not
40:83  And when their Messengers brought them clear evidences (of divine Presence) they exulted in the knowledge they themselves had. And the thing they mocked at besieged them
40:84  Then, as they saw the severity of Our punishment, they said, "We believe in Allah, the One and Only, and reject all those whom we had worshipped besides Him."
40:85  But their believing after seeing the severity of our punishment will be of no avail to them. This has always been Allah's law for His subjects. And then the suppressors of Truth will be doomed