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40:1  +[ M\m.
40:2  The sending down successively of this Book is from God, The Almighty, The Knowing,
40:3  The One Who Forgives impieties, The One Who Accepts remorse, The Severe in Repayment, The Possessor of Bounty. There is no god but He. To Him is the Homecoming.
40:4  No one disputes the signs of God, but those who were ungrateful. So be thou not disappointed with their going to and fro in the land.
40:5  The folk of Noah denied before them and the confederates after them. And every community is about to take its Messenger and they dispute with falsehood to refute The Truth. So I took them. And how had been My repayment!
40:6  And, thus, was the Word of thy Lord realized against those who were ungrateful that they will be the Companions of the Fire.
40:7  Those who carry the Throne and whoever is around it glorify the praises of their Lord and believe in Him and ask for forgiveness for those who believed say: Our Lord! Thou hadst encompassed everything in mercy and in knowledge. So forgive those who repented and followed Thy way and guard them from the punishment of hellfire.
40:8  Our Lord! And cause them to enter the Gardens of Eden which Thou hadst promised them and whomever was in accord with morality among their fathers and their spouses and their offspring. Truly, Thou, Thou alone art The Almighty, The Wise.
40:9  And guard them from the evil deeds. And whomever Thou hast guarded from the evil deeds on that Day. Surely, Thou hadst had mercy on him. And that, it is the winning the sublime triumph!
40:10  It will be proclaimed to those who were ungrateful: Certainly, the repugnance of God is greater than your repugnance of yourselves when you are called to belief, but you are ungrateful.
40:11  They said: Our Lord! Thou hadst caused us to die two times and Thou hadst given us life two times. We acknowledged our impieties. Then, is there any way of going forth?
40:12  It will be said: That is because when God alone was called to, you disbelieved. But when partners are ascribed with Him, you believe. And the determination is with God alone, The Lofty, The Great.
40:13  It is He Who causes you to see His signs and sends down provision for you from heaven. And none recollect but whoever is penitent.
40:14  So call you on God ones who are sincere and devoted in the way of life to Him although the ones who are ungrateful disliked it.
40:15  Exalter of Degrees, Possessor of the Throne, He casts the Spirit by His command on whom He wills of His servants to warn of the Day of the Encounter,
40:16  a Day when they are ones who depart. Nothing about them will be hidden from God. Whose is the dominion this Day. It is to God, The One, The Omniscient.
40:17  On this Day every soul will be given recompense for what it earned. There will be no injustice today. God is Swift in reckoning.
40:18  And warn them of The Impending Day when the hearts will be near the throats, ones who choke. There will not be a loyal friend for ones who are unjust, nor an intercessor be obeyed.
40:19  He knows that which is the treachery of the eyes and whatever the breasts conceal.
40:20  And God decrees by The Truth. And those whom they call to other than Him decide not anything. Truly, God, He is The Hearing, The Seeing.
40:21  Journey they not through the earth and look on how had been the Ultimate End of those who had been before them? They, they had been superior to them in strength and in traces they left on the earth, but God took them for their impieties and there had not been for them one who is a defender from God.
40:22  That had been because their Messengers approached them with the clear portents, but they were ungrateful so God took them. Truly, He is Strong, Severe in Repayment.
40:23  And, certainly, We sent Moses with Our signs and a clear authority
40:24  to Pharaoh and Haman and Korah. But they said: He is one who is a lying sorcerer.
40:25  Then, when he drew near with The Truth from Us, they said: Kill the children of those who believed with him and save alive their women. And the cunning of the ones who are ungrateful is but going astray.
40:26  And Pharaoh said: Let me kill Moses and let him call to his Lord. Truly, I fear that he substitute for your way of life or that he cause to appear in and on the earth corruption.
40:27  And Moses said: Truly, I took refuge in my Lord and your Lord from everyone who increases in pride and who believes not in the Day of Reckoning.
40:28  Said a believing man of the family of Pharaoh, who keeps back his belief: Would you kill a man because he says: My Lord is God, and he drew near you with the clear portents from your Lord? And if he be one who lies, then, on him will be his lying. And if he be one who is sincere, then, will light on you some of what he promises. Truly, God guides not him who is one who is excessive, a liar.
40:29  O my folk! Yours is the dominion this day, ones who are prominent on the earth. But who will help us from the might of God if it drew near us? Pharaoh said: I cause you to see not but what I see and what I guide you to is not but the way of rectitude.
40:30  And he who believed said: O my folk! Truly, I fear for you like a Day of the confederates,
40:31  in like manner of a folk of Noah and Ad and Thamud and those after them. And God wants not injustice for His servants.
40:32  And O my folk! Truly, I fear for you a Day when they would call to one another
40:33  a Day when you will turn as ones who draw back. No one saves you from harm from God. And for whomever God causes to go astray, there is not anyone who guides.
40:34  And, certainly, Joseph drew near you before with the clear portents, but you ceased not in uncertainty as to what he brought about to you. Until when he perished you said: God will never raise up a Messenger after him. Thus, God causes him to go astray, one who is excessive, one who is a doubter,
40:35  those who dispute the signs of God without any authority having approached them. It is troublesome, repugnant with God and with those who believed. Thus, God sets a seal on every heart of one who increases in pride, haughtiness.
40:36  And Pharaoh said: O Haman! Build for me a pavilion so that perhaps I will reach the routes,
40:37  the routes to the heavens, and that I may peruse The God of Moses but, truly, I think that he is one who lies. Thus, it was made to appear pleasing to Pharaoh, the evil of his actions. And he was barred from the way. And the cunning of Pharaoh was not but in defeat.
40:38  And he who believed said: O my folk! Follow me; I will guide you to the way of rectitude.
40:39  O my folk! Truly, this present life is nothing but transitory enjoyment and that the world to come is the stopping place, the Abode.
40:40  Whoever did an evil deed will not be given recompense but the like of it. But whoever did as one in accord with morality, whether male or female, and such is one who believes, then, those will enter the Garden where they will be provided in it without reckoning.
40:41  And O my folk! What is it to me that I call to you for deliverance and you call to me for the fire?
40:42  You call to me to be ungrateful to God and to ascribe partners with Him of what there is no knowledge, while I call you to The Almighty, The Forgiver.
40:43  Without a doubt what you call me to has no merit. It is not a call to the present or to the world to come. And our turning back is to God. And, truly, the ones who are excessive, they will be Companions of the Fire.
40:44  And you will remember what I say to you. I commit my affair to God. Truly, God is Seeing of the servants.
40:45  So God guarded him from the evil deeds that they planned while surrounded the people of Pharaoh an evil punishment:
40:46  The fire to which they are presented the first part of the day and evening. And on a Day when the Hour is secure it is said: Cause the people of Pharaoh to enter the severest punishment.
40:47  And when they dispute with one another in the fire, the weak will say to those who grew arrogant: Truly, we had been followers of you so will you be ones who avail us from a share of the fire?
40:48  Those who grew arrogant would say: Truly, we are all in it. Truly, God, surely, gave judgment among His servants.
40:49  And those in the fire would say to ones who are keepers of hell: Call to your Lord to lighten the punishment for us for a day.
40:50  They would say: Be bringing not your Messengers the clear portents. They would say: Yea! They would say: Then, you call. And the supplication of the ones who are ungrateful only goes astray.
40:51  Truly, We will, certainly, help Our Messengers and those who believed in this present life and on a Day when the ones who bear witness will stand up,
40:52  a Day when their excuses will not profit the ones who are unjust. And for them will be the curse and for them will be an evil abode.
40:53  And, certainly, We gave Moses the guidance and We gave as inheritance to the Children of Israel the Book
40:54  as a guidance and a reminder for those imbued with intuition.
40:55  So have thou patience. Truly, the promise of God is true. And ask for forgiveness for thy impiety. And glorify thy Lord with praise in the evening and the early morning.
40:56  Truly, those who dispute about the signs of God without any authority having approached them, there is nothing but having pride in their breasts. They will never be ones who reach its satisfaction. So seek refuge in God. Truly, He, He is The Hearing, The Seeing.
40:57  Certainly, the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of humanity, yet most of humanity knows not.
40:58  Not on the same level are the unwilling to see and the seeing nor those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality and the ones who are evil doers. Little do they recollect.
40:59  Truly, the Hour is that which arrives. There is no doubt about it, yet most of humanity believes not.
40:60  And your Lord said: Call to Me; I will respond to you. Truly, those who grow arrogant toward My worship, they will enter hell as ones who are in a state of lowliness.
40:61  God is He Who made for you the nighttime so that you may rest in it and the daytime for one who perceives. Truly, God is Possessor of Grace to humanity, but most of humanity gives not thanks.
40:62  That is God, your Lord, the One Who is Creator of everything. There is no god but He. Then, how you are misled!
40:63  Thus, are misled those who had been negating the signs of God.
40:64  God is He Who made the earth for you as a stopping place and the heaven as a canopy. And He formed you and formed you well and He provided you of what is good. That is God, your Lord. Then, blessed be God, the Lord of the worlds!
40:65  He is The Living! There is no god but He! So call to Him, ones sincere and devoted in the way of life to Him. The Praise belongs to God, the Lord of the worlds!
40:66  Say: Truly, I was prohibited from worshipping those whom you call to other than God, because the clear portents drew near me from my Lord. And I was commanded to submit to the Lord of the worlds.
40:67  He it is Who created you from earth dust, again, from seminal fluid, again, from a clot. Again, He brings you out as infant children. Again, you come of age and are fully grown. Again, you be an old man. And of you is he whom death calls to itself before, and that you reach a term, that which is determined so that perhaps you will be reasonable.
40:68  He it is Who gives life and causes to die. And when He decreed an affair, He only says to it: Be! Then, it is!
40:69  Hast thou not considered those who dispute about the signs of God, where they are turned away:
40:70  Those who denied the Book and that with which We sent Our Messengers? Then, they will know.
40:71  When yokes are on their necks and the chains, they will be dragged
40:72  into scalding water. Again, they will be poured forth into the fire as fuel.
40:73  Again, it will be said to them: Where are what you had been ascribing as partners
40:74  other than God? They would say: They went astray from us. Nay! We be not calling to anything before. Thus, God causes to go astray ones who are ungrateful.
40:75  That was because you had been exultant on the earth without right and that you had been glad.
40:76  Enter the doors of hell as ones who will dwell in it forever. Then, miserable it will be as a place of lodging for the ones who increase in pride!
40:77  So have thou patience. Truly, the promise of God is true. And whether We cause thee to see some part of what We promise them or We call thee to Us, then, it is to Us they will be returned.
40:78  And, certainly, We sent Messengers before thee among whom We related to thee and of whom We relate not to thee. And it had not been for any Messenger that he bring a sign, except with the permission of God. So when the command of God drew near, the matter would be decided rightfully. And lost here are these, the ones who deal in falsehood.
40:79  God is He Who has made for you flocks among which you may ride on them and among which you eat of them.
40:80  And you have what profits from them and that with them you reach the satisfaction of a need that is in your breasts and you are carried on them and on boats.
40:81  And He causes you to see His signs. So which of the signs of God do you reject?
40:82  Journey they not through the earth and look on how had been the Ultimate End of those before them? They had been more than them and were more vigorous in strength and in regard to the traces they left on the earth. Then, availed them not what they had been earning.
40:83  Then, when their Messengers drew near them with the clear portents, they were glad in the knowledge that they had and surrounded them was what they had been ridiculing.
40:84  So when they saw Our might, they said: We believed in God alone and we were ungrateful in that we had been ones who are polytheists.
40:85  But their belief be not what profits them once they saw Our might. This is a custom of God which was, surely, in force among His servants. And lost here are the ones who are ungrateful.