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38:1  Saad. And by the Quran, possessor of the reminder.
38:2  Nay, but those who disbelieved are in pride and splitting.
38:3  How many among generations We have destroyed before them, and they called out when there was no longer time for escape!
38:4  And they wonder that there has come to them warner from themselves. And the infidels said, “This is a liar magician.”
38:5  Has he set up the gods (all) as one god? Surely this would be a thing of wonder!"
38:6  And launched the Chieftains from them, 'that you walk! And be patient upon your gods; this is a thing that would be wanted.
38:7  We never heard this in the latest creed. This is none except a fabrication.
38:8  Was the reminder sent down upon him, from between us?” Nay, but they are in suspicion from My reminder. Nay, but they have not yet tasted My torment.
38:9  Or do they have the treasures of Your Lord’s Mercy, Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Wahab (The Giver)?
38:10  Or do they have the sovereignty of the skies and the earth and whatever is between them? So, let them rise up in the means.
38:11  Troops of what were there from parties are defeated.
38:12  Falsified from before them Noah’s kinfolk; and Aad, and Pharaoh, the stakes’ possessor.
38:13  And Thamud, and Lot’s kinfolk, and thicket companions, those were the parties.
38:14  Surely, all of them but falsified the messengers, so the torment was justified.
38:15  And these are not waiting except one shout, not for it of a recovery.
38:16  And they said, “Our Lord, hasten for us our section, before The Reckoning Day.”
38:17  Be patient upon what they say, and mention Our slave David, possessor of the hands (power). Surely, he was turning in repentance.
38:18  We subserviated with him, the mountains. They glorify, in the evening and at the sunrise.
38:19  And the birds were mustered. All for him repeating the prayers chants.
38:20  And We strengthened his kingdom and gave him the wisdom and the decisively adjudicate of the speech.
38:21  And has the news of the disputants come to you? when they climbed over the prayer niche fence?
38:22  When they entered upon David, So, he was dismayed by them. They said, “Do not fear. Two disputants; some of us transgressed against some others; So, judge between us with the right and do not prejudice and guide us to the sound path.”
38:23  “This is my brother who has ninety-nine ewes, and I have one ewe, so he said, ‘Sponsor it to me,’ and he prevailed in the speech to me.”
38:24  He said, “He has already oppressed you by asking your ewe to his ewes. And surely many of the mixed corporators, some of them transgressed against some other, except those who believed and worked the righteous deeds, and few are they.” And David assumed that We infatuated him, so he sought forgiveness from his Lord, and fell down [in kneeling], and was penitent. ۩
38:25  So We forgave that for him; and surely, he had a nearness to Us and a finest place of return.
38:26  “O David, surely, We set up you a successor in the earth, so judge between the people with the right, and do not follow the desire, so it will astray you about Allah’s pathway. Surely those who stray about Allah’s pathway for them severe torment, with what they have forgotten The Reckoning Day.”
38:27  And We did not create the sky and the earth and whatever is between them, as an invalid. That is the assumption of those who disbelieved, so woe for those who disbelieved from the Fire.
38:28  Or are We setting up those who believed and worked the righteous deeds like the spoilers on the earth? Or are We set up the pious like the lecherous?
38:29  A Book We sent it down to you blessed, to ponder its verses, and those possessors of minds would be remembering.
38:30  And We endowed David, Solomon, he was a gracious slave. Surely, he always returns in repentance (to Us).
38:31  When presented upon him in the evening the standing steeds.
38:32  So, he said, “Surely, I have preferred the goodness’ love than my Lord’s mention until the sun was hidden behind the veil.
38:33  Bring them back to me.” So, he continued to swab the legs and the necks.
38:34  And We already infatuated Solomon, and We cast a lifeless body on his chair; then he was penitent.
38:35  He said, “My Lord, forgive me, and endow me Sovereignty that no one after me can seek it. Surely You are Al-Wahab (The Giver).”
38:36  So We subserviated the wind for him, running by his command, gently whither wherever he inflicted.
38:37  And the devils, every builder and diver
38:38  And others also, bound in the fetters:
38:39  “This is Our grant; so, confer favors, or hold; without reckoning.”
38:40  And surely for him with Us a nearness and a finest place of return.
38:41  And mention Our slave Job (Ayob), when he called to his Lord, “Surely Satan has touched me with painful fatigue and torment.”
38:42  “Sprint with your foot, this is a cool bath and drink.”
38:43  And We endowed him his family and alike with them as mercy from Us and a reminder for the minds’ possessors.
38:44  "And take in your hand a bunch [of grass] and strike with it and do not break your oath." Surely, We found him a patient, gracious slave. Surely, he was ever turning in repentance [to Allah].
38:45  And mention Our slaves Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, possessors of hands (Power) and the insights.
38:46  We exclusivized them by the exclusive remembrance of the abode.
38:47  And surely, they were with Us, among the elected, the best.
38:48  And mention Ishmael, Elisha, and Ezekiel; all are among the best.
38:49  This is a reminder. And surely for the pious a finest place of return.
38:50  Eden paradises, with their doors wide-open for them.
38:51  Reclining therein, calling therein for many fruits and drinks.
38:52  And with them are the modest gaze women, equals in age.
38:53  This is what you are promised for The Reckoning Day.
38:54  Surely this is Our livelihood, which will never run out.
38:55  This [is so], And surely, for the tyrants is an evil place of return.
38:56  Gohanam, wherein they are flamed, so wretched is the bedding!
38:57  This is, so let them taste it, scalding water and [foul] purulence.
38:58  And others among its shapes, in pairs.
38:59  “This is an intrusive cohort with you.” Not welcome for them. Surely, they will be flamed, in the Fire."
38:60  They said: Nay, but you are the ones not welcomed by you. You submitted it to us. So, wretched is the settled place.
38:61  They said, ``Our Lord, who submitted this for us, so increase for him double torment in the Fire."
38:62  And they said, "Why do we not see men whom we were counting them from the evil men?
38:63  Did we take them for mockery, or have our sights aberrated about them?
38:64  Surely that is right, the Fire’s inhabitants’ squabble.
38:65  Say, “I am only a warner, and there is no god except Allah, Al-Wahed (The One), Al-Qahar (the Subduer)
38:66  The skies’ Lord and the earth and whatever is between them, Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Ghafar (The Forgiver)."
38:67  Say, "It is great news
38:68  You surely are from it, averting.
38:69  It was not for me of the knowledge with the Highest Chieftains Angels when they dispute.
38:70  It has not been revealed to me except that I am an obvious warner.
38:71  When Your Lord said for the angels, “I am creating a humankind from clay.
38:72  “So, when I have normalized him, and blew into him among my spirit, so fall down prostrate for him.”
38:73  So the angels prostrated, all of them altogether.
38:74  Except Iblis; he arrogated and was among the infidels.
38:75  [Allah] said, "O Iblis, what prevented you from prostrating for what I have created with My hands? Were you arrogating, or were you among The High Ones?"
38:76  He said, "I am better than him. You created me from fire and created him from clay."
38:77  He said, “So, exit out of it! So, you are outcasted!
38:78  And surely My curse is upon you until The Religion Day (Debt).”
38:79  He said, “My Lord, so respite me to a Day of their raising.”
38:80  He said, “So, you are among the respite ones.”
38:81  “To the Known Time Day.”
38:82  He said, “So by Your mighty, I will lure them altogether.
38:83  Except Your sincere slaves among them.”
38:84  He said, “So the right is, and the right I say.
38:85  I will fill Gohanam from you, and from whoever follows you among them altogether.”
38:86  Say, “I do not ask you a wage upon it, and I am not among the factitious ones.
38:87  It is only a reminder for the worlds.
38:88  And you will surely know its information after a while."