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38:1  Sad. By the Qur´an as the reminder.
38:2  But those who reject (the truth) are in arrogance and far away (from it).
38:3  How many generations have We destroyed before them, then they called out when it was too late to escape.
38:4  And they were astonished that a warner from amongst themselves came to them, and those who reject (the truth) said: this is a lying magician.
38:5  Does he make all the gods one god? This is a strange thing.
38:6  And their leaders urge them on: go and help your gods, this is what is needed.
38:7  We haven´t heard of this in any other religion, this is an invention.
38:8  Has the reminder been revealed to him from amongst us? But they are in doubt about My reminder. But they have not yet tasted My punishment.
38:9  Do they own the treasures of the mercy of your Lord, the mighty and generous?
38:10  Or do they own the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between them? Then let them ascend by any means.
38:11  The forces of the allies will be defeated in this.
38:12  The people of Nuh (Noah) and ´Ad and the Pharaoh with all his monuments denied before them.
38:13  And Thamud and the people of Lut (Lot) and the inhabitants of the woodlands (al-Ayka); those were the allies.
38:14  Each of them denied the messengers, so the punishment came to pass.
38:15  And these are only waiting for a single scream, which cannot be prevented.
38:16  And they said: our Lord, hasten our share for us before the day of reckoning.
38:17  Have patience with what they say and remember Our powerful servant Daud (David) who was repentant.
38:18  For We made the mountains of service to glorify with him in the evenings and at sunrise.
38:19  And the assembled birds all returned to him.
38:20  And We strengthened his kingdom and gave him wisdom and the power of speech.
38:21  And has the information of the antagonists reached you when they climbed up to the secluded area?
38:22  When they entered upon Dawud (David) and he was startled by them. They said: don´t be afraid, we are two antagonists one of whom has transgressed against the other, so judge between us with the truth and do not deviate and guide us to the level path.
38:23  For this brother of mine has ninety-nine sheep and I have one sheep, so he said: entrust it to me, and he overpowered me in speech.
38:24  He said: he has wronged you by asking for your sheep to be added to his sheep, and many partners transgress against each other except those who believe and do good work, and they are few. And Dawud (David) knew that We had tested him and asked his Lord for forgiveness and went down in prostration and repented.
38:25  So We forgave him that, and he will be close to Us and have a good return.
38:26  Oh Dawud (David), We have made you a representative on earth, so judge between people with the truth and do not follow desire to lead you astray from the way of Allah, for those who lead away from the way of Allah will have a severe punishment for having forgotten the day of reckoning.
38:27  And We did not create the heaven and the earth and what is between them without purpose. That is the assumption of those who reject (the truth), so woe to those who reject (the truth) from the fire.
38:28  Or did We make those who believe and do good work like those who spread corruption on earth? Or did We make those who beware (of Allah) like those immoral?
38:29  It is a blessed book We revealed to you so that they might understand its signs and so that those with understanding will reflect.
38:30  And We gave Dawud (David) Sulayman (Solomon), a blessed servant, for he was repentant.
38:31  When the best-bred horses were presented before him in the evening.
38:32  Then he said: I was overtaken with love for beautiful horses above the remembrance of my Lord until they disappeared out of sight.
38:33  Return them to me, then he began to pass (his hands) over their legs and necks.
38:34  And We tested Sulayman (Solomon) and placed a (mere) body onto his throne, then he repented.
38:35  He said: my Lord, forgive me and grant me a kingdom which will not befit anyone after me, for you are the generous.
38:36  Then We made the wind of service to him to travel by his command willingly wherever he directed it.
38:37  And the devils, all the builders and divers.
38:38  And others tied in cuffs.
38:39  This is Our gift, so give or withhold (of it) without counting.
38:40  And he will be close to Us and have a good return.
38:41  And remember Our servant Ayyub (Job) when he called his Lord that the devil has touched me with affliction and punishment.
38:42  Stir with your foot: there is cold water to wash and drink.
38:43  And We granted him his family and the like of it in addition as a mercy from Us and a reminder to those with understanding.
38:44  And take a bunch of leaves in your hand and strike with it and do not break your vow. We found him to be patient, a blessed servant, for he was repentant.
38:45  And remember Our servants Ibrahim (Abraham), Ishaq (Isaac) and Ya´qub (Jacob) full of strength and insight.
38:46  We chose them for their sincere remembrance of the (final) abode.
38:47  And they are amongst the chosen few with Us.
38:48  And remember Isma´il (Ishmael), Al-Yasa´ (Elisha) and Dhu-l-Kifl (Ezekiel), and each was of the select.
38:49  This is a reminder, and for those who beware (of Allah) is the best destination.
38:50  Gardens of Eden with the doors opened for them.
38:51  They recline there asking for lots of fruit and drink.
38:52  And with them will be exclusive women companions.
38:53  This is what you were promised for the day of reckoning.
38:54  This is Our provision which will not deplete.
38:55  So it is, and for the transgressors will be the worst destination.
38:56  Hell, which they will enter, a bad place to be.
38:57  So it is, so they shall taste it with boiling water and freezing cold.
38:58  And other similar combinations.
38:59  Here is a group to join you, there is no welcome for them, for they will enter the fire.
38:60  They will say: but there is no welcome for you, you prepared this for us, and it is a bad place to stay.
38:61  They will say: our Lord, whoever prepared this for us, give them double punishment in the fire.
38:62  And they will say: how come we don´t see men we counted amongst the worst?
38:63  We ridiculed them, but they have become invisible.
38:64  This arguing of the inhabitants of the fire is indeed true.
38:65  Say: I am only a warner, and there is no god but Allah the one and dominant.
38:66  The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, the mighty and forgiving.
38:67  Say: this is serious news.
38:68  You turn away from it.
38:69  I have no knowledge of the highest counsel when they argue.
38:70  It has only been revealed to me that I am a plain warner.
38:71  And when your Lord said to the angels: I am creating a human from clay.
38:72  Then when I have fashioned him and breathed into him of My spirit, fall prostate before him.
38:73  Then all the angels prostrated.
38:74  Except Iblis (the devil), he was arrogant and was of those who rejected (the truth).
38:75  He said: oh Iblis, what prevented you from prostrating to what I created with both My hands? Have you become arrogant or were you proud?
38:76  He said: I am better than him, You created me from fire and created him from clay.
38:77  He said: then get out of here, for you are cursed.
38:78  And My curse will be upon you until the day of repayment.
38:79  He said: my Lord, then give me time till the day when they are resurrected.
38:80  He said: then you are given time.
38:81  Till the day of the time known.
38:82  He said: then by Your power I will mislead them all.
38:83  Except Your sincere servants amongst them.
38:84  He said: let this be true, and I pronounce the truth.
38:85  I will fill hell-fire with you and all of them who follow you.
38:86  Say: I do not ask you for a reward for it and I do not impose.
38:87  It is only a reminder for all the world.
38:88  And you will soon know the news of it.