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38:1  Saad. By the Quran that contains admonition.
38:2  No, those who do not believe (consider themselves) among the mighty and are in opposition.
38:3  How many of the generations did We destroy before them, so that they cried out, but that was not the time for escape.
38:4  And they wonder that a warner has come to them from among themselves. And the infidels say, “This is a magician, a liar.
38:5  Has he made (all) the gods (into) One God? This is certainly a wonderful thing.”
38:6  And the leaders from among them go away (fast, saying) that, “Walk away (from here), and patiently adhere to your gods, this is certainly the thing that is intended.
38:7  We have not heard of this among other communities, this is nothing but something invented (by him).
38:8  Has the reminder been sent down on him of (all the persons) among us?” No, they are in doubt about My reminder, no, they have not yet tasted My punishment.
38:9  Or are there with them, the treasures of the mercy of your Fosterer, the Mighty, the One Who grants?
38:10  Or is the kingdom of the skies and the earth and that which is between them, theirs? Then let them rise into the ways (of the sky).
38:11  There! (among them is) an army of the parties which will be defeated.
38:12  Before them the people of Nuh and Aad and Firawn, the possessor of pegs (of his kingdom firmly established), denied.
38:13  And Samood and people of Lut and the inhabitants of the jungle, those (too) were the parties (defeated earlier).
38:14  There was not one (of them) who did not deny the messengers, so (they became) deserving of My retributional (punishment).
38:15  And they do not wait for anything but a single loud cry, for which there will be no pause.
38:16  And they say, “Our Fosterer! hasten on to us our portion before the day of account.”
38:17  Be patient on that which they say. And remember Our servant Dawood the possessor of power, he was certainly one turning (repentantly to Allah).
38:18  We had certainly subjected the mountains to glorify (Allah) with him in the evening and at sun rise.
38:19  And the birds gathered, all returning to him.
38:20  And We made his kingdom strong and We gave him wisdom and (the power of) decision of affairs.
38:21  And has the news of the disputants come to you, when they climbed the wall of the private chamber,
38:22  when they entered before Dawood, and he was horrified of them? They said, “Do not fear, we are two disputants, one of us has wronged the other, so decide between us with justice and do not act unjustly and guide us to the balanced path.
38:23  This brother of mine, certainly has ninety and nine ewes and I have (only) one ewe, so he says: Entrust it to me; and shows his might on me in the affair.”
38:24  He (Dawood) said, “He has been unjust to you by demanding your ewe (to be added) to his ewes and many of the partners certainly wrong one another, except those who believe and do righteous works, and their (number) is small.” And Dawood guessed that We had tested him, so he sought the protective forgiveness of his Fosterer and fell down bowing and turned (to Allah).
38:25  So We protectively forgave him that, and certainly, with Us is nearness for him and a beautiful place of return.
38:26  O Dawood! We have made you a successor (to rule) in the earth so judge between mankind with justice and do not follow (your) desire lest it lead you astray from the way of Allah. Those who go astray from the way of Allah, for them there is certainly a severe punishment because they forgot the day of account.
38:27  And We did not create the sky and the earth and whatever is between them in vain, that is the opinion of those who do not believe, so sorrowful will be the state of those who do not believe, due to the fire.
38:28  Shall We make those who believe and do righteous works like those who cause corruption in the earth? Shall We make those who keep themselves in limits like those who exceed the limits?
38:29  A blessed book which We have sent down to you that they may reflect over its signs and that those who understand may be mindful.
38:30  And We granted to Dawood, Sulaiman an excellent servant, he was certainly of those who turned (to Allah).
38:31  When (horses of high breed, which were) still when standing and swift while running, were presented to him in the evening, the evening,
38:32  he said, “ I certainly preferred the love of good things to the remembrance of my Fosterer, to the extent that the (sun) was hidden behind the veil,
38:33  bring them back to me, “ then he began to pass his hand over (their) legs and necks.
38:34  And We indeed tried Sulaiman and We put on his throne a body, then he turned (to Allah).
38:35  He said, “ My Fosterer! protectively forgive me and grant me (such) a kingdom (the like of) which will not be possible for anyone (to have) after me. You are certainly the One Who grants.”
38:36  So We subjected to his (service) the wind, to move softly by his command, to which ever place he desired,
38:37  and the devils, every builder and diver,
38:38  and others linked together in chains.
38:39  This is Our gift, so show favor or withhold, without account.
38:40  And certainly, with Us is nearness for him and a beautiful place of return.
38:41  And mention (about) Our servant Iyub, when he prayed to his Fosterer, “The devil has afflicted me with toil and torment.”
38:42  (It was said to him), “Strike with your foot, this (water which thereby gushes out, is for a) cool bath and a drink.”
38:43  And We granted to him his people and the like of them along with them, a mercy from Us and a reminder for men of understanding.
38:44  (It was further said), “Take in your hand a bundle of twigs (of herbs) then strike with it and do not disobey. We certainly found him patient, an excellent servant, he was certainly one who turned (to Allah).
38:45  And mention (about) Our servants Ibrahim and Ishaq and Yaqub men of strength and insight.
38:46  We had purified them for the exclusive reminding of the home (of the hereafter).
38:47  And they are with Us, among those chosen from the doers of good.
38:48  And mention (about) Ismael and Elisha and Zul Kifl and all were from among the doers of good.
38:49  This is a reminder, and for those who guard (against evil), there is a beautiful place of return,
38:50  gardens of everlasting bliss, the doors of which will be kept open for them,
38:51  reclining therein, they will therein call for many fruits and drinks,
38:52  and with them will be females of equal age who restrain their gaze.
38:53  This is what you are promised for the day of account.
38:54  This is Our provision for which there is certainly no end.
38:55  (It will be like) this. But for the rebels, there is certainly an evil place of return,
38:56  hell, they will enter it, and (it will be) an evil habitation.
38:57  (It will be like) this. So let them taste the boiling water and pus,
38:58  and other (punishments) similar to it in kind.
38:59  This is an army rushing blindly with you, there is no welcome for them, they will certainly enter the fire.
38:60  They will say (to those already in hell), “No, no welcome for you (too), you prepared this in advance for us, so evil is the place /time of stay.”
38:61  They (will continue to) say, “Our Fosterer! he who prepared this in advance for us, increase for him the punishment in the fire (by) doubling (it).”
38:62  And they will say, “What is wrong with us that we do not see the men whom we counted among the evil ones,
38:63  did we take them in ridicule (by mistake) or have our eyes turned away from them (that we do not see them in hell)?”
38:64  That mutual dispute of the dwellers of the fire will certainly be true.
38:65  Say, “I am only a warner and there is no god except Allah, the One, the Omnipotent,
38:66  Fosterer of the skies and the earth and whatever is between them, the Mighty, the Protectively Forgiving.”
38:67  Say, “It is a great news
38:68  from which you are turning away.
38:69  I do not have any knowledge of the high assembly when they dispute,
38:70  nothing is communicated to me except that I am a clear warner.”
38:71  When your Fosterer said to the angels, “I am creating man from clay,
38:72  so when I set him up in equilibrium and I blow into him from My spirit, then fall bowing down before him.”
38:73  So the angels bowed down, all of them together
38:74  except Iblis, he considered himself great and became (one) of the infidels.
38:75  He (Allah) said, “O Iblis! what prevented you from bowing down before him whom I created with my hands? Did you consider yourself great or are you of those who are high (exalted)?”
38:76  He said, “I am better than him, You created me from fire (i.e. energy), whereas You created him from clay (i.e. matter).”
38:77  He said, “Get out from here, for you are certainly accursed,
38:78  and My curse is certainly on you till the day of judgment.”
38:79  He said, “My Fosterer! give me time till the day they are raised.”
38:80  He said, “You are of those who are given time,
38:81  till the day, the timing of which is known.”
38:82  He said, “Then by Your might, I will definitely lead them astray, all together,”
38:83  except (those) among them (who are) exclusively Your servants.”
38:84  He said, “Then (let this be) the truth, and I speak the truth,
38:85  that I will definitely fill hell with you and those who follow you from among them , all together.”
38:86  Say, “I do not ask you for any reward for it and I am not of those who pretend.
38:87  This is nothing but a reminder for the worlds,
38:88  and you will definitely come to know (the truth of) the news (given) in it, after a time.”