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38:1  S.      (There is) Evidence of Al-Quran, possessor of the Message
38:2  Nay, those who have disbelieved (are) in false pride and opposition
38:3  How many a generation We have destroyed before them, so they called out (to Us) and it was not a time for a place of escape
38:4  And the people wondered that has come unto them a warner from amongst them. And the disbelievers said: “This is a magician, a liar
38:5  Has he made the aaliha (gods) into One Ilah? Verily, this indeed is a curious concept!”
38:6  And the leaders from among them moved away (disappointed, saying among themselves) that: “Get away, and remain constant to your aaliha. Verily, this (concept of One God) is indeed a thing designed (against us)
38:7  We heard not about this in the immediately previous community. It is not but an invention
38:8  Has Az-Zikr (The Message) been sent down to him (alone) from amongst us?” Nay, they are in doubt (and suspicion) against My Zikr. Behold! They have not yet tasted My Punishment
38:9  Or with them are the treasures of the Mercy of your Nourisher-Sustainer — the All-Mighty, the Real Bestower
38:10  Or for them is the dominion of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between those two? If so, let them ascend in the pathways (of the heavens)
38:11  (They are) a horde which is to become routed then and there (like one) of Al-Ahzab [the allied forces (destroyed, before them)]
38:12  Before them belied the nation of Nuh, and ’Ad and Firaun — of the pyramids
38:13  and Samud, and the nation of Lout, and the dwellers of Aika — they are Al-Ahzab
38:14  Not all, but belied the Messengers, so My retribution became justified (against them)
38:15  And all these await not but a single blast (a wild sound); (there is) no pause or interruption applicable to it
38:16  And they said: “Our Nourisher-Sustainer! Hasten to us Qittana [our portion (of the punishment)] prior to the Day of Reckoning .
38:17  Bear patiently what they say, and bring to mind Our abd Daud, (man) of a (strong) hand (i.e., a very powerful person). Surely he was ever-returning (to Allah — even when he committed a minor error)
38:18  Verily, We controlled and regulated the mountains alongwith him. They glorify (Allah, along with Daud) in the Ashi and Al-Ishraq
38:19  And (also We regulated and controlled) the birds assembled in formation. All (were those) who respond to him
38:20  And We strengthened his head of statedom and We delivered unto him Al-Hikmah (‘The Wisdom’. This is an attribute for Al-Kitab) and a decisive force to (his) address and speech
38:21  And has the news of the dispute reached you when men climbed over the wall of the fortified structure
38:22  When they entered in upon Daud, so he felt disturbed of them. They said: “Fear not, (we are) two disputants: some of us has transgressed against some (other), so judge between us with justice, and deviate not, and guide us to the rightness of the path
38:23  Verily, this is my brother; unto him are nine plus ninety ewes, while for me, one ewe (only). But he said: ' Hand over its control to me,' and he had been harsh to me in speech.
38:24  (Daud, without listening to the other party) said: " Surely, indeed he has wronged you in demanding your ewe (to go) towards his ewes. And verily, many of the partners: surely oppress, some of them, some (others) — except those who have Believed and did righteous deeds, and very little (are those) who are they." And (immediately) Daud realised that what (is a fact is that) we have put him to test (and that he should have given a patient hearing to the other party before producing comments against him), so he sought forgiveness of his Nourisher-Sustainer, and as one bowing down, he fell (in prostration) and turned (to Allah in repentance)
38:25  So We forgave this (slip) unto him. And surely, for him, with Us (is) indeed nearness, and excellence of abode
38:26  O Daud! Verily, We have placed you as a Khalifa (caliph) on the earth, so judge between mankind in full justice and follow not vain desire because that leads you astray against the Path of Allah. Surely, those who wander away from the Path of Allah, for them is a severe punishment, because they forgot the Day of Reckoning
38:27  And We created not the heaven and the earth and whatever is between those two without purpose. That (happens to be the) view of those who have disbelieved. Then woe to those who have disbelieved — from the Fire (that awaits them)
38:28  Shall We treat those who have Believed (in the Book of Allah) and have done righteous deeds, like Mufsidun on the earth? Or shall We regard the Muttaqun (Pious and righteous), like the Fujjar
38:29  A Book, which We have sent down to you, full of blessings: that the people may ponder over its Verses, and that people of understanding may remind themselves and remind others
38:30  And to Daud We bestowed Sulaiman — how excellent an Abd! Surely, he (is) oft-returning (to Us, in repentance)
38:31  When there were brought for review before him, in the later part of afternoon, As-Safinat (noblest breed, well trained) Al-Jiyad (horses, specially desired in the military)
38:32  then he said: “Certainly, I have nurtured the love of something desirable in the interest of Zikr (Message) of my Nourisher-Sustainer," [Sulaiman reminded the people that he has special love for such horses, as they help and assist in establishing a state. Muslim soldiers mount on these horses to fight to establish and defend a Divine head of statedom] — until (these horses) went out of view
38:33  (So great was his love for them that he said): “Bring them (horses) back to me.” Then he started moving his hand (to show love to the horses) over (their) calves and (their) necks
38:34  And surely, indeed We put Sulaiman to test when We dropped on his chair Jasadan [a mere body (Sulaiman probably felt a sudden disappearance of physical power in his body and while trying to sit, he fell on the chair in semi-paralysed fashion. This could be to make him remind that all power, whether of the physical body or as head of a magnificent empire, proceeds from Allah,)] then (instead of blaming Allah) he turned (to Allah for forgiveness and mercy)
38:35  (Sulaiman) said: “My Nourisher-Sustainer! Forgive me, and bestow upon me a head of statedom such as, shall not belong to any other after me. Verily You, You are the Real Bestower.”
38:36  So We regulated and controlled for him the wind. It does blow gently to his order wherever he went
38:37  And (We regulated and controlled) the devils (out of jinns) — every kind of builder and diver
38:38  and (also) others, remaining in groups — in chains
38:39  (Reminding Sulaiman We said): “This is Our gift, so spend or withhold without (fearing) to give an account "
38:40  And surely, for him, with Us (is) surely nearness, and excellence of abode
38:41  And bring to mind Our Abd Ayyub when he called out to his Nourisher-Sustainer (saying) that: “The Satan has afflicted me with exhaustion and torture.”
38:42  (We advised him): “Have a brisk walk with your leg. This is a washed out (i.e., filtered), cooling one, and a (health-restoring) drink .
38:43  And We bestowed on him his family-members and his followers, and similar to them, along with them, as a Mercy from Us, and as a reminder for those who understand
38:44  And catch (your) anxiety with your own hand (i.e., control the anxiety with your own will-power) and move about with it (i.e., continue your daily-routine even being afflicted of it), and do not commit any undesirable act (like invocking false deities) Truly We, We found him patiently perseverant, (and) an excellent Abd. Verily, he (was) ever-returning (to Us, in repentance)
38:45  And bring to mind Our Abd, Ibrahim and Ishaque, and Yaqub — possessors of the hands and the eyes (i.e., men of physical power and vision; men of strength and far-sightedness)
38:46  Verily We, We purified them through a purity — ‘remaining constantly conscious about the Home’ (of the Hereafter)
38:47  And indeed they, before Us (are) surely of the chosen ones — the elect
38:48  And bring to mind Ismaiel and Al-Yas’a, and Dhul-Kifl; all of them are out of the elect
38:49  This is Zikr (‘Message’). And surely, for the Muttaqun is the excellence of the final abode —
38:50  everlasting gardens (keeping their) doors wide open for (welcoming) them —
38:51  recliners therein (on raised couches), they will call therein for fruits in abundance and (also for) liquid-drink
38:52  And (beside them would be available those personalities) who restrain their glances, beings of identical age and nature
38:53  This is what you are promised for the Day of Reckoning
38:54  Verily, this surely is Our provision; (there is) not unto it (applicable) any suspension
38:55  This (is for the righteous). And verily, for the Taghun is sure evil in (their) place of stay
38:56  Hell! They will proceed to it, so (what) an evil resting place (to lie on)
38:57  This (is for those who cross the limits). Then let them taste it — an intensely hot and a dark dirty black (liquid)
38:58  and (also) other (penalties and punishments) of its type (of) various kinds
38:59  This is a horde, those who enter along with you; there is no welcome for them. Surely, they are those who are about to become dwellers in Fire
38:60  (The followers of those who transgressed beyond limits) said (to their ‘guides’): “Nay, you (too)! No welcome for you! It is you who brought this upon us (because you misguided us in our worldly life). So, what an evil (place for) stay.”
38:61  They (further) said: “Our Nourisher-Sustainer! Whoever brought this upon us, so add to him an additional torment in the Fire.”
38:62  And they (also) said: “What (is the matter) with us (that) we see not men whom we used to count out of those having bad intentions
38:63  Did we take them in mockery, or have the eyes shifted from them ?”
38:64  Verily, this indeed is truth — the mutual dispute of the people of the Fire
38:65  Say: “Surely, what (is a fact is that) I am (only) a warner, and (there is) not out of an ilah except Allah, the One, the Irresistible —
38:66  The Nourisher-Sustainer of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between those two, the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving.”
38:67  Say: “Huwa [That (i.e., the Message which I propagate as the Book of Allah, is the)] News, Supreme
38:68  You are against it (as) those who remain heedless and unconcerned
38:69  There is not for me any knowledge regarding the higher elite when they discuss and dispute
38:70  It is not inspired to me except that what (is a fact is that) I am a plain warner.”
38:71  When your Nourisher-Sustainer said to the angels: “Verily, I am about to create a human out of clay
38:72  So when I have perfected him, and I have breathed into him out of My Spirit, then you (all) become for him (as) those who prostrate (to Me) "
38:73  So the angels prostrated — all of them together
38:74  except Iblis (and being out of the jinns) he became arrogant (because he had his choice with him, which the angels do not possess) and he became out of the rejectors
38:75  (Allah) said: “O Iblis! What prevented you that you may prostrate for what I created with My two Hands? Have you gone arrogant or are you out of those who are high and exalted?”
38:76  (Iblis) said: “I am better than he; You created me from fire and You created him from clay.”
38:77  (Allah) said: (since iblis was intoxicated in genealogical pride) "Then get out from this (place and position) because you are surely an outcast
38:78  And verily, My curse is on you till the Day of judgement.”
38:79  (Iblis) said: “My Nourisher-Sustainer! Then grant me respite till the day the people shall be resurrected.”
38:80  (Allah) said: “Then surely you are of those who are given respite —
38:81  till the Day of the well-known Time"
38:82  (Iblis) said: “So, by Your Honour! Surely I will mislead them all —
38:83  except Your Ibad, out of them, who have been cleansed and sanctified (as Mercy from You).”
38:84  (Allah) said: “So (it is) The Truth, and the Truth I say
38:85  Surely, I will fill Hell with you and with that who followed you from amongst them all.”
38:86  Say: “I do not ask you over it any reward and I do not happen to be of those who pretend and fabricate imaginary things "
38:87  It is not but Zikr (Message) for the worlds
38:88  And you shall certainly know (the) news about it after a while, (on the Day of Judgment)