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74:1  Oh you, wrapped up (in a cloak)
74:2  Get up and warn (people)
74:3  And announce that your Lord is the Greatest
74:4  Cleanse and keep your clothes purified
74:5  And keep clear away from filth
74:6  Do not seek worldly gains (in return) for favors done
74:7  Endure (adversity) with patience, for the sake of your Lord
74:8  (Warn everyone that) the day the trumpet sounds
74:9  Would truly be a long hard day
74:10  Not at all an easy day for the unbelievers
74:11  So, let Me handle the one whom I created all alone
74:12  And, I granted him wealth (and resources) in abundance
74:13  And sons to stand by him
74:14  I made life comfortable and easy for him
74:15  Yet, he (greedily) desires that I should grant him still more
74:16  Of course not! Indeed, he was obstinate (and ardent) in opposing Our verses
74:17  Soon, I will impose a dreadful torment upon him
74:18  Indeed, he pondered and plotted
74:19  Cursed is he, the plot he hatched
74:20  Once again, damned is he! What a plot he hatched
74:21  Then, he looked around (haughtily)
74:22  Frowned, and signaled his displeasure
74:23  Finally, he turned back and displayed arrogance
74:24  Then said, "It is nothing but (the same old) magic handed down from antiquity."
74:25  "It, (the Qur´an), is merely the word of a mortal."
74:26  Soon, I will fling him (and roast him) in that scorcher _ (the hell)
74:27  And what do you think the scorcher is
74:28  It would not spare (anything or anyone), nor would it leave them alone (by finishing them off)
74:29  It will (scorch and) shrivel the human flesh
74:30  And over that (scorcher) are nineteen (angels standing guard)
74:31  We have chosen to appoint the angels as wardens over hell, and We let their number be a trial for the unbelievers. So that, those given the scriptures may believe, and the believers may increase in their belief. Both _ those given the scriptures and the believers _ may not entertain doubts. Yet, those with disease in their hearts, and the unbelievers, would still say, "What does Allah mean by this example?" Thus, Allah leads astray whom He wants, and guides whom He wants. No one knows the forces of Allah except He. This is nothing but a reminder for the mortals
74:32  No! (I) swear by the moon
74:33  The night, as it retreats
74:34  And the dawn as it glows
74:35  Indeed, it (hell) is surely one of the mightiest (signs)
74:36  A warning for the mortals
74:37  (Now), anyone of you who wishes may proceed (towards excellence), or lag behind
74:38  Every soul is (mortgaged and) held (as security) against the (evil) deeds it has wrought
74:39  Except (the righteous ones), those on the right hand
74:40  (They would be) in the paradise; (and) they shall ask
74:41  The criminals
74:42  "What has caused you to end up in this scorcher?"
74:43  They would reply, "We were not among those who established the ´salat´."
74:44  "Nor among those who fed (and cared for) the poor and the destitute."
74:45  "(Instead), we joined those who indulged in idle prattle (against the truth)."
74:46  "And we denied the (coming of the) Day of Judgment."
74:47  "Till the inevitable (death) came upon us!"
74:48  So, the intercession of the mediators did not help them at all
74:49  What is the matter with them? They are turning away from the reminder
74:50  As if they were startled donkeys
74:51  Running away from a lion
74:52  In fact, each one of them wants to be handed over his (very own customized) scriptures all spread out
74:53  Not ever! The fact is, they do not fear the afterlife
74:54  No! In fact, this (Qur´an) is (just) an admonition
74:55  (Now) whoever wants, may heed (its warning)
74:56  But they will not heed unless Allah so wills. He is Worthy of being feared, and He is the One Who forgives