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73:1  Oh you, (Muhammad, SAW), bundled up in clothes
73:2  (Arise and) stand (in ´salat´) during the night, save a little while
73:3  Half (the night), or a little less than that
73:4  Or, (make it) a little more (than half); and recite the Qur´an distinctly and in a slow sing-song chant
73:5  Indeed, soon We will lay upon you a profound statement, (and entrust you with a momentous mission)
73:6  Indeed, during the (pre dawn) hours of the night, the perception is keener and the speech more effective (and clearer)
73:7  You have ordinary chores to perform during the day
73:8  So, (at night), remember the name of your Lord and worship Him (exclusively) with sincerity and devotion
73:9  (He is) the Lord of the East and the West. There is no god but He! So accept Him as your guardian
73:10  And patiently endure what they utter, and part company with them in a handsome and polite manner
73:11  And, leave Me to handle (all) those who deny (the truth), those (who happen to be) living in peace and comfort. Let them, for a while
73:12  For them, We have shackles and the raging fire (and)
73:13  The food that chokes, and a painful punishment
73:14  (Let them be) then, till that day when the earth and the mountains would rock and reel violently. The mountains would turn into heaps of loosely packed sand
73:15  Of course, We have sent a messenger towards you to bear witness against you, just as We sent a messenger towards the pharaoh
73:16  But the pharaoh defied the messenger, and so We seized him with virulent consequences
73:17  If you defy and disobey, how would you go through (the frightful terror of) the Day (of Judgment), which would turn even the children gray (with horror)
73:18  (On that day), the sky will burst asunder; His promise is (simply) bound to be fulfilled
73:19  This (Qur´an) is indeed a reminder. (Now), whoever wants, may take the road that leads towards his Lord
73:20  Of course, Allah knows that you, and some of those with you, do stand (in ´salat´) close to two-thirds of the night. Sometimes half the night and sometimes close to one-third (of the night). Allah keeps the count of the day and the night (precisely). He knows that you cannot (always) keep time (so accurately). So He has turned to you with kindness and grace. You may recite as much of the Qur´an as you easily can. He knows that (at any given time) some of you would be sick, and others would be travelling in search of Allah´s bounties. Still others would be (engaged in) fighting for the cause of Allah. So recite as much of the Qur´an as you can, establish the ´salat´, pay the ´zakat´ and advance the virtuous loan to Allah. Whatever good deeds you send ahead for yourself are there with Allah. You will receive the rewards for your deeds (on the Day of Judgment), far better and bigger (than your deeds deserve). Seek the forgiveness of Allah, for Allah is oft-Forgiving, the most Merciful