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75:1  No, I swear by the day of Resurrection
75:2  And no, I swear by the censuring voice of conscience
75:3  Does man suppose that We would not (be able to) put his bones (back) together
75:4  Indeed, We have the power to (mold and) sculpt (even) his finger tips in perfect proportions
75:5  Actually, man (just) wants to keep on sinning
75:6  (So) he asks (derisively), "When is the day of resurrection?"
75:7  (It will occur) when the sight becomes dazed (in a stupor)
75:8  And the moon turns lightless
75:9  And the sun and the moon are made to run into each other
75:10  On that day, man will say, "Where is the refuge?"
75:11  Not at all! There is no refuge
75:12  The ultimate abode, (the journey´s end), is with your Lord today
75:13  That day (each) man will be apprised of everything he sent forward, as well as everything he held back
75:14  In fact, man (really) has an insight into his (own) self
75:15  Even though he makes up excuses
75:16  Do not move your tongue hurriedly (in an attempt) to hasten the (revelation of the) Qur´an
75:17  Indeed, it is Our responsibility to have it collected (compiled) and read (as a book)
75:18  Therefore, follow the recital (attentively), as We recite the Qur´an to you
75:19  It is (also) Our responsibility to explain to you its meaning
75:20  No (oh people), in fact you (just) love the transient life (of this world)
75:21  While you forsake the afterlife
75:22  That day, some faces would be radiant
75:23  Looking at their Lord (in anticipation)
75:24  While (some) faces that day, would be gloomy and sullen
75:25  Convinced that a cataclysmic catastrophe would soon strike them
75:26  No! In fact when the soul (heaves up and) reaches the collar bone (as it exits the body)
75:27  And (after) it has been asked, "Any miracle worker? (Can anyone help)?"
75:28  And the (dying) man knows that it is farewell
75:29  Then, the shin will twine around its twin _ (the other shin)
75:30  And events will then progress towards your Lord
75:31  So, he refused to affirm, and did not perform the ´salat´
75:32  Instead, he rejected the truth and turned away
75:33  Then vainly and haughtily, he walked back to his family
75:34  Misery is for you. Misery
75:35  Yes, of course! Misery is for you. Misery
75:36  Did man think that he would be left unchecked, (and never be called to account)
75:37  Was he not (just) an ejected drop of semen
75:38  Then, he became a clot, and He (Allah) gave him the form and proportions
75:39  And from the clot, He created two sexes _ male and female
75:40  Isn´t such (a Mighty) being, (the Almighty), capable of bringing the dead back to life