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74:1  O’ you who are wrapped up in the blanket
74:2  Get out of bed and start you mission of warning the people
74:3  And Glorify your Lord
74:4  And worship your Lord with a clean garment
74:5  And avoid idol worshipping
74:6  Worship your Lord for the sake of glorifying Him; and out of love and not just in account of expecting things in return. Your worshipping is not a favor that you do for God
74:7  And seek patience in your Lord
74:8  The Day that the horn is blown
74:9  That will be a very somber day
74:10  A hard Day for the disbelievers
74:11  My creature will meet his Creator alone
74:12  The same creature that I provided him with so much resources
74:13  The same creature that I gave him sons to be by his side
74:14  The same creature that I made the life easy for him to prosper
74:15  Yet he dares to ask for more
74:16  No way; he is the one who refuses to listen to my words
74:17  Pretty soon he has to face me so that I sentence him to a terrible punishment
74:18  He is the same person who listened to My revelations and then came up with a plan to make fun of it
74:19  Shame on such a person with his miserable plan
74:20  Shame and disgrace
74:21  Being upset about his failure, he looked around
74:22  Then he frowned and winkled to show his displeasure
74:23  Then arrogantly he turned away
74:24  and said: “These words are nothing but usual magic”
74:25  Then he said: “These words are not from the Lord; they are fabricated by a human being”
74:26  Pretty soon I will cast such a person into Hellfire
74:27  Do you have the least idea what Hellfire is
74:28  The Hellfire will not spare any disbeliever
74:29  The Hellfire will burn every cell of the disbeliever
74:30  Over it are nineteen
74:31  I (God) have appointed some angles to be the guardians of Hell and I (God) have made their numbers (19): as a trial for those who disbelieve, to convince the Christians and Jews about the authenticity/ divine source of this book, to increase the faith of those who already believe, to remove any doubt from the heart of the Christians, Jews and the believers, to expose those who are sick at heart and can not be guided, and the disbelievers mocking at these words say: “What could God mean by this strange presentation?” Thus God leaves those who deserve to be left in ignorance in ignorance and guides whoever He pleases to the right path and no one but Lord knows the magnitude of His power. Hell is mentioned her so that people may be more careful and mindful about their behaviors
74:32  I (God) swear by the moon
74:33  And by the night that passes by
74:34  And the day that takes over
74:35  That Hell too is a somber reality
74:36  The very existence of Hell is a warning to mankind
74:37  To anyone among you who wishes to advance himself or stay behind
74:38  Every soul will be held responsible for his acts
74:39  As to the righteous people, while in Paradise,…
74:40  …. they will ask the sinners…
74:41  …: “What brought you to Hell
74:42  The sinners will reply
74:43  “We did not worship the Lord.”
74:44  “We did not feed the poor people”
74:45  “We joined those who were mocking at religion.”
74:46  “We joked about the Day of Judgment.”
74:47  “Till we faced the Day of Judgment.”
74:48  God will not accept any intercession for such sinners
74:49  What is wrong with these people…
74:50  … who are running away from our admonitions…
74:51  … as though they were zebras running from the lion
74:52  Do they expect a personalized letter of invitation for each of them
74:53  The fact is that they are careless about Hereafter
74:54  Indeed this Qur’an is a reminder
74:55  Let those who wish understand it
74:56  Only those who deserve the blessing of God will believe in it. In God alone you will find righteousness and in God alone you will find forgiveness