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75:1  I (God) swear that Resurrection will surely take place
75:2  And I (God) swear that in that day each soul will self accuse itself
75:3  Do disbelievers think that God is not capable of assembling back their bones
75:4  Yes, God is capable of reproducing every man in detail giving them the same finger print that would distinguish them from each other
75:5  The reason for which man is denying Resurrection is because he wants to continue living in sin and does not like the idea of being held accountable for his actions
75:6  That is why the disbeliever jokingly ask when will Resurrection take place
75:7  Resurrection will take place when a dazing light overtakes the sights
75:8  And the moon becomes dar
75:9  And the sun will explode and engulf the moon
75:10  In that day man will seek for a refuge
75:11  But there shall be no refuge
75:12  There will be only one place to take refuge in: in your Lord
75:13  On that day man will be informed of what good or bad he did (or did not) during his worldly life, how his actions affected the others at his time as well as the generations to come and what opportunities he missed
75:14  Man knows who he is and what he has done
75:15  Even though he may bring many excuses to justify his behavior
75:16  O’ Mohammad, be patient in reciting and putting this Qur’an together
75:17  I (God) am the only one to put this Qur’an together and its recitation is to please Me
75:18  Whenever the verses of Qur’an is recited, follow its orders
75:19  It is only God Who will explain Qur’an to you
75:20  The fact is that you love this life so much…
75:21  … that you forget about Hereafter
75:22  On that day some faces will glow
75:23  Looking toward their Lord
75:24  While other faces will be sad
75:25  Knowing that a back breaking calamity is waiting for them
75:26  In the moment of death, when the soul comes up to the throat
75:27  Man will hear a voice: “Which magician can return this soul back to the body?”
75:28  Then man knows that it is time to leave
75:29  Then each leg will stay motionless to the next leg
75:30  That will be the Day to depart to your Lord
75:31  Man who never worshipped the Lord nor participated in any charity
75:32  Man who chose to disbelieve and turned bac
75:33  Man who returned arrogantly back to his folks joking
75:34  Shame to such a man who deserves what he is going to receive
75:35  Indeed such a man deserves his miserable destiny
75:36  Does man think that he will be given his freedom of choice forever
75:37  Does man not remember what an insignificant seed in a drop of semen he was
75:38  Then his Creator made him a leech like clot
75:39  And then God determined the sex of the unborn baby
75:40  Is not the same Creator able to bring the dead