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al-Muzammil (The Enshrouded One, Bundled Up, The Mantled One)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah The Enshrouded One, Bundled Up, The Mantled One(al-Muzammil)
73:1 O’ (Mohammad) who are slipped into something comfortable at home and relax.
73:2 Rise to worship your Lord at night;…. half of the night, a little bit more or a little bit less….
73:3 … and recite as much as Qur’an which is so far revealed to you…
73:4 …. in a low voice.
73:5 Pretty soon you will be given the rest of Qur’an: a mighty revelation [for mankind].
73:6 Surely the night time is the best time for worship…
73:7 … as you are tied up during day with daily worldly affairs.
73:8 Call upon your Lord by calling His name and devote yourself completely to Him.
73:9 God is Lord of the east [from Mecca to China and the horizon beyond] and Lord of the west [from Mecca to America and above its horizon] ; there is no God beside Him. Therefore choose Him as your Protector.
73:10 And be patient with your enemies and leave them with dignity.
73:11 And let me deal with those who reject my words (Qur’an). They have been showered with my blessings so far; be patience with them for a while.
73:12 The fait of those who reject is chains around their neck & feet and blazing fire (in which they will be thrown.)
73:13 They will be given the worst kind of food that they can hardly swallow and a painful punishment is waiting for them.
73:14 Pretty soon a day will come when the earth and the mountains will shake so violently that the mountains will transfer into scattered sand
73:15 [Beware mankind] I (God) have sent you a messenger to witness against you [on the day of judgment] just as I sent a messenger (Moses) to Pharaoh
73:16 [What a shame that] Pharaoh disobeyed My messenger; so He was subjected to the most sever punishment.
73:17 If you persist in your denial, how can you face a day that its bitterness changes the hair color of the children into white?
73:18 The day on which the sky will open up into pieces; God’s promises will surely be fulfilled.
73:19 This is a reminder. One has freedom to choose it or to reject it.
73:20 God knows how much you and your followers pray at night: two third of it, half of it or one third of it. God is aware of man’s weakness; consequently, He has pardoned you [not to fulfill his ordered as mentioned at the beginning of this chapter]. Therefore, recite as much (of the Qur’an) as you can. God is aware that some of you may be sick, some of you may be traveling and some of you striving for the cause of your Lord. Therefore, recite as much as you can; but keep up with your daily prayer and give the least charity tax which is imposed upon you by God. In addition, contribute as much as you can to charity and consider it as a loan to God. Whatever you spend on charity is like being sent a provision for Hereafter kept (and multiplied) for you by God. And beg God for forgiveness as He is the most Forgiving, the most Merciful.


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