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36:1  Y. S. (Ya. Sin.)
36:2  By the wise Quran,
36:3  indeed you are one of the messengers,
36:4  on a straight path.
36:5  (Quran is) a sent down by the powerful and the merciful,
36:6  so that you warn a people whose fathers were not warned, therefore they are negligent.
36:7  Certainly, the word is justified against most of them, for they would not believe.
36:8  Indeed, We put shackles around their necks, and it is up to the chins, so their heads are raised (and they cannot see ahead of them).
36:9  And We have put an obstacle in front of them and an obstacle behind them and We have covered them (their eyes), so they do not see.
36:10  And it is the same to them whether you warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe.
36:11  You (can) only warn someone who follows the reminder (Quran) and secretly fears the beneficent, so give him good news of forgiveness and a noble reward.
36:12  Indeed, We give life to the dead and We write what they send ahead and they leave behind, and We keep track of everything in a clear logbook.
36:13  And give them an example of inhabitants of the town when the messengers came to it.
36:14  When We sent them two, they denied them both, so We empowered them with a third, and they said: “Indeed, we are sent to you.”
36:15  They said: “You are only a human being like us, and the beneficent has not sent down anything, you are only lying.”
36:16  And they said: “Our Lord knows that indeed we are sent to you,
36:17  and our responsibility is only delivering (the message) clearly.”
36:18  They said: “We consider you as bad omen, if you do not stop, we shall stone you and a painful punishment by us shall touch you.”
36:19  They said: “Your bad omen is with yourselves. Is it because you are reminded (that you say this)? No, but you are excessive people.”
36:20  And a man came running from farthest part of the city. He said: “My people, follow the messengers.
36:21  Follow those who do not ask you for any wage, and they are guided.
36:22  And why should I not serve the One Who created me, and you are returned to Him?
36:23  Should I take gods other than Him? If the beneficent wants any harm for me, their mediation would not be of any use to me at all and they would not save me.
36:24  Then, I am certainly in obvious error.
36:25  Indeed, I have believed in your Lord, so listen to me.”
36:26  (After his death) he was told: “Enter the garden.” He said: “I wish my people knew
36:27  how my Lord forgave me and made me of the honored ones.”
36:28  And We did not send down any troops from the sky against his people after him, and We were not to send down (the troops against his people).
36:29  It was only a single awful blast, then they were immediately silenced.
36:30  Unfortunate for the servants (of Me), no messenger came to them unless they used to ridicule him.
36:31  Did they not see how many generations We destroyed before them, that they will not return to them?
36:32  And they are all brought before Us, every one of them.
36:33  And the dead earth is a sign for them, We bring it back to life and We bring grain out of it and they eat from it.
36:34  And We have made gardens of date palms and grapes in it, and We have made the springs flow out of it.
36:35  So that they eat from its produce and what their hands made it. So, will they not be thankful?
36:36  Glory to the One Who created all the pairs/varieties (of things), such as what the earth grows and themselves, and what they do not know.
36:37  And the night is a sign for them, We strip off the daylight from it, and then they are in darkness.
36:38  And the sun circulates in its place of stay (in its orbit). That is the ordinance of the powerful and the knowledgeable.
36:39  And the moon, We determined phases for it until it returns like the old (dried out) date branch.
36:40  It is not appropriate (or required) of the sun to catch up with the moon, and not the night to get ahead of the day, and each flow in an orbit.
36:41  And a sign for them is that We carried their descendants in the loaded ship,
36:42  and We created the like of it for them that they ride.
36:43  And if We want, We drown them, then they have no one to cry out to, and they will not be saved,
36:44  except by a mercy from Us, and as an enjoyment for a while.
36:45  And when it is said to them: “Be cautious of what is in front of you and what is behind you so that you may receive mercy (they do not pay attention).”
36:46  And no sign of their Lord's sign came to them, unless they were turning away from it.
36:47  And when it is said to them: “Spend (in God's way) from what God provided for you” those who disbelieve say to those who believe: “Shall we feed someone that if God wanted He would have fed him? You are only in an obvious error.”
36:48  And they say: “When is this promise, if you are truthful?”
36:49  They only await a single awful blast which takes them while they dispute,
36:50  then they will not be able to make any instruction (as their will) and they will not return to their families.
36:51  And the horn is blown, then immediately they rush to their Lord from the graves.
36:52  They say: “Woe to us, who raised us from our resting place (graves)? This is what the beneficent promised, and the messengers told the truth.”
36:53  It is only a single awful blast, then immediately all of them are brought before Us.
36:54  And on this day, no one will be wronged at all, and you will be rewarded only for what you used to do.
36:55  Indeed, inhabitants of the garden will be happily busy on this day,
36:56  they and their spouses will be leaning on sofas in the shade.
36:57  They will have fruits in there and whatever they call for.
36:58  Peace (and well-being) is the word of merciful Lord (to them).
36:59  And you the guilty ones, will split up on this day.
36:60  Children of Adam, did I not charge you that you should not serve Satan? Indeed, he is your obvious enemy.
36:61  And that you should (only) serve Me. This is a straight path.
36:62  And he certainly misguided a great number of you. Did you not use to understand?
36:63  This is hell that you were promised.
36:64  Enter (and burn in) it today, because of what you used to disbelieve.
36:65  We set a seal on (and shut) their mouth today, and their hands speak to Us and their feet testify to what they were doing.
36:66  And if We wanted, We would have wiped out their eyes, then they would have competed toward the path, but how would they see (the right path)?
36:67  And if We wanted, We would have immobilized them in their places, and they would not be able to proceed or return.
36:68  And anyone We give him a long life, We reverse him in the creation (and make him weak), so do they not understand?
36:69  And We did not teach him the poetry, and it is not appropriate for him. This is only a reminder and a clear (and clarifying) Quran,
36:70  to warn anyone who is alive and to prove the word (of God) against the disbelievers.
36:71  Or did they not see that We created livestock for them, by what Our hands (power) did, and they are their owners?
36:72  And We tamed them for them, and some of them are their rides and they eat some of them.
36:73  And there are (other) benefits and beverages for them in them, so would they not thank?
36:74  And they took gods besides God so that they may be helped,
36:75  they (those gods) cannot help them, while they are present for them (their gods) as (ready and loyal) troops.
36:76  So, do not be sad by their saying. Indeed, We know what they hide and what they disclose.
36:77  Or does the human being not consider that We created him from a fertilized egg (zygote), and now he is an obvious adversary?
36:78  And he gives Us an example, and forgets his creation, he says: “Who gives life to the bones when they are decomposed?”
36:79  Say: “The One Who gave them life creating them the first time, and He knows every (kind of) creation,
36:80  the One Who made fire for you from the green tree, and then you light (fire) from it.”
36:81  Or is the One Who created the skies and the earth not able to create similar to them? Yes, and He is the knowledgeable creator.
36:82  When He wants anything, His order for it is only to say: “Be” and it will be.
36:83  So, glory to the One that kingdom of everything is in His hand, and you are returned to Him.