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36:1  Yā‘ sī
36:2  By the Wise Koran
36:3  you are surely one sent fort
36:4  upon a straight path
36:5  A revelation from the Almighty, the Forgiving
36:6  that you may forewarn a people who, because their fathers were not warned before them, are now heedless
36:7  On most of them judgement has been passed, yet still they disbelieve
36:8  We have bound their necks with chains of iron reaching up to their chins, so that they cannot bow their heads
36:9  We have put a barrier before them and a barrier behind them and covered them over, so that they cannot see
36:10  It is the same for them whether or not you warn them: they will not believe
36:11  You shall warn only those who observe the Admonition and fear the Merciful, though they cannot see Him. To these give joyful tidings of pardon and a rich reward
36:12  It is We who will resurrect the dead. We record their deeds and the vestiges they leave behind: We keep account of all things in a veritable book
36:13  You shall cite, as a case in point, the people of the city¹ to which the emissaries made their way
36:14  We first sent to them two, but when they rejected both We strengthened them with a third. They said: ‘We have been sent to you as emissaries.‘
36:15  But they said: ‘You are but mortals like ourselves. The Merciful has revealed nothing: you are only lying.‘
36:16  They said: ‘Our Lord knows that we are true emissaries
36:17  Our only duty is to give plain warning.‘
36:18  They said: ‘Your presence bodes but evil for us. Desist, or we will stone you or inflict on you a painful scourge.‘
36:19  They said: ‘The evil you forebode can come only from yourselves. Will you not take heed? Surely you are great transgressors.‘
36:20  Thereupon a man came running from the far quarter of the city. ‘My people,‘ he said, ‘follow those who have been sent to you
36:21  Follow those who ask no recompense of you and are rightly guided
36:22  Why should I not serve Him who has created me and to whom you shall be recalled
36:23  Should I serve other gods than Him? If it is the will of the Merciful to afflict me, their intercession will avail me nothing, nor will they save me
36:24  Indeed, I should then be in evident error
36:25  I believe in your Lord; so hear me.‘
36:26  He was told: ‘Enter Paradise,‘ and he said ‘Would that my people kne
36:27  how gracious my Lord has been to me, how highly He has honoured me!‘
36:28  After him, We sent down no host from heaven against his people: this We never do
36:29  There was but one shout ― and, behold, they were lifeless
36:30  Alas for My bondsmen! They laugh to scorn every apostle that comes to them
36:31  Do they not see how many generations We have destroyed before them? Never shall they return to them
36:32  all shall be brought before Us
36:33  Let the once-dead earth be a sign for them. We gave it life, and from it produced grain for their sustenance
36:34  We planted it with gardens of the palm and the vine, and watered it with gushing springs,
36:35  that they might feed on its fruit. It was not their hands that made all this.¹ Should they not give thanks
36:36  Glory be to Him who made all things in pairs: the plants of the earth, mankind themselves, and things they know nothing of
36:37  Another sign for them is the night. From the night We sheer off the day ― and lo they are plunged in darkness
36:38  And the sun hastens to its own resting-place: its course is laid by the Almighty, the All-knowing
36:39  And for the moon We have ordained phases; it wanes, until it returns like a bent old twig
36:40  The sun is not to overtake the moon, nor does the night outpace the day. Each in its own orbit swims
36:41  Another sign for them is that We carried their offspring in the laden ark
36:42  And similar vessels We have made for them to ride on
36:43  We drown them if We will: none can help or rescue them
36:44  except through Our mercy and unless enjoyment is allowed for a time
36:45  When they are told: ‘Have fear of that which is before you and behind you, that you may be shown mercy,‘
36:46  they turn away from every sign that comes to them from their Lord
36:47  And when they are told: ‘Give from that which God has given you,‘ the unbelievers say to the faithful: ‘Are we to feed those whom God can feed if He chooses? ‘Surely you are in glaring error.‘
36:48  And they say: ‘When will this promise be fulfilled, if what you say be true?‘
36:49  They must be waiting but for a single blast, which will take them while they are still disputing
36:50  They will have no time to make a will, nor shall they return to their kin
36:51  The Trumpet will be blown and, behold, from the graves they will stand before their Lord
36:52  Woe betide us!‘ they will say. ‘Who has roused us from our resting-place? This is what the Lord of Mercy promised: the apostles have told the truth!‘
36:53  And with but one blast they shall be gathered all before Us
36:54  On that day no soul shall suffer the least injustice. You shall be rewarded only according to your deeds
36:55  On that day the tenants of Paradise will be busy with their joys
36:56  They and their spouses in shady groves upon soft couches they shall recline
36:57  therein shall they have fruits, and all that they call for
36:58  Peace!‘ shall be the word from a compassionate God
36:59  Keep yourselves apart, you sinners, this day
36:60  Children of Adam, did I not charge you never to worship Satan, your veritable foe
36:61  but to worship Me? That is a straight path
36:62  Yet has he led from among you many a generation astray. Had you no sense
36:63  This is the Hell you have been promised
36:64  Burn therein this day on account of your disbelief.‘
36:65  On that day We shall seal their mouths. Their hands will speak to Us, and their very feet will testify to what they did
36:66  Had it been Our will, We could have put out their eyes: yet even then they would have rushed headlong upon their wonted path. But how could they see their error
36:67  Had it been Our will, We could have transformed them where they stood, so that they could neither go forward nor retrace their steps
36:68  We reverse the growth of those to whom We give long life. Have they no sense
36:69  We have taught¹ him no poetry, nor would poetry befit him. This is but an Admonition: an eloquent Kora
36:70  to exhort the living and to pass judgement on the unbelievers
36:71  Or have they not considered how, among the things Our hands have made, We have created for them the beasts of which they are masters
36:72  We have subjected these to them, that they may ride on some and eat the flesh of others;
36:73  they drink their milk and put them to other uses. Will they not give thanks
36:74  They have set up other gods besides God, hoping they may be helped
36:75  They cannot help them: yet they stand like warriors ready to defend their idols
36:76  So let not their words grieve you. We have knowledge of what they conceal and what they reveal
36:77  Has not man considered that We created him from a little germ? Yet is he brazenly contentious
36:78  He answers Us back with arguments, and forgets his own creation. He says: ‘Who will give life to rotten bones?‘
36:79  Say: ‘He who first brought them into being will give them life again: He has knowledge of every creature
36:80  He who gives you from the green tree a flame, and lo! you light a fire.‘
36:81  Or has He who created the heavens and the earth no power to create others like them? That He surely has. He is the all-knowing Creator
36:82  When He decrees a thing He need only say: ‘Be,‘ and it is
36:83  So glory be to Him who with His hands holds sovereignty over all things and to whome shall you be recalled