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74:1  You, you the wrapped/covered for warmth in a robe
74:2  Stand , so warn/give notice
74:3  And your Lord, so magnify/exalt/revere
74:4  And your clothes/garments , so purify/clean
74:5  And the paganism/idol worship/sin , so abandon
74:6  And do not do a favour and remind of it doing much (repeatedly)
74:7  And to your Lord, so be patient
74:8  So if the horn/bugle/trumpet was blown in
74:9  So that, that day (is) a difficult/distressing day/time
74:10  On the disbelievers (it is)not easy
74:11  Leave Me and whom I created alone
74:12  And I made/put for him extended/spread possessions/property
74:13  And sons and daughters present/testifying
74:14  And I prepared for him preparation
74:15  Then he wishes/covets that I increase
74:16  No, but he was to Our verses/evidences stubborn/obstinate
74:17  I will burden him (with) severity/hardship
74:18  That he truly thought, and he evaluated/estimated
74:19  So how he evaluated/estimated was killed (punished)
74:20  Then was killed (punished) how he evaluated/estimated
74:21  Then he looked
74:22  Then he frowned , and he frowned/became gloomy
74:23  Then he gave his back and he became arrogant
74:24  So he said: "That truly that (is) except magic/sorcery to be traced (followed/copied) ."
74:25  That truly that (is) except the human's word/opinion and belief
74:26  I will roast/make him suffer Hell
74:27  And what makes you know what Hell (is)
74:28  (It) does not protect/have mercy , and nor it leaves
74:29  Shrinking/dehydrating due to fire to the human/skin
74:30  On it (are) nineteen
74:31  And We did not make the fire's owners/company (guards) except angels, and We did not make their number/count except (as) a test to those who disbelieved, who were given/brought The Book (Jews and Christians) to be sure/certain, and (for) those who believed (to) increase faith/belief; and (for) those who weregiven The Book (Jews/Christians), and the believers do not become doubtful/suspicious, and (for) those whom in their hearts/minds (is) sickness/disease (doubt), and the disbelievers to say: "What (has) God wanted/intended with that (as) an example/proverb?" As/like that God misguides whom He wills/wants ,and He guides whom He wills/wants, and none know your Lord's soldiers/warriors except Him, and it is not except a reminder to the human
74:32  No but and/by the moon
74:33  And/by the night when it ended/passed
74:34  And/by morning/day break when it appeared/lit/shined
74:35  That it truly is one (E) (of) the greatest
74:36  A warning/notice to the human
74:37  For who from you wanted that to advance/precede or delay/lag behind
74:38  Every/each self with what (it) earned/gained/acquired (is) accountable
74:39  Except the right (side's) owners
74:40  In treed gardens/paradises (are) asking/questioning each other
74:41  About the criminals/sinners
74:42  What made you enter/follow in Hell
74:43  They said: "We were not from praying."
74:44  And we were not feeding the poorest of poor/poor oppressed
74:45  And we were engaging in conversation with the engaging in conversation
74:46  And we were denying with the Judgment Day/Resurrection Day
74:47  Until the assurance/certainty (death) came to us
74:48  So the mediators' mediation does not benefit them
74:49  So what (is) for them (they are) from the reminder opposing/objecting
74:50  As if they are frightened/running away donkeys
74:51  It escaped/fled from cruelty/a lion
74:52  But every/each human from them wants/intends that he be given/brought written sheets/pages (books/scriptures) spread/publicized
74:53  No but they do not fear the end (other life)
74:54  No, but that it (the Koran) truly is a reminder
74:55  So who wanted/intended remembered it
74:56  And they do not mention/remember except that God wills/wants , He is worthy/relation (owner of) the fear and obedience, and (He is) worthy/relation (owner of) the forgiveness