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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira

al-Qiyamah (The Rising of the Dead, Resurrection)
as rendered by Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira rendition of Surah The Rising of the Dead, Resurrection(al-Qiyamah)
75:1 I do not swear/make oath with the Resurrection Day
75:2 And nor I swear/make oath with the self , the often blaming/reprimanding.
75:3 Does the human/mankind think/suppose that We (will) not gather/unite his bones?
75:4 Yes/certainly We are capable/able on that (E) We straighten (recreate) his fingertip (finger print) .
75:5 Rather the human/mankind wants to debauch/corrupt in front of him.
75:6 He asks/questions: "When (is) the Resurrection Day?"
75:7 So if/when the eye sight/vision glared/gleamed/confused and astonished .
75:8 And the moon punctured/eclipsed .
75:9 And the sun and the moon were gathered/collected.
75:10 The human/mankind that day says: "Where (is) the escape/escape to (shelter)?"
75:11 No but (there is) no shelter .
75:12 To your Lord that day (is) the settlement .
75:13 The human/mankind (will) be informed that day with what he advanced/preceded and he delayed.
75:14 Rather the human/mankind (is) on him self (an) evidence/witness .
75:15 And even if he threw (gave) his apologies/excuses.
75:16 Do not move with it your tongue to hurry/hasten/rush with it.
75:17 That truly on Us (is) gathering/accumulating it , and its reading/recitation .
75:18 So when/if We read it, so follow its reading/recitation .
75:19 Then that truly on Us (is) its clarification/explanation.
75:20 No, but you love/like the worldly life/present.
75:21 And you leave the end (other life).
75:22 Faces/fronts, that day (are) beautiful and good (bright/blooming).
75:23 To its Lord looking .
75:24 And faces/fronts, that day (are) frowning/gloomy .
75:25 (They) think/suppose that a disaster/calamity will be made/done with it.
75:26 No, but when/if the collar bones/verge of death reached.
75:27 And (it) was said: "Who (is) ascended/elevated (being saved)?"
75:28 And (he) thought/assumed that it is the separation.
75:29 And the shin/leg coiled/wrapped with the shin/leg.
75:30 To your Lord (on) that day (is) the drive (destination).
75:31 So he did not give charity and nor he prayed.
75:32 And but lied/denied and turned away.
75:33 Then he went to his people walking stretched with his arms moving in a conceited manner (marching arrogantly).
75:34 Woe/warning/threat (Hell) for you, so woe/warning/threat (Hell for you).
75:35 Then woe/warning/threat (Hell) for you, so woe/warning/threat (Hell for you).
75:36 Does the human/mankind think/suppose that (E) he be left unattended to/disregarded (uncounted with)?
75:37 Did he not be a drop/male's or female's secretion from sperm/semen , semen being ejaculated/ discharged ?
75:38 Then (he) was/became a blood clot , so He created (it), so He straightened/perfected (it).
75:39 So He made/created from it the couples/pairs , the male and the female.
75:40 Is not that with capable/able on that He revives/makes alive the deads?


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