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74:1  O you who are garbed from head to foot in heavy cloth
74:2  Rise and warn the people of neglecting their duties toward Allah
74:3  Advance the glory of Allah and ascribe glory in adoration to His Name
74:4  Cleanse your clothes and your heart and mind and imprint your deeds with wisdom and piety and resolution
74:5  Refuse to recognize idolatry and things not pertaining to Allah, so that you be free from spiritual and moral pollution
74:6  Do not give, expecting to take more than what you have given
74:7  and in the cause of Allah exercise patience and bear with others their faults, for in patience possess you your soul
74:8  For when finally the h trumpet is sounded
74:9  Then it is a momentous Day of heavy consequence, a Day of constraint and constriction
74:10  So distressful to those who refused to acknowledge Allah and conform to His blessed will; a day fraught with pain and affliction
74:11  Now leave to Me the one whom I brought into being and ushered him into this world helpless, empty, with no progeny and never less alone than when he was alon
74:12  Then in affluence did I accord him wealth and abounding resources
74:13  and a progeny by his side, who would bear witness to the considerable position he enjoys and the will he enforces
74:14  I made him lead an easy life with success and prosperity wherever he set his courses
74:15  But his greed is never satisfied and he has always asked for more
74:16  Yet how obstinate to Our signs, revelations and ordinances he has been; holding no opinions but they held him and reign in his core
74:17  Such persons I will afflict with endless calamities and make the like unable to hold his own
74:18  He pondered and he planned
74:19  Woe be he, for how he pondered and how he planned
74:20  and woe indeed will he be for the way he pondered and planned
74:21  Then he directed his intellectual eye and analyzed and scanne
74:22  Then he ended with knitting his brows in displeasure and his look expressed disapproval
74:23  Then he concluded to turn a deaf ear and to continue in his inordinate self- esteem
74:24  Then he said "This is nothing but sorcery assumed by Muhammad from the fables of those of old;"
74:25  Then he added, "it is nothing but words expressed by mortals; words which to our beliefs do not accord."
74:26  There I will cast him into the pit of Hell named "Saqar"
74:27  and you just do not know what "Saqar" is like
74:28  Its fiercely fiery infernal flames simply consume anything coming their way, but the wicked shall neither die nor live therein
74:29  Unkind to mankind; it blackens, then burns their skin, but as often as their integument is consumed it is replaced by a fresh new skin
74:30  It " Saqar " is guarded by a body of angels numerically nineteen, massive, robust mighty and severe on strangers
74:31  We assigned to no one but the angels the guardianship of the Fire and We stated their number
a) to try those infidels' unsatisfied desire,
b) to assure Ahl AL-Kitab, of the Divine Nature of Muhammad's mission,
c) to give the faithful reason to consume their wisdom in confidence,
d) to give neither party Ahl AL-Kitab and the faithful- an occasion to doubt,
e) and to induce the hypocrites, the ill-disposed whose seats of intellect melt away in disease and lassitude as well as the infidels to speak out; and indeed they did. They said: What has Allah meant when He mentioned the Angels' number and what does He mean to fulfill?.
Thus does Allah mislead whom He pleases and guides whom He will. and no one knows the number of your Creator's forces but He, and the description portraying « Saqar » is only a reminder to mankind
74:32  No, but I swear by the moon
74:33  and by the night as it retreats and falls into a swoon
74:34  By the apparent ascent of the sun above the horizon at the beginning of the day
74:35  That "Saqar" is one of many pits of Hell that is. ghastly and immense
74:36  Portrayed to warn mankind
74:37  So that he who wishes to proceed to the right path may still have a chance, and he who wishes to lag behind, err and stray will have been warned
74:38  Every soul shall be pledged for its deeds
74:39  Except those destined to hold he position on the right
74:40  Beheld in bliss, they will convey their thoughts reciprocally in tal
74:41  With the wicked in their infernal abyss
74:42  They will ask them: “ What brought you to "Saqar" ? ”
74:43  " We were not among those who engaged in worship. " they will admit
74:44  " Nor did we feed the indigent nor to benevolence did we submit"
74:45  "We always joined those who delighted in idle talk and we were given to indulging in personal vanity and drowned ourselves in the nonsensical"
74:46  "We obstinately refused to acknowledge the truth of Day of Judgment and actuality"
74:47  " Until we were caught in the jaws of death and were affronted with reality"
74:48  There and then, no intercession can profit them or afford them help
74:49  But why would they reject admonition and refuse to take heed
74:50  As if they were zebras
74:51  Rushing away from a lion in a stampede
74:52  Ironically every one of these infidels wants a Scripture to be revealed to him and alone
74:53  But no, they deny the Hereafter and their denial of it drives them to seek pleasure in vices instead of virtues and they think what they will is fate
74:54  Yet this Quran is the spirit of truth guiding into all truth and inducing those whose hearts' ears are open to lift to Allah their inward sight and keep Him always in mind
74:55  He who wishes to do so is left to his conscience to bind
74:56  But no wish would be fulfilled until Allah has so willed, He is Reverence personified. He is the Creator Who merits profound reverence and He is the Absolute Source of forgiveness, and to those who repent, perhaps He will relent and quit them all His debt