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Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim

al-Qiyamah (The Rising of the Dead, Resurrection)
as rendered by [Al-Muntakhab]
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Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim rendition of Surah The Rising of the Dead, Resurrection(al-Qiyamah)
75:1 I swear by the Day of Resurrection,
75:2 and by the self - reproaching soul:
75:3 Does man think We are unable to assemble his bones? But indeed We are, even after they have been scattered or reduced to dust.*
75:4 But also each finger tip with its mark or prints We will be able to reconstruct.
75:5 Indeed, impudent is he who has no shame of his sins,
75:6 and in positive unbelief he asks as to when is that alleged Day of Resurrection.*
75:7 Then when the sight is dazed by terror and fright,
75:8 and the moon is eclipsed and reflects no light,
75:9 and the sun and the moon lose orbit and draw together in one mass and go out of shape,
75:10 Shall man wonder as to which way to turn in order to have recourse to a shelter as a means of escape.
75:11 But never; there is no shelter to recourse to.
75:12 For now to Allah, your Creator, does the one - way journey proceed.
75:13 There and then shall man be informed of all the good he had done and the evil he committed and of all he had neglected or omitted.
75:14 Each one shall be his own witness, and his deeds shall be a witness of his worth. He knows exactly all that he had done and he also knows if he had perverted best things to worst abuse or to their meanest use!
75:15 and of no import shall be his excuse.
75:16 Do not rush O Muhammad to speak, but hold your tongue and listen to what the Angel relates.
75:17 We are responsible for imprinting it in your heart and impressing it on your mind, and We are responsible for its compilation and for its perusal.
75:18 When We read it to you, you follow its intonation.
75:19 We are responsible for its interpretation.
75:20 No, but you people value only the life here which is evanescent and ephemeral not lasting and faster than arrows.
75:21 You ignore the great momentous Hereafter.
75:22 There and then some faces shall feature radiant countenance expressive of deeply felt joy,
75:23 derived from the countenance of Allah their Creator, c1othing their souls with the comely vesture of virtue and innocence, as a feature of the visible radiance of the divine.
75:24 Other faces will be expressive of gloom and dismay,
75:25 Expecting the calamity of the heavy debt to Allah which they will have to pay.
75:26 No, but when the death - rattle is impending and it is time for the soul to part,
75:27 and a hopeless effort is being made in search of a healer to restore his soul,
75:28 But it is concluded that death is impending and he is to depart.
75:29 Now both legs are laid across each other in preparation,
75:30 For a one - way journey; and to Allah his Creator is the destination.
75:31 No, but he was never disposed to benevolence nor did he engage in the act of worship,
75:32 But he had refused to acknowledge the divine message and closed his heart's ears to the truth,
75:33 and among his people he walked upon air and exercised self – conceit;
75:34 So now, it serves you right!
75:35 Indeed it serves you right.
75:36 Does man think he could do what he will and act without restriction or limitation and neglect his duties and his obligations to Allah, and get away with it ?.
75:37 Was he not a Notfa (sperm) in a seminal fluid that is emitted?
75:38 Then by union with its counterpart it became Notfa Amshag* "zygote" which developed into a clinging organism. Then Allah has given it form and shape, proportions and a constitution ensuring that the individual is not alone human, but unique - from the pattern of the finger prints to the number, colour, shape and length of the eyelashes, - ref. Human Embryology M.j.T.Fitz Gerald M.D., London, 1978
75:39 and from this male seed "sperm" did He make the two sex divisions of organic beings the male and the female.
75:40 Absolute as He is, Will He not be able to raise the dead when all creation is His?


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