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76:1  Was there not an era when man was not even heard of
76:2  We created man from the product of the union of two Notfas "sex cells" Notfa Amshag "Zygot" with the surest standard by which to test his tendency, and We endowed him with the gifts of hearing and vision, faculties divin
76:3  We guided him and conducted him to the right way which We ordained to be the course of life and conduct, and left him to choose to be grateful or to deviate from what is just and right
76:4  We have prepared for those who deny Allah chains, yokes and blazing Fire
76:5  But the righteous shall enjoy a drink with the distinctive fragrance and the distinguished savour of "kafoor" which excites relish and affords deligh
76:6  Streaming from a source reserved especially for those who served Allah Whose object was the heart of their purpose and to Him, they lifted their inward sight
76:7  Those who kept their vows and feared a Day whose evil is far-reaching
76:8  For the love of Allah, they fed the indigent, the orphan and the captive, (believers or unbelievers), in spite of their attachment to the object they offer, thereby setting a good example and an excellent guide
76:9  Their true and hidden motive as expressed in words to those in need has always been : "We supply you with the necessities for the sake of Allah and the enjoyment induced". "We expect nothing in return, not even your gratitude."
76:10  " We dread Allah's righteous indignation on an endless drastically distressful Day"
76:11  Consequently has Allah ensured them immunity from the evil of that Day and shall inspire them with lightened eyes and radiant countenance expressive of deeply felt joy
76:12  For their patience, there await them the abode in bliss and the exquisite silken attire
76:13  Reclining on thrones, they do not suffer the heat of the sun nor experience the bitter thrust of the cold, only the divine warmth to which they aspire
76:14  Enjoying themselves under delightful foliage afforded by trees whose fruits excellently adorn, as with blazonry, the branches springing up and down to be always within easy reach
76:15  They are served by handsome attendants for the table, where the food is dished in silver utensils, and the drinks in vessels of exquisite transparency
76:16  Vessels of translucent silver, like to the glorious sun’s transparent beams, whose extent has been prescribed to satisfy individual needs
76:17  They are served with drinks flavoured with zanjabeel of paradisiacal quality and splendour
76:18  Streaming from a fountain named Salsabeel, a name descriptive of its features of beauty, solemnity and the grandeur of its course and its flux; features causing the colours and the flow to blend in a music of tranquility
76:19  They are attended by perpetually young attendants -beauty personified- They have combination of qualities affording pleasure to the sense of sight and you would think they are sweet gentle radiance blazoned with fine rows of precious pearls
76:20  If you were to take a look O Muhammad, what will you see but bliss and splendour, a realm of magnificence and ecstasy and the loving kindness and mercies so tender
76:21  Brilliant figures dressed in green fine silk ornamented with brocade and wrists adorned with silver bracelets, and blessed be they with Allah's pure and divine drink which cleanses their hearts and their souls
76:22  To honour them, they shall be told : "Such magnificent reward has been apportioned to you to enjoy, and on your high endeavour shall the light of praise eternally shine; an endeavour with Grace divine imbued, and has been accepted with gratitude"
76:23  We are revealing to you the Quran in successive stages to be impressed upon your heart, and your effort be imprinted by the Divine hand
76:24  So in response to My divine favours, be patient and await your Creator’s, command. Do not obey the sinner among them nor those who deny Allah and the hypocrites, nor any who wishes to obstruct your way
76:25  Celebrate Allah's Name your Creator. at the beginning and the end of the day
76:26  and at night bow to the ground in adoration and advance the glory of His Name and exercise your mind in thought and contemplation
76:27  These people -the infidels- think only of this world which is but evanescent, not lasting and faster than arrows, and they ignore an eventful Day of great momentum and heavy consequence
76:28  We created them and gave them enough will power to withstand temptation. When We will, We can replace them by others and effect a new creation
76:29  This is an admonition for him who chooses to follow the path prescribed by Allah his Creator. and ponder the Quranic Revelation
76:30  Nor can you exercise your will without Allah's accord; He has always been Alimun (Omniscient) and Hakimun (Wise
76:31  He accepts whom He will and bestows His grace and mercy on whom He will and for the wrong-doers has He prepared a tormenting punishment, taking them from the highest stage of honour to the lowest stair of disgrace