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74:1  Oh you wrapped up,
74:2  Get up and warn,
74:3  And exalt your Lord,
74:4  And keep clean,
74:5  And shun filth,
74:6  And do not grant just to get more,
74:7  And have patience for your Lord,
74:8  Then when the horn is blown,
74:9  That will be a difficult day,
74:10  Not easy for those who reject (the truth),
74:11  Leave Me and whom I alone created,
74:12  And gave him wealth in abundance,
74:13  And children as witnesses,
74:14  And gave him comfort,
74:15  Then he hopes for more.
74:16  But no, he resisted Our signs.
74:17  I will make him suffer hardship.
74:18  He pondered and evaluated,
74:19  But how badly he evaluated,
74:20  Again, how badly he evaluated,
74:21  Then he looked,
74:22  Then he frowned and showed displeasure,
74:23  Then he turned away and became arrogant,
74:24  And said: this is only handed down magic,
74:25  It is only the speech of a human.
74:26  We will enter him into a fire.
74:27  And how do you know what fire it is?
74:28  It does not leave anything nor desist.
74:29  It disfigures humans.
74:30  Nineteen are set over it.
74:31  And We only appointed angels as wardens of the fire, and We only made their number a test for those who reject (the truth), so that those who were given the book would be certain and the believers would increase in faith and those who were given the book and the believers would not doubt, but those with a disease in their hearts and those who reject (the truth) would say: what does Allah want by this similitude? This is how We let go astray whom We please and guide whom We please, and nobody knows the forces of your Lord but He, and it is only a reminder for mankind.
74:32  But no, by the moon,
74:33  And the night when it recedes,
74:34  And the morning when it turns bright,
74:35  It is one of the great signs,
74:36  A warning to mankind,
74:37  For whoever of you wants to go ahead or stay behind,
74:38  Every soul is liable for what it commits,
74:39  Except for the companions of the right,
74:40  They ask each other in gardens,
74:41  About the sinful,
74:42  What lead you to the fire?
74:43  They will say: we were not of those who pray,
74:44  And we did not feed the poor,
74:45  And we joked with those who joked,
74:46  And we denied the day of repayment,
74:47  Until certainty reached us.
74:48  So the intercession of those who intercede will not benefit them.
74:49  So what is the matter with them that they turn away from the reminder?
74:50  As if they were frightened donkeys,
74:51  Running away from the whip,
74:52  But each man amongst them wants to be given his own scripture.
74:53  But no, they do not fear the hereafter.
74:54  No, it is a reminder.
74:55  So whoever pleases can remember it.
74:56  And they will only remember it if Allah pleases, He is in charge of awareness and of forgiveness.