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74:1  O’ you who cover himself!
74:2  Arise and warn!
74:3  Your Lord, do glorify Him!
74:4  Your clothes, do purify!
74:5  All kinds of abomination, do shun!
74:6  Confer not a favor so as to acquire more.
74:7  For serving the cause of your Lord, do remain dutifully firm.
74:8  When the Trumpet is blown,
74:9  Then that day will be an arduous day,
74:10  Far from easy for those who are inclined to disbelieve in Allâh.
74:11  Leave Me (to deal) with the one whom I created alone,
74:12  (Made him rich & powerful) by giving him an extensive wealth
74:13  (And so many) children around him.
74:14  I made his life to run smoothly and comfortably.
74:15  Yet he desires that I should give more!
74:16  Nay! For lo! he has been stubborn to accept the Truth of Our ‘Revelations’.
74:17  I shall cause him to feel exhausted by an arduous climb.
74:18  Indeed, He thought and then he estimated.
74:19  Woe unto Him! How he estimated!
74:20  Yea, Woe unto Him! How he estimated!
74:21  Then he looked around,
74:22  Then he frowned and scowled,
74:23  Then he turned his back and displayed an arrogant attitude,
74:24  Then he said: "This is nothing but mere magical incantation from the magic of the ancients.
74:25  This is not more than a saying of human being."
74:26  Soon I shall cast him into ‘Saqar ‘, ‘Hellfire’.
74:27  What would make you aware of what ‘Saqar ‘ might be?
74:28  It leaves nothing (untouched by the fire), nor spares any one!
74:29  It scorches the skin.
74:30  Over it, there are nineteen (‘Angels’ as its guards & keepers).
74:31  We have not made the wardens of the Fire except ‘Angels’. We have not made their number except as a temptation for those who excessively indulge in disbelief (in Allâh) , so that the people of the ‘Scripture’ (Jews & Christians) may come to know (that this ‘Qurʾān’ is absolutely the word of Allâh), and that the Faith of those who adhere to Islamic monotheism may be invigorated, and that both the people of the ‘Scripture’ and the ‘Monotheistic Believers’ may feel certain, and that those in whose hearts is a disease and those who lack Faith in Allâh would say: “What does Allâh mean by this parable?” This is how Allâh leads astray whom He wills, and illuminates the path of whom He wills. No one really knows the soldiers of your Lord but He. All this about (-Saqar-) is no other than a warning to the people.
74:32  Nay, by the moon,
74:33  by the night when it retreats,
74:34  And by daybreak when it coruscates,
74:35  Indeed, (‘Saqar ‘) is one of the greatest (tribulations),
74:36  A warning to the people,
74:37  To him among you who desires to go forward or to remain behind.
74:38  Every ‘Human Self’ is held in pledge for what it earns
74:39  Except for the ones on the right hand
74:40  Who will be in Gardens, wondering
74:41  About the ungodly sinners , (asking them):
74:42  ”What has caused you to be thrown into “Saqar ‘?”
74:43  They will say: "We were not among those who used to pray,
74:44  Neither did we use to feed the destitute.
74:45  We used to indulge excessively into vain disputes with vain disputers.
74:46  And we used to deny the ‘Day of Judgment’,
74:47  Till the inevitable truth (death) overtook us.”
74:48  Thus, the intercession of intercessors will not avail them.
74:49  What ails them that they turn aside from the admonition
74:50  As if they were frightened donkeys
74:51  Fleeing from a lion?!
74:52  Yes, every man among them desires that he may be given expanded scrolls.
74:53  Nay, but they fear not the (outcomes of) ‘Hereafter’!
74:54  Nay, indeed, this is an admonition.
74:55  Whoever wills may pay attention to it.
74:56  They will heed not unless Allâh wills it: He is the Lord of unfeigned piety and the Lord of Forgiveness.