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74:1  You who are wrapped in a cloak,
74:2  stand up and warn!
74:3  Magnify your Lord,
74:4  purify your clothing
74:5  and steer clear of filth.
74:6  Do not give a thing that you may ask for more [in return];
74:7  act patiently towards your Lord!
74:8  When the bugle is sounded on that day,
74:9  it will be such a harsh day,
74:10  anything but easy on disbelievers!
74:11  Leave Me Alone with anyone I have created to be lonely [without wealth or children],
74:12  to whom then I have granted ample wealth
74:13  and some children standing before him,
74:14  and for whom I have smoothed things over.
74:15  Still he aspires for Me to add even more [to it]!
74:16  Of course not; he has acted stubbornly towards Our signs.
74:17  I shall weigh him down with mounting trouble.
74:18  He thought and plotted.
74:19  Yet he still will be damned just as he plotted;
74:20  once again, he will be cursed as he plotted
74:21  Then he looked;
74:22  next he frowned and scowled;
74:23  then he stepped back, glanced around haughtily
74:24  and said: "This is just some magic which has been handed down;
74:25  this is merely a statement made by some human being!
74:26  I'll roast him by scorching!
74:27  What will make you realize what scorching is?
74:28  It spares nothing nor leaves anything over
74:29  as it shrivels human [flesh].
74:30  Over it there are Nineteen [angels and guards];
74:31  We have placed none but angels as guardians of the Fire. We have placed such a number merely as a test for those who disbelieve, to convince the ones who have been given the Book (the Scripture), while those who believe may be increased in [their] faith; and so the ones who have been given the Book (the Scripture) as well as believers may not doubt, while the ones in whose hearts there lurks malice, as well as disbelievers will say: "What does Allah (God) want to compare this to ?" Thus Allah (God) lets anyone He wishes go astray while He guides whomever He wishes. No one knows your Lord's armies except He Himself. It is only a Reminder for humanity.
74:32  Indeed not; by the moon,
74:33  and night as it retreats
74:34  and morning when it shines forth,
74:35  it is one of the greatest [signs],
74:36  [given] as a warning for humanity,
74:37  for anyone of you who wishes to advance or lag behind!
74:38  Each soul is [held] as a pledge for anything he has earned,
74:39  except for the companions on the Right
74:40  who will be in gardens enquiring
74:41  about the criminals:
74:42  "Whatever induced you to be scorched?"
74:43  They will say: "We were not among the prayerful
74:44  nor did we feed the needy.
74:45  We speculated along with the speculators
74:46  and kept denying [about appearing on] the Day for Repayment
74:47  until [its] certainty came home to us."
74:48  No intercession by any mediators will benefit them.
74:49  What is wrong with them that they avoid remembering [Allah (God)]
74:50  as if they were startled donkeys
74:51  who have just fled from a lioness?
74:52  Yet every last man among them wants to be handed scriptures all spread out!
74:53  Of course, it is rather because they do not fear the Hereafter.
74:54  Indeed, it is a Reminder;
74:55  so let anyone who wishes to, remember it.
74:56  Yet they will not remember except however Allah (God) may wish. He is Entitled to be heeded, as well as entitled to grant forgiveness! 75. Resurrection