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74:1  O you wrapped up in your mantle
74:2  Rise up and warn
74:3  Magnify your Lord
74:4  and purify your cloak
74:5  and keep away from all impurity
74:6  Do not grant a favour seeking a greater gain
74:7  and be patient for the sake of your Lord
74:8  When the Trumpet will be sounded
74:9  that day will be a day of hardship
74:10  not at all easy for the faithless
74:11  Leave Me [to deal] with him whom I created alone
74:12  and then furnished him with extensive means
74:13  and [gave him] sons to be at his side
74:14  and facilitated [all matters] for him
74:15  Still he is eager that I should give him more
74:16  No indeed! He is an obstinate opponent of Our signs
74:17  Soon I will overwhelm him with hardship
74:18  Indeed he reflected and decided
74:19  Perish he, how he decided
74:20  Again, perish he, how he decided
74:21  Then he looked
74:22  then he frowned and scowled
74:23  Then he went away disdainfully
74:24  saying, ‘It is nothing but magic handed down
74:25  It is nothing but the speech of a human being.’
74:26  Soon I shall cast him into Saqar
74:27  And what will show you what is Saqar
74:28  It neither spares nor leaves [anything]
74:29  It burns the skin
74:30  There are nineteen [keepers] over it
74:31  We have assigned only angels as keepers of the Fire, and We have made their number merely a stumbling block for the faithless, and that those given the Book may be reassured, and the faithful may increase in [their] faith, and that those given the Book may not doubt and the faithful [as well], and that those in whose hearts is a sickness may say, and the faithless [along with them], ‘What did Allah mean by this description?’ Thus does Allah lead astray whomever He wishes, and guides whomever He wishes. No one knows the hosts of your Lord except Him, and it is just an admonition for all humans
74:32  No indeed! By the Moon
74:33  By the night when it recedes
74:34  By the dawn when it brightens
74:35  Indeed it is one of the greatest [signs]
74:36  —a warner to all humans
74:37  [alike] for those of you who like to advance ahead and those who would linger behind
74:38  Every soul is hostage to what it has earned
74:39  except the People of the Right Hand
74:40  [They will be] in gardens, questionin
74:41  concerning the guilty
74:42  ‘What drew you into Hell?’
74:43  They will answer, ‘We were not among those who prayed
74:44  Nor did we feed the poor
74:45  We used to gossip along with the gossipers
74:46  and we used to deny the Day of Retribution
74:47  until death came to us.’
74:48  So the intercession of the intercessors will not avail them
74:49  What is the matter with them that they evade the Reminde
74:50  as if they were terrified asse
74:51  fleeing from a lion
74:52  Rather everyone of them desires to be given unrolled scriptures [from Allah]
74:53  No indeed! Rather they do not fear the Hereafter
74:54  No indeed! It is indeed a reminder
74:55  So let anyone who wishes remember it
74:56  And they will not remember unless Allah wishes. He is worthy of [your] being wary [of Him] and He is worthy to forgive