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74:1  O enveloped one,…
74:2  …arise and warn!
74:3  Glorify your Lord…
74:4  …and purify your garments.
74:5  Abandon all sin.
74:6  Do not expect anything in return for your giving,…
74:7  …but be patient for the sake of your Lord.
74:8  When the trumpet is sounded,…
74:9  …that day will be the day of distress.
74:10  [It will be] far from easy, for the unbelievers.
74:11  Leave Me alone with the one I created barren.
74:12  I granted him abundant resources…
74:13  …and the presence of children.
74:14  I made his life comfortable,…
74:15  …but he wanted Me to give more.
74:16  Ridiculous! He has been oblivious to Our signs.
74:17  I will soon burden him with hardship!
74:18  He pondered and plotted.
74:19  Woe to him! What plotting!
74:20  Yes, woe to him! What plotting!
74:21  Then he looked around.
74:22  Then he frowned and scowled.
74:23  Then he turned away and was arrogant.
74:24  He said, “This is nothing but magic from days of old.
74:25  “This is only the word of a man.”
74:26  I will cause him to suffer in Hell.
74:27  What will explain to you what Hell is?
74:28  It permits nothing to endure, but allows nothing to be consumed.
74:29  It scorches human skin.
74:30  Nineteen are over it.
74:31  We have set only angels as guardians of the fire. We have placed such a number only as a trial for unbelievers. That is so that the people of the Book may have assurance, and the believers may increase in faith. [It is so] no doubts may be left for the people of the Book and the believers. [It is so] that those in whose hearts is a disease and the unbelievers may say, “What does Allah mean by this example?” Thus Allah leaves astray whom He pleases and guides whom He pleases. No one can understand the forces of your Lord except Him. This is no less than a warning to humanity.
74:32  Consider the moon.
74:33  Consider the night as it retreats.
74:34  Consider the dawn as it shines forth.
74:35  This is only one of the awesome…
74:36  …warnings to humanity.
74:37  [It is] to any, whether you choose to press forward or lag behind.
74:38  Every soul will be held accountable for its misdeeds.
74:39  The exception is the companions on the right.
74:40  From gardens they will ask one another…
74:41  …about the sinners.
74:42  “What led you into Hell?”
74:43  They will say, “We were not among those who prayed.
74:44  “We did not feed the poor.
74:45  “We talked [in vain] with gossipers.
74:46  “We denied the Day of Judgment,…
74:47  …until the certainty [of death] came upon us.”
74:48  Then, mediation of intercessors will not profit them.
74:49  What is wrong with them that they refuse warning…
74:50  …as if they were frightened donkeys…
74:51  …fleeing a lion?
74:52  It seems that each one of them wants to be given unrolled scrolls [detailing their misdeeds].
74:53  Undoubtedly, they do not fear the hereafter.
74:54  No doubt, this surely is a warning!
74:55  Anyone who will keep it in remembrance should do so.
74:56  None, however, will keep it in remembrance except as Allah wills. He is the Source of Reverence and the Source of Forgiveness.