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74:1  Messenger, the cloaked one,
74:2  stand up and warn people,
74:3  and magnify the praise of Your Lord.
74:4  Keep your clothes clean,
74:5  and steer clear of evil.
74:6  Don’t expect any gains in return for the favours you do,
74:7  and be patient for the sake of Your Lord.
74:8  When the Trumpet is blown,
74:9  it will be a difficult Day,
74:10  not at all easy for the disbelievers
74:11  Let me deal with the one I created a lone child;
74:12  I gave him loads of wealth,
74:13  many sons around him,
74:14  and I made his material progress smooth.
74:15  He is full of hopes that I shall increase it.
74:16  No! He is a determined opponent of Our Revelations.
74:17  I shall soon lay upon him increasing punishment.
74:18  He thought and plotted.
74:19  He is ruined for what he plotted.
74:20  Again, he is ruined for what he plotted.
74:21  Then he looked,
74:22  then he frowned and scowled,
74:23  then he turned his back and was arrogant,
74:24  declaring: “This is magic of the ancients;
74:25  the speech of a mere mortal!
74:26  I shall burn him in Hellfire.
74:27  What will explain to you the Hellfire?
74:28  It neither spares nor leaves anyone,
74:29  constantly scorching the skin;
74:30  there are nineteen guards over it.
74:31  We appointed the angels over the inmates of Hell, and made their number only as a test for the disbelievers and to assure the ones who were given the Book, and to increase the faith of the believers. So, the believers and those given the Book will have no doubt about your truthfulness. But the disbelievers and the ones in whose hearts there is a sickness will say, “What does Allah mean by this example of the nineteen angels?” That is how Allah allows some to be misguided and others to be guided. No one knows the forces of your Lord except Him. It is a Majestic reminder for humanity
74:32  Yes, by the moon,
74:33  by the night as it fades away,
74:34  by the morning as it shines!
74:35  It’s a great thing;
74:36  a warner for humanity,
74:37  for those wanting to progress spiritually and those who wish to stay behind.
74:38  Every person is held hostage by the evil he does,
74:39  except the companions of the right hand
74:40  living in gardens; they will ask each other
74:41  about the sinners:
74:42  “What deeds brought you into Hellfire?”
74:43  They will answer, “We neither worshipped,
74:44  nor fed the needy,
74:45  busy doing evil and friends of those who were frivolous.
74:46  We denied Judgement Day
74:47  until the inevitable, certain, death came to us.”
74:48  The intercession of the intercessors, the idols, won’t benefit them
74:49  So what’s the matter with them, they turn away from the Reminder?
74:50  Like frightened donkeys
74:51  fleeing from a lioness.
74:52  Rather, each man among them wants a revelation to be rolled out and handed over to him.
74:53  No! They don’t fear the Hereafter.
74:54  No! This is a Reminder,
74:55  so let him who wishes to listen to it do so.
74:56  They will listen if Allah wills. He alone should be feared, the Lord of forgiveness