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74:1  O you (who are) covered with cloth !
74:2  Rise, then warn
74:3  and then (declare) the greatness of your Fosterer,
74:4  and then keep your clothes clean,
74:5  and then forsake uncleanliness,
74:6  and do not bestow favour (with the intention of) receiving more (in return)
74:7  and then be patient for (the sake of) your Fosterer.
74:8  So (the day) when the trumpet will be sounded,
74:9  then that day will be the day of difficulty,
74:10  it will not be easy for the infidels.
74:11  Leave Me and him whom I created alone
74:12  and assigned to him extensive wealth
74:13  and sons who are witnessed (being always present before him)
74:14  and made habitable for him (his) habitation.
74:15  (Even) then he hopes that I would give him more !
74:16  By no means ! he offers opposition to Our signs.
74:17  I will involve him in a severe punishment.
74:18  He reflected and made a programme.
74:19  So be he killed, how he made a programme,
74:20  again be he killed, how he made a programme.
74:21  Then he looked
74:22  then he frowned and made a face,
74:23  then he turned away considering himself great,
74:24  then said, “This is nothing but magic derived from the ancient,
74:25  this is nothing but the statement of man.”
74:26  I will make him enter hell.
74:27  And what will make you realize what hell is?
74:28  It does not let (anything) to remain nor does it spare.
74:29  It will burn and darken the skin (of man).
74:30  Over it are nineteen.
74:31  And We have not appointed the guardians of hell, other than the angels, and We have not fixed their number but for the affliction of those who do not believe. So that those who are given the book may be certain and those who believe may increase in belief and those who were given the book and the believers may not be doubtful. And those in whose hearts is a disease and the infidels may say, “What does Allah intend by this similitude?” Thus Allah leaves to stray whom He wills and He guides whom He wills and no one knows the forces of your Fosterer except He Himself and this is nothing but a reminder to man.
74:32  No, by the moon,
74:33  and the night when it retreats,
74:34  and the day when it shines,
74:35  it (the news of hell) is certainly a great
74:36  warning to man,
74:37  to him among you who wills to advance or remain behind.
74:38  Every soul is held in pledge (security) for that which it earned
74:39  except the companions of the right hand,
74:40  in gardens, asking each other,
74:41  about the criminals,
74:42  “What has brought you into the hell?”
74:43  They will say, “We were not of those who offered worship (salat)
74:44  and we did not feed the poor
74:45  and we used to involve ourselves in idle talk with those involved in idle talk,
74:46  and we used to deny the day of judgment
74:47  till (death) which is certain came to us.”
74:48  So the mediation of mediators will not be of benefit to them.
74:49  So what is (wrong) with them that they turn away from the reminder,
74:50  as if they are frightened asses,
74:51  fleeing from a lion?
74:52  No, every man from among them desires that he should be given open pages.
74:53  No, they do not fear the hereafter.
74:54  No, it is certainly a reminder,
74:55  so whoever wills may mind it,
74:56  and they do not mind unless Allah wills, He is worthy to be feared and capable to be Protectively Forgiving.