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74:1  You who are enveloped in your cloak!
74:2  Arise and warn.
74:3  Magnify your Lord.
74:4  Purify your clothes.
74:5  Shun all filth.
74:6  Do not give out of a desire for gain.
74:7  Be steadfast for your Lord.
74:8  For when the Trumpet is blown,
74:9  that Day will be a difficult day,
74:10  not easy for the kafirun.
74:11  Leave the person I created on his own to Me alone,
74:12  him to whom I have given great wealth
74:13  and sons who stay with him,
74:14  and whose way I have smoothed.
74:15  Then he wants Me to add yet more!
74:16  No indeed! He is obdurate about Our Signs.
74:17  I will force him to climb a fiery slope.
74:18  He reflected and considered.
74:19  Curse him, how he considered!
74:20  Again curse him, how he considered!
74:21  Then he looked.
74:22  Then he frowned and glowered.
74:23  Then he drew back and was proud.
74:24  He said, ´This is nothing but magic from the past.
74:25  This is nothing but the words of a human being.´
74:26  I will roast him in Saqar.
74:27  What will convey to you what Saqar is?
74:28  It does not spare and does not ease up,
74:29  ceaselessly scorching the flesh.
74:30  There are nineteen in charge of it.
74:31  We have only appointed angels as masters of the Fire and We have only specified their number as a trial for those who are kafir; so that those who were given the Book might gain in certainty, and those who have iman might increase in their iman, and both those who were given the Book and the muminun might have no doubt; and so that those with sickness in their hearts and the kuffar might say, ´What did Allah intend by this example?´ In this way Allah misguides those He wills and guides those He wills. No one knows the legions of your Lord but Him. This is nothing but a reminder to all human beings.
74:32  No indeed! By the moon
74:33  and the night when it withdraws
74:34  and the dawn when it grows bright,
74:35  it truly is one of the greatest of all things,
74:36  a warning to human beings:
74:37  for any of you who want to go forward or hang back.
74:38  Every self is held in pledge against what it earned,
74:39  except for the companions of the Right.
74:40  In Gardens they will ask
74:41  ask the evildoers:
74:42  ´What caused you to enter Saqar?´
74:43  They will say, ´We were not among those who did salat
74:44  and we did not feed the poor.
74:45  We plunged with those who plunged
74:46  and denied the Day of Judgment
74:47  until the Certain came to us.´
74:48  The intercession of the interceders will not help them.
74:49  What is the matter with them that they run from the Reminder
74:50  like panicked donkeys
74:51  fleeing from a lion?
74:52  In fact each one of them wants to be given an unfurled scroll.
74:53  No indeed! The truth is they do not fear the Next World.
74:54  No indeed! It is truly a reminder
74:55  to which anyone who wills may pay heed.
74:56  But they will only pay heed if Allah wills. He is entitled to be feared and entitled to forgive.