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74:1  O you folded up [in inactivity]!
74:2  Arise and warn
74:3  And proclaim the greatness of your Lord
74:4  And keep your garments clean
74:5  And shun the dirt
74:6  And expect no [material] gain [for your own self]
74:7  And, for your Lord, be patient
74:8  And [warn that] when the Trumpet is blown
74:9  That Day [the day when the Trumpet is blown] will be a difficult day
74:10  Not [at all] an easy day for those who suppress the Truth
74:11  Leave to Me what I Myself created [human being] without any help from anyone else
74:12  And I created for him resources in abundanc
74:13  And children present by his sid
74:14  And I made things easy for him
74:15  Yet he is greedy for more
74:16  Nay! To Our Verses/signs he has been obstinately and illogically opposed
74:17  Soon will I make him suffer hardship
74:18  He did indeed think and decide
74:19  May he be destroyed — how [very wrongfully] did he decide
74:20  Again, be he destroyed — how [very wrongfully] did he decide
74:21  Then he looke
74:22  And he frowned and he glowered with intense hatred
74:23  Then he turned back and was proud
74:24  Then he said, "This is nothing but traditional magic."
74:25  "— Nothing but word of the mortal man!"
74:26  Soon will I make him suffer Hell
74:27  And what do you know what Hell is
74:28  Neither does it let be, nor does it let go
74:29  It burns the human skin so as to blacken it
74:30  Nineteen [angels] to guard over it [Hell]
74:31  And We have appointed none but angels as Guardians of the Fire. And We have not fixed their number [], but only as a trial for those who suppress the Truth, and as a means of certainty for the People of the Book and increase in Faith for the Believers, so that no doubts are left for the People of the Book and the Believers, and that those in whose hearts is a disease and the suppressors of the Truth may say, "What intention does Allah have by this issue [of appointing only guards for hundreds of thousands of sinners put in Hell]?" Thus does Allah send astray whom He wills and guide whom He wills. And none but He knows [the enormity of] your Lord's forces! And this [Qur'aan] is nothing but Admonition/Reminder for mankind.h,
74:32  Nay, verily, by the Moon
74:33  And by the Night as it recedes
74:34  And by the Dawn as it brightens
74:35  This [Qur'aan] certainly indeed is the One Great Thing
74:36  A warning to mankind
74:37  To any of you who wishes to go forward [on the Right Path], or to fall back [into falsehood.
74:38  Every soul is pledged against what it earns
74:39  Except for the people on the Right.h
74:40  In Gardens (of Delight), they will as
74:41  The Sinners
74:42  "What led you into Hell?"
74:43  They will say, "We were not among those who prayed;"
74:44  "And we were not among those who fed the poor;"
74:45  "But we used to indulge in vain talks in company of other people;"
74:46  "And we used to deny the Judgment Day,"
74:47  "Until there came to us the Certainty."
74:48  The intercession of the intercessors shall be of no avail to them then
74:49  Then what is the matter with them that they turn away from the divine Counsel [Qur'aan
74:50  As if they were scared donkey
74:51  Fleeing from a fierce beast
74:52  They would rather want scrolls (of revelation) rolled out to every one of them separately
74:53  But no! They fear not the Hereafter
74:54  Nay, this [Qur'aan] indeed is the divine Counsel
74:55  Let any, who will, take heed
74:56  And none takes heed unless Allah so wills: He is the Embodiment of the virtue of piety, and the embodiment of the virtue of forgiveness