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74:1  YOU THAT are wrapped up in your cloak
74:2  arise and give warning
74:3  Magnify your Lord
74:4  purify your garments
74:5  and keep away from uncleanness
74:6  Bestow no favours expecting gain
74:7  Be patient for your Lord‘s sake
74:8  The day the Trumpet sound
74:9  shall be a har
74:10  and joyless day for the unbelievers
74:11  Leave to Me the man whom I created helples
74:12  and endowed with vast riche
74:13  and thriving children
74:14  I have made his progress smooth and easy
74:15  yet he greedily hopes that I shall give him more
74:16  By no means! Because he has stubbornly denied Our revelations
74:17  I will lay on him a mounting torment
74:18  He pondered, and he schemed
74:19  Confound him, how he schemed
74:20  Again, confound him, how he schemed
74:21  He looked around him
74:22  frowning and scowling
74:23  then he turned away in scornful prid
74:24  and said: ‘This is but sorcery counterfeited
74:25  this is but the utterance of a mortal!‘
74:26  I will surely cast him into the Fire
74:27  Would that you knew what the Fire is like
74:28  It leaves nothing, it spares no one
74:29  it burns the skins of mortals
74:30  It is guarded by nineteen keepers
74:31  We have appointed none but angels to guard the Fire, and made their number a subject for dispute among the unbelievers, so that those to whom the Book were given may be convinced and the true believers strengthened in their faith; that those to whom the Book were given, and the true believers, may have no doubts; and that those whose hearts are tainted and unbelievers may say: ‘What could God mean by this as an example?‘ Thus God confounds whom He will and guides whom He pleases. None knows the warriors of your Lord but Himself. This is no more than an Admonition to mankind
74:32  No, by the moon
74:33  By the departing nigh
74:34  and the coming dawn
74:35  it is a dire scourge
74:36  a warning to mankind
74:37  alike to those of you that would march on and those that would remain behind
74:38  Each soul is the hostage of its own deeds
74:39  Those on the right han
74:40  will in Garden
74:41  ask the sinners
74:42  What has brought you into Hell?‘
74:43  They will say: We were never of those who prayed
74:44  nor did we ever feed the destitute
74:45  We engaged in vain discourse with those who engaged in i
74:46  and denied the Day of Reckonin
74:47  till the Inevitable claimed us.‘
74:48  No intercessor‘s plea shall save them
74:49  Why then do they turn away from this reminder
74:50  like frightened asses
74:51  fleeing from a lion
74:52  Indeed, each one of them demands a scripture of his own to be unrolled before him
74:53  No, they have no fear of the Hereafter
74:54  No! This is an Admonition
74:55  Let him who will, be admonished
74:56  But none is admonished except by the will of God. It is God who is the Lord of Goodness and Forgiveness