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74:1  O you enveloped in your cloak
74:2  Arise, and warn
74:3  and magnify the glory of your Lord
74:4  and purify your robes
74:5  and shun uncleanness
74:6  and bestow not favour in order to seek from others a greater return
74:7  and persevere for your Lord´s sake
74:8  When the Trumpet shall be sounded
74:9  that will surely be a hard day
74:10  not an easy day for the unbelievers
74:11  Leave Me with him whom I alone have created
74:12  whom I have endowed with abundant riches
74:13  and sons ever present with him
74:14  and for whom I have smoothed the way (to power and riches)
74:15  and who still greedily desires that I should bestow upon him more
74:16  By no means; he is stubbornly opposed to Our Signs
74:17  I shall soon constrain him to a hard ascent
74:18  He reflected and then hatched a scheme
74:19  Ruin seize him, how did he hatch a scheme
74:20  Again, ruin seize him, how did he hatch a scheme
74:21  He looked (at others)
74:22  then frowned and scowled
74:23  then he retreated and waxed proud
74:24  and said: "This (Qur´an) is merely a sorcery of yore
74:25  this is nothing but the word of a mere mortal!"
74:26  Him shall I soon roast in Hell
74:27  And what do you know what Hell is
74:28  It spares nothing; it leaves nothing intact
74:29  it scorches (even) the skin
74:30  Over it are nineteen keepers
74:31  We have appointed none but angels as the keepers of the Fire, and We have not made their number but as a trial for the unbelievers so that those who have been endowed with the Book will be convinced and the believers´ faith will increase, and neither those who have been endowed with the Book nor the believers will fall into any doubt. As for those in whose hearts there is a sickness as well as the unbelievers, they will say: "What did Allah aim at by this strange parable?" Thus does Allah let whomsoever He pleases to go astray, and directs whomsoever He pleases to the Right Way. And none knows the hosts of your Lord but He. (And Hell has only been mentioned here) that people may take heed
74:32  Nay, by the moon
74:33  and by the night when it recedes
74:34  and by the day when it dawns (with its radiance)
74:35  surely (Hell) is one of the greatest Signs
74:36  a warning to humankind
74:37  a warning to everyone of you whether he would like to come forward or lag behind
74:38  Each one is a hostage to one´s deeds
74:39  save the People of the Right Han
74:40  who shall be in the Gardens, and shall as
74:41  about the guilty ones
74:42  "What drove you to Hell?"
74:43  They will answer: "We were not among those who observed Prayer
74:44  and we did not feed the poor
74:45  and we indulged in vain talk with those who indulged in vain talk
74:46  and we gave the lie to the Day of Judgemen
74:47  until the inevitable event overtook us."
74:48  The intercession of the intercessors shall then be of no avail to them
74:49  What is the matter with people that they are turning away from this Exhortation
74:50  as though they were frightened wild asses
74:51  fleeing from a lion
74:52  No indeed; each one of them desires that open letters be sent to each of them
74:53  No indeed; the truth is that they have no fear of the Hereafter
74:54  Nay; this is an Exhortation
74:55  So, whoever wills may benefit from it
74:56  But they will not benefit from it unless Allah Himself so wills. He is worthy to be feared; and He is worthy to forgive (those that fear Him)