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Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah

al-Mudathir (The Cloaked One, The Man Wearing a Cloak, The Clothed One)
as rendered by Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah
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Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah rendition of Surah The Cloaked One, The Man Wearing a Cloak, The Clothed One(al-Mudathir)
74:1 O you (Prophet Muhamad), the cloaked,
74:2 arise and warn,
74:3 and exalt your Lord,
74:4 and purify your clothing,
74:5 and flee from the statues!
74:6 Do not give, thinking to gain greater
74:7 be patient unto your Lord.
74:8 When the Horn is blown,
74:9 that shall be a Harsh Day
74:10 and it will not be easy for the unbelievers.
74:11 Leave Me alone with he whom I created
74:12 and designated for him ample wealth,
74:13 and sons that stand in witness.
74:14 I made things smooth and easy for him,
74:15 yet he is eager that I increase him.
74:16 Not at all! Surely, he has been disobedient to Our verses.
74:17 I will constrain him to a hard ascent.
74:18 He reflected, and then determined
74:19 death seized him, how was his determining!
74:20 Again, death seized him, how was his determining!
74:21 Then he looked,
74:22 frowned and scowled;
74:23 then he retreated and grew proud
74:24 and said: 'This is no more than traced sorcery;
74:25 It is nothing but the word of a mortal! '
74:26 I will surely roast him in the Scorching.
74:27 What will let you know what the Scorching is like!
74:28 It neither spares, nor releases,
74:29 and it burns the flesh.
74:30 Over it are nineteen (angels guarding).
74:31 We have appointed none but angels to guard the Fire, and made their number only as a trial for the unbelievers, so that those to whom the Book was given are certain and those who believe increase in belief. And that those who were given the Book, and those who believe will not be in doubt. And that those in whose hearts there is a sickness, together with the unbelievers, may say: 'What did Allah intend by this as an example? ' As such, Allah leaves in error whom He will and He guides whomsoever He will. None knows the hosts of your Lord except He. This is no more than a Reminder to humans.
74:32 No, by the moon!
74:33 By the receding night
74:34 and the morning when it appears,
74:35 it is one of the greatest trials,
74:36 a warning to humans,
74:37 to whoever among you desires to go forward, or lag behind.
74:38 Each soul is held in pledge for what it earns,
74:39 except the Companions of the Right.
74:40 In Gardens they will question
74:41 concerning the sinners,
74:42 'What caused you to be thrust into the Scorching (Fire)? '
74:43 They will reply: 'We were not among those who prayed
74:44 and we did not feed the needy.
74:45 We plunged in with the plungers
74:46 and belied the Day of Recompense
74:47 till the certainty (death) overtook us. '
74:48 The intercession of their intercessors shall not benefit them.
74:49 What is the matter with them that they turn away from this Reminder,
74:50 like startled wild donkeys
74:51 fleeing before a lion?
74:52 Indeed, each one of them desires to be given unrolled scrolls.
74:53 No, indeed they have no fear of the Everlasting Life.
74:54 No, indeed, surely, this is a Reminder.
74:55 So, whoever wills, will remember it.
74:56 But none will remember, unless Allah wills, He is the Owner of fear, the Owner of forgiveness.


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