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74:1  O thou covered
74:2  arise and preach
74:3  and magnify thy Lord
74:4  And cleanse thy garments
74:5  And fly every abomination
74:6  And be not liberal, in hopes to receive more in return
74:7  And patiently wait for thy Lord
74:8  When the trumpet shall sound
74:9  verily that day shall be a day of distres
74:10  and uneasiness unto the unbelievers
74:11  Let me alone with him whom I have created
74:12  on whom I have bestowed abundant riches
74:13  and children dwelling in his presence
74:14  and for whom I have disposed affairs in a smooth and easy manner
74:15  and who desireth that I will yet add other blessings unto him
74:16  By no means: Because he is an adversary to our signs
74:17  I will afflict him with grievous calamities
74:18  For he hath devised and prepared contumelious expressions to ridicule the Koran
74:19  May he be cursed: How maliciously hath he prepared the same
74:20  And again, may he be cursed: How maliciously hath he prepared the same
74:21  Then he looked
74:22  and frowned, and put on an austere countenance
74:23  Then he turned back, and was elated with pride
74:24  and he said, this is no other than a piece of magic, borrowed from others
74:25  These are only the words of a man
74:26  I will cast him to be burned in hell
74:27  And what shall make thee to understand what hell is
74:28  It leaveth not any thing unconsumed, neither doth it suffer any thing to escape
74:29  It scorcheth mens flesh
74:30  Over the same are nineteen angels appointed
74:31  We have appointed none but angels to preside over hell fire: And we have expressed the number of them only for an occasion of discord to the unbelievers; that they to whom the scriptures have been given, may be certain of the veracity of this book, and the true believers may increase in faith; and that those to whom the scriptures have been given, and the true believers may not doubt hereafter; and that those in whose hearts there is an infirmity, and the unbelievers may say, what mystery doth God intend by this number? Thus doth God cause to err whom He pleaseth; and He directeth whom He pleaseth. None knoweth the armies of thy Lord, besides Him: And this is no other than a memento unto mankind. Assuredly
74:32  By the moon
74:33  and the night when it retreateth
74:34  and the morning when it reddeneth
74:35  I swear that this is one of the most terrible calamities
74:36  giving warning unto men
74:37  as well unto him among you who desireth to go forward, as unto him who chooseth to remain behind
74:38  Every soul is given in pledge for that which it shall have wrought
74:39  Except the companions of the right hand
74:40  who shall dwell in gardens, and shall ask one another question
74:41  concerning the wicked
74:42  and shall also ask the wicked themselves, saying, what hath brought you into hell
74:43  They shall answer, we were not of those who were constant at prayer
74:44  neither did we feed the poor
74:45  and we waded in vain disputes, with the fallacious reasoners
74:46  and we denied the day of judgment
74:47  until death overtook us
74:48  And the intercession of the interceders shall not avail them
74:49  What aileth them, therefore, that they turn aside from the admonition of the Koran
74:50  as though they were timorous asse
74:51  flying from a lion
74:52  But every man among them desireth that he may have expanded scrolls delivered to him from God
74:53  By no means. They fear not the life to come
74:54  By no means: Verily this is a sufficient warning
74:55  Whoso is willing to be warned, him shall it warn
74:56  But they shall not be warned, unless God shall please. He is worthy to be feared; and he is inclined to forgiveness