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74:1  O the Cloaked One! (Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him
74:2  Rise up and warn
74:3  And proclaim the Purity of your Lord
74:4  And keep your clothes clean
74:5  And stay away from idols
74:6  And do not favour others in order to receive more
74:7  And for the sake of your Lord, patiently endure
74:8  So when the Trumpet will be blown
74:9  So that is a tough day
74:10  Not easy upon the disbelievers
74:11  Leave him to Me, the one whom I created single
74:12  And gave him vast wealth
74:13  And gave him sons present before him
74:14  And made several preparations for him
74:15  Yet he desires that I should give more
74:16  Never! For he is an enemy to Our signs
74:17  Soon I shall mount him on Saood, the hill of fire
74:18  Indeed he thought, and inwardly decided
74:19  So accursed be he, how evilly did he decide
74:20  Again accursed be he, how evilly did he decide
74:21  He then dared to lift his gaze
74:22  Then frowned and grimaced
74:23  Then he turned away, and was haughty
74:24  And said, “This is nothing but magic learnt from earlier men.”
74:25  “This is nothing but the speech of a man.”
74:26  I will soon fling him into hell
74:27  And what have you understood, what hell is
74:28  It neither leaves, nor spares
74:29  It strips away the hide of man
74:30  Above it are nineteen guards
74:31  We have not appointed the guards of hell, except angels; and did not keep this number except to test the disbelievers – in order that the People given the Book(s) may be convinced, and to increase the faith of the believers – and so that the People given the Book(s) and the Muslims may not have any doubt - and so that those in whose hearts is a disease and the disbelievers, may say, “What does Allah mean by this amazing example?” This is how Allah sends astray whomever He wills, and guides whomever He wills; and no one knows the armies of Allah except Him; and this is not but an advice to man
74:32  Yes, never!* By oath of the moon. (Hell will never spare the disbelievers)
74:33  And by oath of the night when it turns back
74:34  And by oath of the morning, when it spreads light
74:35  Indeed hell is one of the greatest entities
74:36  Warn the men
74:37  For the one among you who wishes to come forward or stay back
74:38  Every soul is mortgaged for its own deeds
74:39  Except those on the right side
74:40  In Gardens, they seek answers
74:41  - From the guilty
74:42  “What took you into the hell?”
74:43  They said, “We never used to offer the prayer.”
74:44  “Nor used to feed the needy.”
74:45  “And used to dwell on evil matters with those who think evilly.”
74:46  “And used to deny the Day of Justice.”
74:47  “Till death overcame us.”
74:48  So the intercession of the intercessors will not benefit them. (The disbelievers will not have any intercessor.
74:49  So what is the matter with them that they turn away from the advice
74:50  As if they were startled donkeys
74:51  Fleeing away from a lion
74:52  Rather each one of them desires that he should be given open Books
74:53  Never! In fact they do not fear the Hereafter
74:54  Yes indeed, this is an advice
74:55  So whoever wills may heed advice from it
74:56  And what advice will they heed, except if Allah wills? Only He deserves to be feared, and His only is the greatness of forgiving