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5:1  O' you who have Faith! fulfil the contracts (made by you or people) . The four-footed animals are lawful to you (for food) except those which will be recited unto you, pilgrim garb, and while you are in deem not game permitted to be hunted. Verily, Allah decrees whatever He intends
5:2  O' you who have Faith! do not profane Allah's Monuments, nor the sacred Month nor the offering, nor the sacrificial animals with garlands, nor those going to the Sacred House seeking the grace and pleasure of their Lord. And when you are free from the pilgrim garb (and acts of Umrah) , then (you can) hunt. And let not hatred of a people (once) hindered you from the sacred Mosque move you to commit aggression. And cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and transgression; and be in awe of Allah (for) , verily, Allah is severe in penalty
5:3  Forbidden to you (for food) are carrion, blood, the flesh of swine, what has been (slaughtered) in the name of any other than that of Allah, and the beast strangled, beaten to death, killed by a fall, the gored to death by a horn, and that which same wild beast has begun to eat, (all are unlawful) , except what you slaughter (in accordance with the prescribed law) . And (also forbidden is to you) what has been slaughtered before idols, or that you divide by the arrows; (all) that is ungodliness. Today those who disbelieve have despaired of your religion, so do not dread them but dread Me. Today have I perfected your religion for you, and completed My favour on you, and I have chosen for you Islam as a religion. But, whoever is helplessly forced by hunger, without inclining to sin, (can enjoy of the forbidden food) , then verily Allah is forgiving, Merciful
5:4  (O' Muhammad!) they ask you what has been made lawful for them. Say: ' Good things have been made lawful for you; and such hunting creatures as you teach, training them as hounds, and teaching them of what Allah has taught you, then eat what they seize for you and mention Allah's Name over it. And be in awe of Allah; verily Allah is swift in reckoning
5:5  Today (all) good things have been made lawful for you, and (also) the food of those who have been given the Book is lawful for you, and your food is lawful for them. And (so are) the chaste women from the believers and the chaste women from those who have been given the Book before you (are lawful for you) when you give them their dowries taking them in marriage, not fornicating, nor taking them for paramours in secret. And whoever denies the faith, his work indeed is vain, and he will be of the losers in the Hereafter
5:6  O'you who have Faith! when you stand up for prayer, wash your faces, and your hands up to the elbows, and wipe a part of your heads and your feet up to the ankles; and if you are polluted, then perform a total ablution; and if you are sick or on a journey, or one of you comes from the privy, or you have touched the women and you can find no water (for ablution or major ritual ablution) , then betake yourselves to clean soil and wipe a part of your faces and your hands with some of it. Allah does not intend to put on you any difficulty, but He intends to purify you, and to complete His favour upon you in order that you might be thankful
5:7  And remember Allah's favour on you and His covenant with which He has bound you, when you said: ' We hard and we obeyed '. And be in awe of Allah, surely Allah is aware of what is in the breasts
5:8  O' you who have Faith! be always uprite for Allah, bearers of witness with justice, and let not hatred of a people incite you not to act equitably. Act equitably, that is nearer to piety, and be in awe of Allah; verily Allah is Aware of what you do
5:9  Allah has promised those who believe and do good deeds that they will have forgiveness and a great reward
5:10  And (as for) those who disbelieve and deny Our Signs (revelations) , these are the companions of Hell
5:11  O' you who have Faith! remember Allah's favour on you when a (hostile) people were minded to stretch against you their hands, but He withheld their hands from you; and be in awe of Allah, and on Allah let the believers rely
5:12  And certainly Allah made a covenant with the Children of Israel, and We raised among them twelve chiftains, and Allah said: ' Verily I am with you, if you keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate and believe in My messengers and assist them and lend Allah a kindly loan, I will most certainly cover your evil deeds and I will certainly cause you to enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow; but whoever among you disbelieves after that, has indeed strayed from the right path
5:13  So, for their breaking their covenant, We cursed them and made their hearts hard. They alter the words (of Allah) from their places and they have neglected a part of what they were admonished with, and you shall always discover treachery in them save a few of them. Yet forgive them and overlook (their misdeeds) ; verily Allah loves the good-doers
5:14  And of those who say: ' We are Christians ' We did take their covenant, but they (also like Israelites) have neglected a part of what they were admonished with. Therefore We have stirred up among them enmity and hatred till the Day of Resurrection; and soon Allah will inform them of what they have been doing
5:15  O' People of the Book! Indeed Our Messenger has come to you expounding to you much of what you have been hiding of the Book, and overlooking much. Indeed there has come to you, from Allah, a Light and a clear Book
5:16  With it Allah guides whoever follows His pleasure into the ways of safety, and He brings them out of darkness towards the Light by His Will and guides them to a right path
5:17  Indeed, they have disbelieved who said: ' Verily Allah is the Messiah, son of Mary '. Say: ' Who can hold anything against Allah, if He intends to destroy the Messiah, son of Mary, and his mother, and everyone on the earth? And to Allah belongs the domintion of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them two. He creates what He pleases; and Allah is All-Powerful over all things
5:18  And the Jews and the Christians say: ' We are the sons of Allah and His beloved ones.' Say: ' Why does He then punish you for your sins ?' Nay, you are mortals of those He has created. He forgives whom He pleases, and punishes whom He pleases. And to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them two, and unto Him is the ultimate return (of all)
5:19  O' People of the Book! Indeed Our Messenger has come to you to explain (things) to you after a cessation of the (mission of the) messengers, any warner '; but, indeed, there has come to you a giver of gladtidings and a warner; and Allah is All-Powerful over all things
5:20  And (remember) when Moses said to his people: ' O' my people! remember the favour of Allah upon you when He raised prophets among you and made you kings and gave you what He had not given to any one else in the world
5:21  O' my people! enter the holy land which Allah has ordained for you and do not turn your backs, for then you will return (us) losers
5:22  They (Israelites) said: ' O' Moses! verily there is a very arrogant race in it, and verily, we will never enter it until they get out from it. So if they get out fro it, then certainly, we will enter
5:23  Two men of those that feared (Allah) whom Allah had blessed, said: ' Enter against them by the gate! for when you have entered it, you will certainly be victorious. So, upon Allah should you rely if you are believers
5:24  They said: ' O' Moses! we shall never enter it at all, so long as they (the arrogant) are in it. Go, therefore, you and your Lord, and fight you both! verily we will stay here sitting
5:25  He (Moses) said: ' O' my Lord! I have pover over none but myself and my brother, therefore make a separation between us and these rebellious people
5:26  He (The Lord) said: ' So it (the Holy Land) will surely be forbidden to them for forty years that they will wander about in the earth, therefore do not grieve for the rebellious people
5:27  (O' Prophet!) Recite to them the truth of the story of the two sons of Adam when they offered each a sacrifice, but it was accepted from the other. (The one) said: ' I shall certainly slay you.' (The other) said: ' verily Allah accepts only from the pious ones '
5:28  If you stretch out your hand toward me to slay me, I am not one to stretch out my hand toward you to slay you. Verily, I fear Allah, the Lord of the Worlds
5:29  Verily I wish that you bear my sin and also your (own) sin, and so you would be of the inmates of the (Hell) Fire, and this is the recompense of the unjust
5:30  Then his soul (through temptation of envy) ficiliated to him the murder of his brother. So he murdered him, and thus became one of the losers
5:31  Then Allah sent a raven digging up the ground to show him (the murderer) how he should cover the dead body of his brother. He said: ' Woe unto me! Am I unable to be like this raven and cover the corpse of my brother? ' So he became one of the remorseful
5:32  For this reason We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever slays a human being for other that manslaughter or mischief in the earth, it is as he has slain mankind as a whole; and whoever saves a life (from death) , it is as if he had saved mankind as a whole. And certainly our messengers come to them with clear evidences; then verily, even after that, many of them became prodigals in the earth
5:33  The only recompense of those who make war against Allah and His messenger, and strive to make mischief in the land, is that they be killed or crucified, or their hands and their feet be cut off from opposite side or they be banished from (their) land. This is a degradation for them in the world, and in the Hereafter, they will have a grievous chastisement
5:34  Except those who repent before you have power over them. So know you that Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
5:35  O' you who have Faith! Be in awe of Allah, and seek the means (of nearness) to Him; and strive hard in His way, that you may be prospersous
5:36  Certainly those who disbelieve, if they had what is in the earth all together and the like of it with it, to ransom themselves with it from the punishment of the Day of Resurrection, it shall not be accepted from them, and for them there will be a painful chastisement
5:37  They would desire to get out from the Fire but they shall not get out of it, and for them there is a permanent chastisement
5:38  As for the thief, both male and female, cut off their hands as a recompense for what they have earned. It is an exemplary punishment from Allah; and Allah is the Mighty, the Wise
5:39  But whoever repents after his iniquity and makes amend (his evil deeds) , then surely Allah turns to him (mercifuly) , verily Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
5:40  Do you not know that to Allah belongs the Dominion of the heavens and the earth? He punishes whom He pleases and forgives whom He pleases, and verily Allah is All-Powerful over all things
5:41  O' Messenger! Let not those who hasten in infidelity grieve you, from among those who (hypocritically) say with their mouths: ' We believe ', but their hearts do not believe, and from among those of the jews who listen for (the sake of) lying, listen (with a spy manner) for other people who have not come to you. They distort the (heavenly) words from their places, saying: ' If you are given this, take it, and if you are not given this, beware! (be aloof) '; and whomever Allah desires to punish, you cannot avail him anything with Allah. Those are they whose hearts Allah does not desire to purify; there is a degraolation for them in the world, and in the Hereafter, they will have a grievous chastisement
5:42  (They are) listeners to (any) lie, and devour the unlawful; therefore, if they come to you, judge between them or turn away from them; and if you turn away from them, they will harm you nothing; and if you judge, judge between them with equity; verily Allah loves the just
5:43  And how do they (the Jews) make you a judge, while with them is the Turah, wherein is Allah's judgement? Yet they turn away after that, and those are not believers
5:44  Verily We have sent down the Turah, wherein is guidance and light, by which the prophets, who submitted themselves (to Us) , judged for those who were Jews, and (so did) the rabbis and the scholars (of divinity of the Jews) in accordance with what they were entrusted with the Book of Allah, and they were witnesses thereof. Therefore, do not dread the people, and dread (opposing) Me; and do not sell My Signs for a little price. And whoever does not judge by what Allah has sent down, those are they that are the infidels
5:45  And We prescribed for them in it that: a life is for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, and for wounds (there shall be) retaliation. But whoever remits it, it shall be an expiation (of his sins) for him; and whoever does not judge by what Allah has sent down, those are they that are the unjust
5:46  And following them We sent Jesus son of Mary, confirming that which was before him of the Turah, and We gave him the Evangel in which was guidance and light, and confirming what was before it of the Turah, and a guidance and an admonition for the pious ones
5:47  So the people of the Evangel should judge by what Allah has sent down in it, and those who do not judge by what Allah has sent down, those are they that are the evil-doers
5:48  And We have sent down unto you the Book with the truth, confirming that which was before it of the Book and as a guardian over it. Therefore judge between them by what Allah has sent down and do not follow their vain desirs against the truth that has come to you; for every one of you We appointed a law and a (clear) way. And if Allah had pleased, He would have made you (all) a single community, but He might try you in what He has given you. Therefore strive you excelling one another in virtuous deeds; unto Allah is the return of you all, and then He shall inform you of that in which you used to differ
5:49  So judge between them by what Allah has sent down, and do not follow their vain desires, and beware of them lest they beguile you from part of what Allah has sent down to you. But if they turn back, then know that Allah desires to afflict them for some of their sins, and surely, many of the people are evil-doers
5:50  Is it then the judgement of (the times of ignorance) that they are seeking? And who is better than Allah judgement for a people of assured faith?
5:51  O' you who have Faith! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends of each other. And whoever among you takes them for friends, then surely he is one of them. Verily Allah does not guide the unjust people
5:52  But you will see those in whose hearts is disease hastening towards them, saying: We fear lest a calamity should befall us.' And it may be that Allah brings about a victory or (some) thing from Himself (for the benefit of Muslims) , then they will be regretting for what they hid in their selves
5:53  And those who believe will say: ' Are these they who swore by Allah with the most forcible of their oath that they were most surely with you? ' their (good) deeds failed and they themselves became losers
5:54  O' you who have faith! whoever of you turns away from his religion (he does not harm Allah, since) soon Allah will bring (forward) a people whom He loves and who love Him, humble towards the believers, stern against infidels, they strive in the way of Allah, and do not fear the scorn of any blamer. This is the grace of Allah. He gives it to whom He desire; and Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing
5:55  Verily, verily your guardian (Waliyy) is only Allah and His Messenger and those who believe, those who establish prayer and pay the poor-rate while bowing down (in prayer) .
5:56  And whoever takes for (his) guardian Allah and His Messenger and those who believe (should know that he is victorious, because) surely the party of Allah are Triumphant.
5:57  O' you who have Faith! do not take those who take your religion in mockery and play, from among those who were given the Book before you and the infidels as guardians; and be in awe of Allah if you are believers
5:58  And when you call to prayer they take it in mockery and play. That is because they are a people who do not apply reason.
5:59  Say: ' O' People of the Book! Do you find faults with us (for any reason) except that we have believed in Allah and in what has been sent down to us, and in what was sent down before (the Quran) , and that, certainly, most of you are evil-doers'
5:60  Say: ' Shall I inform you of (him who is) worse than that in retribution with Allah? (Worse are those) whom Allah has cursed and brought His wrath upon, and He turned some of whom into apes and swine, and worshippers of Taghut (false deity) . They are worse in place (with Allah) and far more astray from the (Right) path.
5:61  And when they come to you, they say: ' We believe '; while certainly they have entered in with infidelity, and certainly they have gone out with it; and Allah knows best what they were hiding.
5:62  And you will see many of them striving with one another to hasten in sin and transgression and their devouring the unlawful. Verily, evil is what they have been doing.
5:63  Why do not the learned men and the doctors of law prohibit them (the people) from uttering sinful words and devouring the unlawful? Verily evil is what they have been working.
5:64  And the Jews have said: ' The hand of Allah is tied up! ' Be their hands tied up! and cursed be they for what they have said. Nay, both His hands (of Power) are (always) spread out. He bestows as He pleases. And what has been sent down to you from your Lord will certainly increase many of them in insolence and infidelity; and We have cast enmity and hatred between them till the Day of Resurrection. Everytime they kindle a fire for war, Allah extinguishes it. They strive to make mischief in the land; and Allah does not love the mischief makers
5:65  And if the People of the Book had believed and kept from evil, We would certainly have remitted their sins and We would certainly have made them enter Gardens of Bless.
5:66  And if they had kept up the Turah and the Evangel and what was sent dow to them from their Lord, they would certainly have had (of the bounties) from above them and from beneath their feet. Among them there are people who are moderate, but (as for) many of them, evil is what they do.
5:67  O' Messenger! convey what has been sent down to you from your Lord; and if you do not, then you have not conveyed His message (at all) ; and Allah will protect you from the (vice of) people, verily Allah does not guide the unbelieving ones.
5:68  Say: ' O' People of the Book you follow naught (no true religion) till you keep up the Turah and the Evangel and what has been sent down unto you from your Lord; and surely that which has been sent down to you from your Lord (the Qur'an) shall increase many of them in insolence and infidelity. So do not grieve for the unbelieving ones
5:69  Verily those who believed, and those of the Jews and the Sabians and the Christians, whoever believed in Allah and the Last Day, and worked righteousness - no fear shall be upon them, nor shall they grieve
5:70  Certainly We took a covenant from the Cildren of Israel and We sent messengers to them. Whenever there came to them a messenger with what their souls did not desire, they would deny and some (of them) they would slay
5:71  And (the Jews) they imagined that there would be no affliction, so they became blind and deaf (unto the Truth) ; them Allah turned to them mercifully; but again many of them became blind and deaf; and Allah sees what they do
5:72  Certainly they are infidels who say: ' Verily Allah, He is the Messiah, son of Mary;' and the Messiah (himself) said: ' O' Children of Israel! worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord, verily whoever associates with Allah anything, then Allah has forbidden to him the Paradise and his abode is the Fire, and there shall be no helpers for the unjust '
5:73  Certainly they disbelieve who say: ' Verily Allah is the third of the three,' while there is no god save the One God; and if they desist not from what they say, a painful chastisement shall befall those among them who disbelieve
5:74  Will they not then turn to Allah and ask forgiveness of Him? And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
5:75  The Messiah, son of Mary, a messenger (that) messengers (the like of whom) have passed away before him, and his mother was a truthful woman; they both used to eat food. See how We make the Signs clear for them (people) , and see how they are turned away (from the truth)
5:76  Say: ' Do you worship besides Allah that which possesses for you neither harm nor profit? And Allah ? He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing
5:77  Say: ' O' People of the Book! do not exagerate in your religion other than the truth, and do not follow the vain desires of the people who had gone astray aforetime, and led many astray, and went astray from the right path
5:78  Those who disbelieved from among the Children of Israel were cursed by the tongue of David, and of Jesus, son of Mary, that was because they disobeyed and used to transgress
5:79  They used not to restrain each other from any dishonour they committed. Certainly evil was that which they were doing!
5:80  You see many of them making friends with those who disbelieve. Surely evil is that which their selves send before for them (as their storage in the Hereafter) , and Allah's wrath is on them, and in chastisement shall they abide
5:81  And if they had believed in Allah and the Prophet and what was sent down to him, they would not have taken them for friends, but most of them are evil-doers
5:82  Certainly you will find the most hostile of people to those who believe are the Jews and pagans; and you will certainly find the nearest in friendship to those who believe are those who say: ' We are Christians.' That is because there are among them priests and monks and because they do not behave proudly
5:83  And when they hear what has been sent down to the Messenger, you see their eyes overflowing with tears because of what they recognize of the Truth. They say: ' Our Lord! we believe, so write us down with the witnesses (of truth)
5:84  And what (reason) have we that we should not believe in Allah and in the truth that has come to us, while we long for our Lord should cause us to enter (the Heaven) with the righteous ones
5:85  Therefore Allah has rewarded them for what they said ? Gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein shall they abide forever, and that is the reward of the doers of good
5:86  And (as for) those who disbelieve and deny Our Signs, these are the inhabitants of the Hell
5:87  O' you who have Faith ! Do not prohibit the good things that Allah has made lawful to you, and do not transgress. Verily Allah does not like the transgressors
5:88  And eat from the lawful and good things which Allah has provided for you; and be in awe of Allah Whom you have Faith in
5:89  Allah does not call you to account for your vain (unintentional) oaths, but he calls you to account for what you have pledged solemnly. So its atonement is feeding ten paupers with the average ofwhat you feed your own families, or clothing them, or freeing a slave. But whoever does not find (the means to do so) ,should fast for three days. That is the atonement of your oaths when you pledge. But guard your oaths. Thus Allah makes His Signs clearfor you in order that you might be thankful
5:90  O' you who have Faith ! Verily wine, gambling, idols, and (dividing by) arrows are an abomination of the Satan's work, so avoid it, that you may be prosperous
5:91  Certainly Satan desires to cast enmity and hatred among you bywine and gambling, and to hinder you from the remembrance ofAllah, and from prayer. So will you stop ?
5:92  And obey Allah and obey the Messenger, and beware, but if you turn away, then know that Our Messenger's duty is only conveyance(of the Message) Manifest
5:93  On those who have Faith and do good deeds, there is no sin in regard to what they ate (before prohibition) so long as they are virtuousand faithful and do good deeds, then still they be virtuous (upon prohibited things) and believe (in their prohibition) ,then they are virtuous (due to prohibited things) and do good; and Allah loves the doers of good
5:94  O' you who have Faith! Allah will surely try you with something of the game which your hands and your spears can reach, so that Allah may ascertain who fears Him in secret. So whoever transgresses after that for him there is a painful punishment
5:95  O' you who have Faith! kill no game while you are in pilgrim garb: and anyone of you who kills it intentionally, its atonement is the like in cattle of what he has killed, as (to this likeness) two just persons among you judge, (and the animal) will be an offering reached to the Ka`bah, or the atonement (of it) is feeding the poor, or the equivalent of that in fasting, that he may taste the effect of his action. Allah has pardoned whatever is a thing of the past; and whoever returns (to it) , Allah will take vengeance on him, and Allah is Mighty, the Lord of Retribution
5:96  The game of the sea and its food is lawful for you, a provision for you and for the caravans, but the game of the land is forbidden to you so long as you are in pilgrim garb; and be in awe of Allah toward Whom you will be gathered
5:97  Allah has made the Ka'bah, the sacred House, a (means of) staying (in peace) for mankind, and (also) the Sacred Month and the offerings and the (animals with the) garlands. This is so that you may know that Allah knows whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, and that Allah is All-Knowing of all things
5:98  Know that Allah is severe in retribution, and that Allah is forgiving, Merciful
5:99  Nothing is (incombent) upon the Messenger but to convey (The message of Allah) , and Allah knows what you reveal and what you conceal
5:100  Say: ' The evil and the good are not equal, though the abundance of evil may dazzle you.' So be in awe of Allah, O' possessors of intellects, that you may be prosperous
5:101  O' you who have Faith! Do not ask about things (and secrets) which, if they are disclosed to you, may upset you. Yet, if you ask about them while the Qur'an is being sent down, they will be disclosed to you. Allah pardoned as to these matters and Allah is Forgiving, Forbearing
5:102  Surely some people before you asked for such (disclosures) . Then they came to disbelieve in them
5:103  Allah has not appointed any Bahirah, Sa'ibah, Wasilah, and Ham, but those who disbelieve make up a lie against Allah, and most of them do not understand
5:104  And when it is said to them: ' Come to what Allah has sent down and to the Messenger,' they say: ' That which we found our fathers upon is enough for us.' What! even though their fathers did not know anything and did not follow the right way, (should they pave their way ?)
5:105  O' you who have Faith! take care of your own selves. He who strays cannot harm you when you are on the right way. To Allah is your return totally; then He will inform you of what you had been doing
5:106  O' you who have Faith! call to witness between you when death approaches any of you, while making a bequest, two just persons from among you, or two others from other than you, if you are travelling in the land and the affliction of death befalls you, detain the two after the prayer, then if you doubt them, they shall swear by Allah (saying) : ' We will not sell it for any gain, even if it were a relative, and we will not conceal the testimony of Allah; for then we would indeed be among the sinners'
5:107  Then if it becomes known that both of them have been guilty of a sin (of perjury) , then two others (of Muslims) shall stand up in their place from among those nearest (to the diseased) who have a claim against them, and swear by Allah: ' Certainly our testimony is truer than the testimony of those two, and we have not transgressed (the limits) , for then we would indeed be of the unjust'
5:108  This (style) is more proper that they give testimony truely, or fear that other oaths be given after their oaths. And be in awe of Allah and hearken (His commandments) , and Allah does not guide the transgressing people
5:109  (Remember) the Day Allah will gather the messengers, and say: ' What response were you given ?' They will say : We have no knowledge, verily You are the All-Knowing of the Unseen'
5:110  (Remember) when Allah said : ' O' Jesus, son of Mary! Remember My blessing on you and on your mother, when I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit, you spoke to the people (both) in the cradle (through miracle) and in adulthood (through revelation) , and when I taught you the Book and the Wisdom and the Turah and the Evangel, and when you did make of clay a thing like the shape of a bird, by My leave, and then did breathe into it and it became a bird, by My leave; and you did heal the blind and the leprous, by My leave, and you did raise the dead (from their graves) , by My leave; and (remember) when I withheld the Children of Israel from you when you brought them manifest proofs, but those who disbelieved among them said : 'This is nothing but clear magic'
5:111  And (remember) when I revealed unto the disciples: ' Believe in Me and in My Messenger,' they said: ' We believe, and bear You witness that we areMuslims (who submit ourselves) '
5:112  (Remember) when the disciples said : ' O' Jesus son of Mary! is your Lord able to send down to us a table from the sky ? ' (Jesus) said: ' Be in awe of Allah if you are believers '.
5:113  They said: ' We desire to eat from it, and our hearts would be at rest, and we would know that you have told us the truth, and that we may be of the witnesses upon it'
5:114  Jesus, son of Mary, said : ` O' Allah, our Lord ! send down to us a table from the sky, to be a festival for us, for the first of us and for the last of us and a sign from You; and provide us (with our) sustenance, for You are the best of sustainers
5:115  Allah said: ` Verily I will send it unto you, but whoever shall disbelieve thereafter among you, surely will I punish him with a punishment such as I do not punish anyone in the worlds (with the like of it) '.
5:116  And when Allah says: ' O' Jesus son of Mary! did you say to the people : ' Take me and my mother for two gods besides Allah ?' He (Jesus) says: 'Glory be to You ! It was not mine to utter what I had no right to (say) . Had I said it, then You would have known it. You know whatever is in my self, and I do not know what is in Your Self. Verily You are the Knower of all the unseen'
5:117  I did not say to them (anything) except what you commanded me with; (saying) : ' That worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.' And I was a witnessto them so long as I was among them. But when You took me up, You were the Watcher over them, and You are witness to all things
5:118  If You punish them, then surely they are Your servants; and if You forgive them, then You are indeed the Mightly, the Wise
5:119  Allah said: ' This is the day when shall benefit the truthful ones their truth. For them there are gardens beneath which rivers flow wherein shall they abide forever. Allah is well-pleased with them and they are well-pleased with Him. This is the great success
5:120  To Allah belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and whatever is in them, and He is All-Powerful over all things