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21:1  Reckoning of people is getting close, and they turn away in negligence.
21:2  Whenever a new reminder comes to them from their Lord, they listen to it while they play (and joke around).
21:3  Their hearts are preoccupied, and those who do wrong keep the private talk secret (saying:) “Is this but a human being like you? Do you give in to the magic while you see (and realize)?”
21:4  He (Muhammad) said: “My Lord knows (all) the words (that are spoken) in the skies and the earth, and He hears all and knows all.”
21:5  But they said: “Confused dreams, or he made it up, or he is a poet, so he should bring us a miracle like it was sent to the earlier (prophets).”
21:6  We destroyed any town before them that did not believe, so will they believe?
21:7  We did not send (any messenger/prophet) before you except men whom We revealed to them, so ask the people of the reminder (people of the book) if you do not know.
21:8  And We did not make them bodies that do not eat food, and they were not immortals.
21:9  Then We fulfilled the promise (We made) to them and saved them and anyone We wanted, and We destroyed the excessive ones.
21:10  We have certainly sent down a book to you in which there is your mention/reminder, do you not understand?
21:11  And We crushed many towns that were wrongdoers, and We gave rise to other people after them.
21:12  And when they felt Our punishment, they immediately ran away from it.
21:13  Do not run away, and return to whatever luxury you were given and to your homes, so that you may be questioned.
21:14  They said: “Woe to us, we were wrongdoers.”
21:15  And that their calling did not stop until We made them extinct as a mowed-down field.
21:16  And We did not create the skies and the earth and what is between them to play around.
21:17  If We wanted to take a hobby, We would have taken it from what is with Us, if We were doers.
21:18  No, but We throw the truth over the falsehood, and it destroys it, and then it dies out. And woe to you for what you describe.
21:19  And everyone in the skies and the earth belongs to Him, and those with Him are not arrogant about serving Him, and they do not get tired.
21:20  They glorify (Him) night and day, and they do not slack off.
21:21  Or have they taken gods from the earth that they (can) raise (the dead)?
21:22  If there were gods in them (in the skies and the earth) besides God, they would have certainly corrupted them both. God, the Lord of the dominion, is flawless about what they describe.
21:23  He is not questioned about what He does, while they will be questioned.
21:24  Or have they taken gods besides Him? Say: “Bring your proof. This is the message of those with me and the message of those before me.” But most of them do not know the truth and they turn away.
21:25  We did not send any messenger before you unless We revealed to him that there is no god except Me, so serve Me (alone).
21:26  And they say: “The beneficent has taken (the angles as) child.” He is flawless, rather they are His honored servants.
21:27  They (the angels) do not get ahead of Him in speech, and they do according to His commands.
21:28  He knows what is in front of them and what is behind them, and they (the angels) do not mediate except for someone He approves, and they are afraid of His awe.
21:29  And if any of them says: “I am god besides Him,” then We will punish that (person) with hell, that is how We punish the wrongdoers.
21:30  Or do those who disbelieve not see that the skies and the earth were joined together (as a single entity), then We separated them, and We made every living thing from the water? Do they not believe?
21:31  And We placed firm mountains in the earth, so that it does not shake them (as much), and We placed wide roadways in it so that they may be guided (and find their way).
21:32  And We made the skies a protecting roof, and yet they turn away from its signs.
21:33  And He is the One Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon each one floating (and moving) in an orbit.
21:34  And We did not make any human being immortal before you, so if you die then would they be the immortals?
21:35  Every person tastes death, and We test you with the bad and the good as a trial, and you are returned to Us.
21:36  And when those who disbelieve see you, they only take you as a joke (saying:) “Is this the one who mentions your gods (and rejects them)?” While they are disbelievers in the mention of the beneficent.
21:37  The human being is created from rush (and is in a hurry by nature). I am going to show you My signs, so do not ask Me to rush (them).
21:38  And they say: “When is this promise, if you are truthful?”
21:39  If those who disbelieve knew of the time that they will not be able to keep the fire away from their faces and from their backs and they will not be helped (then they would not say such things).
21:40  No, but it (punishment) comes to them suddenly and stuns them and they cannot repel it and they are not given any delays.
21:41  And messengers before you were certainly ridiculed, then those who laughed at them were surrounded by what they were ridiculing (the punishment).
21:42  Say: “Who protects you at night and day from the beneficent?” Yet they turn away from remembering their Lord.
21:43  Or do they have gods that defend them against Us? They cannot help themselves and they are not defended/protected from Us.
21:44  No, but We gave these and their fathers enjoyment until life lasted long for them (and they had a long life). Do they not see that We come to the earth and reduce it from its sides? So, are they the winners?
21:45  Say: “I only warn you with the revelation.” But the deaf do not hear the call when they are warned.
21:46  And if a blast of your Lord’s punishment touches them, they shall say: “Woe to us, indeed we were wrongdoers.”
21:47  And We will set up the scales of justice on the Resurrection Day, then no person will be wronged a bit, and even if it is the weight of a mustard seed, We bring it (into account), and We are sufficient for accounting.
21:48  And We have certainly given Moses and Aaron the criterion (of good and bad) and a light and a reminder for those who are cautious (of God),
21:49  those who fear their Lord in secret, and they are in awe of the Hour (Resurrection).
21:50  And this (Quran) is a blessed reminder that We have sent it down. So, do you deny it?
21:51  And We had certainly given Abraham his good sense in the past, and We knew him well.
21:52  When he said to his father and his people: “What are these statues that you are devoted to them?”
21:53  They said: “We found our fathers serving them.”
21:54  He said: “You and your fathers have certainly been in an obvious error.”
21:55  They said: “Did you bring us the truth or are you playing around?”
21:56  He said: “No, but your Lord is the Lord of the skies and the earth, the One Who created them, and I am of those who testify to that.”
21:57  And by God, I shall plan for your statues after you turn back going away.
21:58  So, he made them into small pieces except the biggest one of them, so that they may return to him.
21:59  They said: “Who did this to our gods? Indeed, he is of the wrongdoers.”
21:60  They said: “We heard a young man mentioning them, he is called Abraham.”
21:61  They said: “Then bring him before the people’s eyes, so that they may testify.”
21:62  They said: “Abraham, did you do this to our gods?”
21:63  He said: “No, but this biggest of them did this, so ask them if they would talk.”
21:64  So, they turned to themselves and said: “Indeed you yourselves are the wrongdoers.”
21:65  Then they were turned on their heads (in shame or in defiance saying:) “You certainly know that these do not talk.”
21:66  He said: “Do you serve something besides God that does not benefit you at all and it does not harm you?
21:67  Ugh (yuck) to you and to what you serve besides God. Do you not understand?”
21:68  They said: “Burn him and help your gods if you are doers.”
21:69  We said: “Fire, be cool and safe for Abraham.”
21:70  And they intended a plot against him, so We made them the worst losers.
21:71  And We saved him and Lot (and took them) to the land that We blessed it for humankind.
21:72  And We gave him Isaac, and in addition Jacob, and We made all of them righteous.
21:73  And We made them leaders who guided (others) by Our command, and We revealed to them to do good and perform mandatory prayer and give to mandatory charity, and they were Our servants.
21:74  And Lot, We gave him wisdom and knowledge and We saved him from the town that did the awful (things). They were bad people and disobedient.
21:75  And We admitted him into Our mercy, indeed he was of the righteous.
21:76  And (remember) Noah when he called out in the past, so We answered him, and We saved him and his family from the great disaster.
21:77  And We helped him against the people who denied Our signs. Indeed, they were bad people, so We drowned them all.
21:78  And (remember) David and Solomon when they judged about the field that people’s sheep grazed in it during the night, and We were witnesses to their judgment.
21:79  We made Solomon understand it (how to judge/rule). And We gave each one wisdom and knowledge. And We brought the mountains and the birds under David’s control, glorifying (Us). And We are doers (of it).
21:80  And We taught him making of armored coats for you in order to protect you from each other's violence (in your wars), so will you be thankful?
21:81  And for Solomon (We brought under his control) the gusting wind which by his command blows to the land which We blessed it. And We are knowledgeable of everything.
21:82  And some of the devils would dive for him and would do other work besides that and We were their guardians.
21:83  And Job, when he called out to his Lord: “Indeed harm has touched me (and I am sick), and you are the most merciful of merciful ones.”
21:84  So, We answered him, and We removed what was harming him, and We gave him his family, and the like of them with them (We doubled the size of his family), as a mercy from Us and a reminder to Our servants.
21:85  And Ishmael and Idris (Enoch) and Zul-kifl (man of the responsibility), they were all persevering (and patient).
21:86  And We admitted them into Our mercy, indeed they were of the righteous.
21:87  And (remember) Zun-nun (man of the fish, Jonah), when he left in anger, and he assumed that We will never be hard on him. Then he cried out from the darkness that there is no god except You, You are flawless (glory to You), indeed I was of the wrongdoers.
21:88  So, We answered him and We saved him from sorrow (and misery), and that is how We save the believers.
21:89  And (remember) Zachariah, when he called out to his Lord: “My Lord, do not leave me alone (without child), you are the best of inheritors.”
21:90  So, We answered him, and We gave him Yahya (John the Baptist) and We set his wife right for him (so she can bear a child). Indeed, they were quick in doing good, and they would call on Us with hope and in awe, and they were humble before Us.
21:91  And she (Mary), who guarded her private part, then We blew from Our breath of life (or spirit) into her, and We made her and her son a sign for humankind.
21:92  Indeed, this is your community (of faith), a single community and I am your Lord so serve Me (alone).
21:93  And they cut up their affair (in religion) between them, they all will return to Us.
21:94  So, anyone who does good and is a believer, then there is no rejection for his efforts and We are writers for him.
21:95  And it is forbidden to (people of) a town that We destroyed it (to return), they shall not return,
21:96  until (the barrier of) Ya’juj and Ma’juj (Gog and Magog) is opened, and they come down from every peak.
21:97  And the true promise is getting close, then when the eyes of those who disbelieved gaze (they would say:) “Woe to us, we were definitely ignorant of this, rather we were wrongdoers.”
21:98  (They will be told:) “Indeed you and whatever you served besides God are fuel for hell, and you will arrive (in it).
21:99  If these were (true) gods, they would not have arrived in there, and all of you will remain in there forever.”
21:100  They have moaning (and groaning) in there and they will not hear (anything) in it.
21:101  Indeed, those whom the good had come to them from Us (they were guided and did good deeds), they are removed far from it.
21:102  They will not hear its faint sound, and they will remain forever in whatever their souls desire.
21:103  The great terror (of hell) will not make them sad, and the angels will meet them (saying:) “This is your day which you were promised.”
21:104  On the day when We roll up the sky like rolling the scrolls for writing, as We began the first creation, We will repeat it. A promise that is Our responsibility. Indeed, We are doers (of this).
21:105  And We have certainly written in the Psalms after the reminder (Torah): “My righteous servants will inherit the earth.”
21:106  Indeed, there is a message in this for people who are servants (of God).
21:107  And We only sent you as a mercy for humankind.
21:108  Say: “Indeed it is revealed to me that your god is the One god, so are you submitters (to Him)?”
21:109  So, if they turn away, then say: “I have announced to you equally, and I do not know whether what you are promised is near or far.”
21:110  Indeed, He knows the words (you speak) openly and He knows what you hide.
21:111  And I do not know, it may be a test for you and an enjoyment for a while.
21:112  He (Muhammad) said: “My Lord, judge (between us) in truth, and Our Lord is the beneficent whose help is asked for against what you describe.”