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21:1  Mankind's reckoning has drawn near, but they turn away heedlessly
21:2  No fresh reminder comes to them from their Lord, but they listen to it playfully
21:3  Their hearts distracted, the wrongdoers confer secretly, 'Is this anything but a mortal like you? Will you take to sorcery, with open-eyes?'
21:4  He said, 'My Lord knows what is said in the heaven and the earth; and He is the Hearer, the Knower.'
21:5  And they said, 'A jumble of dreams,' and, 'He made it up,' and, 'He is a poet,' 'let him bring us a sign, like those sent to the ancients.'
21:6  None of the towns We destroyed before them had believed. Will they, then, believe
21:7  We did not send before you except men, whom We inspired. Ask the people of knowledge, if you do not know
21:8  We did not make them mere bodies that ate no food, nor were they immortal.
21:9  Then We fulfilled Our promise to them, and We saved them together with whomever We willed, and We destroyed the extravagant
21:10  We have sent down to you a Book, containing your message. Do you not understand
21:11  How many a guilty town have We crushed, and established thereafter another people
21:12  Then, when they sensed Our might, they started running away from it
21:13  Do not run, but come back to your luxuries, and to your homes, that you may be questioned
21:14  They said, 'Woe to us; we were unfair.'
21:15  This continued to be their cry, until We made them silent ashes
21:16  We did not create the sky and the earth and what is between them for amusement
21:17  If We wanted amusement, We could have found it within Us, were We to do so
21:18  In fact, We hurl the truth against falsehood, and it crushes it, so it vanishes. Woe unto you, for what you describe
21:19  To Him belongs everyone in the heavens and the earth. Those near Him are not too proud to worship Him, nor do they waver
21:20  They praise night and day, without ever tiring
21:21  Or have they taken to themselves gods from the earth who resurrect
21:22  If there were in them gods other than God, they would have gone to ruin. So glory be to God, Lord of the Throne, beyond what they allege
21:23  He will not be questioned about what He does, but they will be questioned
21:24  Or have they taken, besides Him, other gods? Say, 'Bring your proof. This is a message for those with me, and a message of those before me.' But most of them do not know the truth, so they turn away
21:25  We never sent a messenger before you without inspiring him that: 'There is no god but I, so worship Me.'
21:26  And they say, 'The Most Merciful has taken to himself a son.' Be He glorified; they are but honored servants
21:27  They never speak before He has spoken, and they only act on His command
21:28  He knows what is before them, and what is behind them; and they do not intercede except for him whom He approves; and they tremble in awe of Him
21:29  And whoever of them says, 'I am a god besides Him,' We will reward him with Hell. Thus We reward the wrongdoers
21:30  Do the disbelievers not see that the heavens and the earth were one mass, and We tore them apart? And We made from water every living thing. Will they not believe
21:31  And We placed on earth stabilizers, lest it sways with them, and We placed therein signposts and passages, that they may be guided
21:32  And We made the sky a protected ceiling; yet they turn away from its wonders.
21:33  It is He who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon; each floating in an orbit
21:34  We did not grant immortality to any human being before you. Should you die, are they then the immortal
21:35  Every soul will taste death. We burden you with adversity and prosperity—a test. And to Us you will be returned
21:36  When those who disbelieve see you, they treat you only with ridicule: 'Is this the one who mentions your gods?' And they reject the mention of the Merciful
21:37  The human being was created of haste. I will show you My signs, so do not seek to rush Me
21:38  And they say, 'When will this promise come true, if you are truthful?'
21:39  If those who disbelieve only knew, when they cannot keep the fire off their faces and off their backs, and they will not be helped
21:40  In fact, it will come upon them suddenly, and bewilder them. They will not be able to repel it, and they will not be reprieved
21:41  Messengers before you were also ridiculed, but those who jeered were surrounded by what they had ridiculed
21:42  Say, 'Who guards you against the Merciful by night and by day?' But they turn away from the mention of their Lord
21:43  Or do they have gods who can defend them against Us? They cannot help themselves, nor will they be protected from Us
21:44  We have given these enjoyments, and their ancestors, until time grew long upon them. Do they not see how We gradually reduce the land from its extremities? Are they then the victors
21:45  Say, 'I am warning you through inspiration.' But the deaf cannot hear the call when they are being warned
21:46  And when a breath of your Lord's punishment touches them, they say, 'Woe to us, we were truly wicked.'
21:47  We will set up the scales of justice for the Day of Resurrection, so that no soul will suffer the least injustice. And even if it be the weight of a mustard-seed, We will bring it up. Sufficient are We as Reckoners
21:48  We gave Moses and Aaron the Criterion, and illumination, and a reminder for the righteous
21:49  Those who fear their Lord in private, and are apprehensive of the Hour
21:50  This too is a blessed message that We revealed. Are you going to deny it
21:51  We gave Abraham his integrity formerly, and We knew him well
21:52  When he said to his father and his people, 'What are these statues to which you are devoted?'
21:53  They said, 'We found our parents worshiping them.'
21:54  He said, 'You and your parents are in evident error.'
21:55  They said, 'Are you telling us the truth, or are you just playing?'
21:56  He said, 'Your Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the One who created them, and I bear witness to that
21:57  'By God, I will have a plan for your statues after you have gone away.'
21:58  So he reduced them into pieces, except for their biggest, that they may return to it
21:59  They said, 'Who did this to our gods? He is certainly one of the wrongdoers.'
21:60  They said, 'We heard a youth mentioning them. He is called Abraham.'
21:61  They said, 'Bring him before the eyes of the people, so that they may witness.'
21:62  They said, 'Are you the one who did this to our gods, O Abraham?'
21:63  He said, 'But it was this biggest of them that did it. Ask them, if they can speak.'
21:64  Then they turned to one another, and said, 'You yourselves are the wrongdoers.'
21:65  But they reverted to their old ideas: 'You certainly know that these do not speak.'
21:66  He said, 'Do you worship, instead of God, what can neither benefit you in anything, nor harm you
21:67  Fie on you, and on what you worship instead of God. Do you not understand?'
21:68  They said, 'Burn him and support your gods, if you are going to act.'
21:69  We said, 'O fire, be coolness and safety upon Abraham.'
21:70  They planned to harm him, but We made them the worst losers
21:71  And We delivered him, and Lot, to the land that We blessed for all people
21:72  And We granted him Isaac and Jacob as a gift; and each We made righteous
21:73  And We made them leaders, guiding by Our command; and We inspired them to do good works, and to observe the prayer, and to give out charity. They were devoted servants to Us
21:74  And Lot—We gave him judgment and knowledge, and We delivered him from the town that practiced the abominations. They were wicked and perverted people
21:75  And We admitted him into Our mercy; for He was one of the righteous
21:76  And Noah, when he called before. So We answered him, and delivered him and his family from the great disaster
21:77  And We supported him against the people who rejected Our signs. They were an evil people, so We drowned them all
21:78  And David and Solomon, when they gave judgment in the case of the field, when some people's sheep wandered therein by night; and We were witnesses to their judgment
21:79  And so We made Solomon understand it, and to each We gave wisdom and knowledge. And We subjected the mountains along with David to sing Our praises, and the birds as well—surely We did
21:80  And We taught him the making of shields for you, to protect you from your violence. Are you, then, appreciative
21:81  And to Solomon the stormy wind, blowing at His command towards the land that We have blessed. We are aware of everything
21:82  And of the devils were some that dived for him, and performed other, lesser tasks. But We kept them restrained
21:83  And Job, when he cried out to his Lord: 'Great harm has afflicted me, and you are the Most Merciful of the merciful.'
21:84  So We answered him, lifted his suffering, and restored his family to him, and their like with them—a mercy from Us, and a reminder for the worshipers
21:85  And Ishmael, and Enoch, and Ezekiel; each was one of the steadfast
21:86  And We admitted them into Our mercy. They were among the righteous
21:87  And Jonah, when he stormed out in fury, thinking We had no power over him. But then He cried out in the darkness, 'There is no god but You! Glory to You! I was one of the wrongdoers!'
21:88  So We answered him, and saved him from the affliction. Thus We save the faithful
21:89  And Zechariah, when he called out to his Lord, 'My Lord, do not leave me alone, even though you are the Best of heirs.'
21:90  So We answered him, and gave him John. And We cured his wife for him. They used to vie in doing righteous deeds, and used to call on Us in love and awe, and they used to humble themselves to Us
21:91  And she who guarded her virginity. We breathed into her of Our spirit, and made her and her son a sign to the world
21:92  This community of yours is one community, and I am your Lord, so worship Me
21:93  But they splintered themselves into factions. They will all return to Us
21:94  Whoever does righteous deeds, and is a believer, his effort will not be denied. We are writing it down for him.
21:95  There is a ban on the town that We had destroyed—that they will not return
21:96  Until, when Gog and Magog are let loose, and they swarm down from every mound
21:97  The promise of truth has drawn near. The eyes of those who disbelieved will stare in horror: 'Woe to us. We were oblivious to this. In fact, we were wrongdoers.'
21:98  You and what you worship besides God are fuel for Hell. You will descend into it
21:99  Had these been gods, they would not have descended into it. All will abide in it
21:100  In it they will wail. In it they will not hear
21:101  As for those who deserved goodness from Us—these will be kept away from it
21:102  They will not hear its hissing, and they will forever abide in what their hearts desire
21:103  The Supreme Fear will not worry them, and the angels will receive them: 'This is your Day which you were promised.'
21:104  On the Day when We fold the heaven, like the folding of a book. Just as We began the first creation, We will repeat it—a promise binding on Us. We will act
21:105  We have written in the Psalms, after the Reminder, that the earth will be inherited by My righteous servants
21:106  Indeed, in this is a message for people who worship
21:107  We did not send you except as mercy to mankind
21:108  Say, 'It is revealed to me that your God is One God. Are you going to submit?'
21:109  But if they turn away, say, 'I have informed you sufficiently. Although I do not know whether what you are promised is near or far.'
21:110  He knows what is said openly, and He knows what you conceal
21:111  'And I do not know whether it is perhaps a trial for you, and an enjoyment for a while.'
21:112  He said, 'My Lord, judge with justice.' And, 'Our Lord is the Gracious, Whose help is sought against what you allege.'