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68:1  Nun. By the pen and all they write,
68:2  you are not, by the grace of your Lord, a madman.
68:3  And you will have a never ending reward.
68:4  And you are a man of great moral character.
68:5  You will see and they will se
68:6  which of you is afflicted by madness.
68:7  Your Lord knows best who has strayed from His path, and He knows best who is guided.
68:8  Then do not obey the unbelievers.
68:9  They wish that you compromise, so they too can compromise.
68:10  And do not obey any worthless contemptible swearer
68:11  or any backbiter and slander-monger,
68:12  preventer of good, aggressor and one who is sinner,
68:13  cruel, moreover, and furthermore one who is despicable.
68:14  Just because he has money and children,
68:15  when Our verses are recited to him, he says, "Myth of former people."
68:16  We will brand him on the snout.
68:17  We have tested them, as We tested the owners of a certain garden, when they vowed to harvest it in the morning
68:18  and made no allowance [for the Will of God].
68:19  But a disaster from your Lord came upon it while they slept.
68:20  By morning it became barren and bleak.
68:21  At day break they called to one another,
68:22  saying, "Go early to your crop if you want to harvest the fruit."
68:23  So they set out, whispering,
68:24  "Make sure no poor person enters the garden today."
68:25  And early they went bent on their purpose.
68:26  But when they saw it, they said, " We are lost;
68:27  Rather, we have been ruined.
68:28  The most moderate of them said, "Did I not say to you, that you should praise your Lord's glory?
68:29  They said, "May our Lord be exalted in His glory, we were unjust."
68:30  Then they turned to one another, each blaming the other.
68:31  They said, "How terrible for us; we were aggressors.
68:32  Perhaps our Lord will give us a better substitute for it. We are turning to our Lord in hope."
68:33  Such is the punishment. And the punishment of the Hereafter is greater, if they only knew.
68:34  There will be Gardens of delight for those who are mindful of God.
68:35  Would We treat those who submit to us like those who forced others to reject Our messages.
68:36  What is the matter with you? How do you judge?
68:37  Or do you have a Book which you study?
68:38  And in it do you find all that you wish for?
68:39  Or do you have oaths from Us, that are binding until the Day of Resurrection, allowing you to have whatever you want?
68:40  Ask them which of them, will be responsible for that claim.
68:41  Or do they have partners? Then let them bring their partners, if they are telling the truth.
68:42  On the Day when legs are bared, they will be called to bow down, but will not be able.
68:43  Their eyes humbled, humiliation will cover them. They were invited to bow down while they were healthy.
68:44  So leave those who deny this revelation to Me. We will proceed against them gradually, from whence they do not know.
68:45  And I will give them time. My plan is firm.
68:46  Or do you ask them for a wage, so they are burdened with debt?
68:47  Or do they know the future, and they write what is going to happen?
68:48  So be patient for your Lord's judgment, and do not be like the fellow of the whale who called out in despair.
68:49  Had a blessing from his Lord not reached him, he would have been abandoned and disgraced on a naked shore.
68:50  But his Lord chose him and made him among the righteous.
68:51  Those unbelievers all but kill you with their evil looks when they hear the message, and they say, "He must be mad."
68:52  But it is only a reminder to all people.