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68:1  Nun. By the pen and what the scribes write
68:2  By your Lord´s Grace, you are not afflicted with madness
68:3  and surely yours shall be a never-ending reward
68:4  and you are certainly on the most exalted standard of moral excellence
68:5  So you will soon see, and they too will see
68:6  which of you is afflicted with madness
68:7  Surely your Lord knows well those who have strayed from His Way just as He knows well those who are on the Right Way
68:8  Do not, then, yield to those who reject the Truth, decrying it as false
68:9  they would wish you to be pliant so that they too may be pliant
68:10  And do not yield to any contemptible swearer
68:11  the fault-finder who goes around slandering
68:12  the hinderer of good, the transgressor, the sinful
68:13  the coarse-grained, and above all mean and ignoble
68:14  (who so acts) simply because he has wealth and sons
68:15  and whenever Our verses are rehearsed to him, he says: "These are fairy- tales of times gone by."
68:16  Soon shall We brand him on his snout
68:17  We have put them [i.e., the Makkans] to test even as We put to test the owners of the orchard when they vowed that they would gather the fruit of their orchard in the morning
68:18  without making any allowance (for the will of Allah)
68:19  Thereupon a calamity from your Lord passed over it while they were asleep
68:20  and so by morning the orchard lay as though it had been fully harvested
68:21  At daybreak they called out to one another
68:22  "Hurry to your orchard if you would gather its fruit."
68:23  So off they went, whispering to one another
68:24  "No destitute person shall enter it today."
68:25  They went forth early, believing that they had the power (to gather the fruit)
68:26  But as soon as they beheld the orchard, (they cried out): "We have certainly lost the way
68:27  rather, we are utterly ruined."
68:28  The best among them said: "Did I not say to you: why do you not give glory to (your Lord)?"
68:29  They cried out: "Glory be to our Lord! Certainly we were sinners."
68:30  Then they began to reproach one another
68:31  They said: "Woe to us! We had indeed transgressed
68:32  Maybe our Lord will give us a better orchard in its place; to our Lord do we penitently turn."
68:33  Such is the chastisement; and the chastisement of the Hereafter is assuredly even greater, if only they knew
68:34  Surely the God-fearing shall have Gardens of bliss with their Lord
68:35  What! Shall We treat those who have submitted (to Our command) like those who have acted as criminals
68:36  What is the matter with you? How ill do you judge
68:37  Or do you have a Book wherein you rea
68:38  that (in the Hereafter) you shall have all that you choose for yourselves
68:39  Or have We sworn a covenant with you which We are bound to keep till the Day of Resurrection, (a covenant requiring that whatever you ordain for yourselves shall be yours)
68:40  Ask them: "Which of them can guarantee that
68:41  Or has something been guaranteed by any of those whom they associate with Allah in His Divinity?" If so, let them bring forth their associates, if they are truthful
68:42  On the Day when the dreadful calamity will unfold, when people will be summoned to prostrate themselves, and yet they will not be able to prostrate
68:43  Their eyes shall be downcast and ignominy shall overwhelm them. For when they were safe and sound, they were summoned to prostrate themselves, (and they refused)
68:44  So leave Me, (O Prophet), to deal with him who gives the lie to this Discourse. We shall draw them little by little (to their undoing) in a way that they will not know
68:45  I am giving them a respite. Great is My scheme
68:46  Or are you asking them for some compensation so that they feel burdened with debt
68:47  Or do they have any knowledge of the Unseen which they are now writing down
68:48  So bear with patience until the Judgement of your Lord comes, and do not belike the man in the fish (i.e., Jonah) who called out, choking with grief
68:49  had his Lord not bestowed His favour upon him, he would have been cast upon that barren shore (and would have remained there) in disgrace
68:50  But his Lord exalted him, and included him among His righteous servants
68:51  When the unbelievers hear this Exhortation, they look at you as though they would knock you off your feet with their (hostile) glances. They say: "Surely he is afflicted with madness"
68:52  although this is nothing but an Exhortation (to goodness) for everyone in the world