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67:1  Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the dominion of the Universe, and Who has power over everything
67:2  Who created death and life that He might try you as to which of you is better in deed. He is the Most Mighty, the Most Forgiving
67:3  Who created the seven heavens one upon another. You will see no incongruity in the Merciful One´s creation. Turn your vision again, can you see any flaw
67:4  Then turn your vision again, and then again; in the end your vision will come back to you, worn out and frustrated
67:5  We have adorned the lower heaven with lamps, and have made them a means to drive away the satans. We have prepared for them the chastisement of the Blazing Fire
67:6  The chastisement of Hell awaits those who disbelieve in their Lord. What a wretched destination
67:7  When they will be cast into it, they will hear it roar as it boils
67:8  as though it will burst with rage. Every time a multitude is cast into it, its keepers will ask them: "Did no warner come to you?"
67:9  They will say: "Yes, a warner came to us, but we gave the lie to him and said: ´Allah has revealed nothing. You are surely in huge error.´
67:10  They will say: ´If we had only listened and understood, we would not be among the inmates of the Blazing Fire.´"
67:11  Thus will they confess their sins. Damned are these inmates of the Blazing Fire
67:12  Surely forgiveness and a mighty reward await those who fear Allah without seeing Him
67:13  Whether you speak in secrecy or aloud, (it is all the same to Allah). He even knows the secrets that lie hidden in the breasts of people
67:14  Would He not know, He Who has created, when He is All-Subtle, All-Aware
67:15  He it is Who made the earth subservient to you. So traverse in its tracks and partake of the sustenance He has provided. To Him will you be resurrected
67:16  Do you feel secure that He Who is in the heaven will not cause the earth to cave in with you, and then suddenly it will begin to rock violently
67:17  Do you feel secure that He Who is in the heaven will not let loose upon you a storm of stones? Then shall you know what My warning is like
67:18  Those who came before them also gave the lie (to the Messengers): then how awesome was My chastisement
67:19  Have they not seen birds above them spreading and closing their wings, with none holding them except the Merciful One? He oversees everything
67:20  Which is your army that will come to your aid against the Merciful Lord? But the unbelievers are in utter delusion
67:21  Who shall provide for you if He withholds His sustenance? Nay; but they persist in rebellion and aversion
67:22  Who is better guided: he who walks grovelling on his face, or he who walks upright on a Straight Path
67:23  Say: "He it is Who has brought you into being, and has given you hearing and sight, and has given you hearts to think and understand. How seldom do you give thanks!"
67:24  Say: "Allah it is Who multiplied you in the earth and to Him you will be mustered."
67:25  They say: "If you are truthful, tell us when will this promise (of the Hereafter) be fulfilled?"
67:26  Say: "Allah alone knows about that; and I am no more than a plain warner."
67:27  When they will see it near at hand, the faces of all those who had denied it will be distraught, and then they will be told: "This is the doom which you used to ask for."
67:28  Say to them: "Did you ever consider: whether Allah destroys me and those that are with me, or shows mercy to us, who can protect the unbelievers from a grievous chastisement?"
67:29  Say to them: "He is Merciful, and it is in Him that we believe, and it is in Him that we put all our trust. Soon will you know who is in manifest error."
67:30  Say to them: "Did you even consider: if all the water that you have (in the wells) were to sink down into the depths of the earth, who will produce for you clear, flowing water?"