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68:1  The ink - stand and the pen and all that they (the owners of the pen - the scholars) write, bear witness (to the fact that)
68:2  By the grace of your Lord you are not a mad man at all
68:3  (And) most surely, there awaits you a reward never to be cut off
68:4  And you possess outstandingly high standard of moral (excellence)
68:5  And you shall soon know and so will these (- the disbelievers)
68:6  As to which of you is afflicted with madness
68:7  Surely, your Lord knows best those who go astray from His path and He (also) knows best those who follow the right guidance
68:8  So do not listen to those who cry lies to (the Truth)
68:9  They wish you to be (dishonestly) pliant (and not condemn their evil deeds in strong language) so they (too) would (in return) adopt a conciliatory attitude
68:10  Do not listen to any wretched swearer
68:11  Who is backbiter, one who goes about with slander and evil talk
68:12  Any hinderer of people from doing good, transgressor, a sinful (person)
68:13  (Nor listen to any) hard-hearted ruffian who is, above all this, utterly useless and known for mischief making
68:14  Only because he owns wealth and (numerous) sons (and influence)
68:15  When Our Messages are recited to him he says, `(These are mere) stories of the ancients (so outdated rubbish).
68:16  We will soon brand him on the snout (and stigmatize him with indelible disgrace)
68:17  (Thus) have We made these (opponents) undergo a trial just as We had made the owners of a garden undergo it when they swore (one to another) that they would pluck (all) its fruit with the next morning
68:18  And (they were so sure of it that) they made no reservation (for the poor and did not say, `If it be Allah's will')
68:19  So a sudden and awful visitation (a calamity) from your Lord visited it while they were asleep
68:20  So that this (garden) became as it were a dark desolate spot whose (all) fruit had been already plucked
68:21  Meanwhile they called one to another at the break of dawn
68:22  (Saying), `Go forth early at dawn to your field if you would pluck and gather the fruit.
68:23  So they set out talking together in low tones
68:24  (Saying), `Let not a single indigent person break through you to enter this (garden) today.
68:25  And they repaired to the garden early with the dawn (thinking about themselves as) having the power to shut out (the poor from entry)
68:26  When they saw it (desolated) they said, `We have surely mistaken the way
68:27  `Rather we have been deprived (of all the fruit of our labour), Indeed we have lost every thing.
68:28  The most upright (man) among them said, `Did I not say to you why do you not give glory (to God)?
68:29  (Thereupon) they said, `Glory be to our Lord. Certainly we have been wrongdoers.
68:30  Then some of them turned their faces to the others, reproaching one another
68:31  They said, `O Woe to us! we have been, indeed, transgressors
68:32  `We hope our Lord will give us something better instead of this. To our Lord surely we turn humbly.
68:33  Such is the punishment (for the disbelieving Makkans) in the very life and greater still is the punishment of the Hereafter, if they but understand
68:34  There are indeed gardens of bliss with their Lord for those (dutiful) who (carefully) guard against evil
68:35  Are We to treat those who submit (to Our will) as (We treat) those who sever their connection (with Us)
68:36  What is wrong with you? How (ill) you judge
68:37  (O Makkans!) have you a Book wherein you read
68:38  That you will surely have in it (- in the Hereafter) whatever you choose
68:39  Or have you taken a covenant (which is) binding on Us till the Day of Resurrection, that you shall have there all that you ask for
68:40  Ask them, which of them will vouch for that
68:41  Or have they any associate-gods (to vouch for it)? If so, (then) let them bring their associate-gods, if they are truthful
68:42  On the day when there is severe affliction and the truth is laid bare and they will be called upon to prostrate (themselves), but they will not be able to do so
68:43  Their looks will be downcast and they will be overwhelmed with disgrace. (Before this state of theirs) they had been called upon to prostrate themselves (before God) while they were (still) safe and sound (but they had refused)
68:44  Therefore leave Me alone to deal with those who deny this revelation. We shall overtake them (leading them to their ruin) step by step, in a manner they do not know
68:45  Yet I shall give them respite (to mend their ways). Verily, My plan is invincible and firm
68:46  (Prophet!) do you ask from them a reward (for conveying to them the Message of prophethood) so that they are weighed down by (this undue) debt (which they find hard to pay)
68:47  Or have they (the knowledge of) the unseen so that they write it down (to judge things in its light)
68:48  So persevere patiently (in carrying out) the commandment of your Lord and do not behave like the Man of the big fish (- Jonah) when he called (to his Lord), and he was depressed with grief
68:49  Had not a gracious favour from his Lord reached him (and) saved him he would surely have been cast off on a barren tract of land while he was in this miserable plight
68:50  But his Lord chose him and made him (one) of the righteous
68:51  Those who disbelieve would fain have dislodged you (from your God-given mission) with their (angry) looks when they heard the Reminder full of admonition (- the Qur'an, but you were firm and steadfast). And they say, `He is certainly a mad man.
68:52  And (they say so although) this (Qur'an) is nothing less than a means to rise to eminence for all nations