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al-Qalam (The Pen)
as rendered by Ali Quli Qara'i
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Ali Quli Qara'i rendition of Surah The Pen(al-Qalam)
68:1 Nun. By the Pen and what they write:
68:2 you are not, by your Lord’s blessing, crazy,
68:3 and yours indeed will be an everlasting reward,
68:4 and indeed you possess a great character.
68:5 You will see and they will see,
68:6 which one of you is crazy.
68:7 Indeed your Lord knows best those who stray from His way, and He knows best those who are guided.
68:8 So do not obey the deniers,
68:9 who are eager that you should be pliable, so that they may be pliable [towards you].
68:10 And do not obey any vile swearer,
68:11 scandal-monger, talebearer,
68:12 hinderer of all good, sinful transgressor,
68:13 callous and, on top of that, baseborn,
68:14 —[only] because he has wealth and children.
68:15 When Our signs are recited to him, he says, ‘Myths of the ancients!’
68:16 Soon We shall brand him on the snout.
68:17 Indeed we have tested them just as We tested the People of the Garden when they vowed they would gather its fruit at dawn,
68:18 and they did not make any exception.
68:19 Then a visitation from your Lord visited it while they were asleep.
68:20 So by the dawn it was like a harvested field.
68:21 At dawn they called out to one another,
68:22 ‘Get off early to your field if you have to gather [the fruits].’
68:23 So off they went, murmuring to one another:
68:24 ‘Today no needy man shall come to you in it.’
68:25 They set out early morning, [considering themselves] able to grudge.
68:26 But when they saw it, they said, ‘We have indeed lost our way!’
68:27 ‘No, we are deprived!’
68:28 The most moderate among them said, ‘Did I not tell you, ‘‘Why do you not glorify [Allah]?’’ ’
68:29 They said, ‘Immaculate is our Lord! We have indeed been wrongdoers!’
68:30 Then they turned to one another, blaming each other.
68:31 They said, ‘Woe to us! Indeed we have been rebellious.
68:32 Maybe our Lord will give us a better one in its place. Indeed we turn earnestly to our Lord.’
68:33 Such was the punishment; and the punishment of the Hereafter is surely greater, had they known.
68:34 Indeed for the Godwary there will be gardens of bliss near their Lord.
68:35 Shall We, then, treat those who submit [to Us] as [We treat] the guilty?
68:36 What is the matter with you? How do you judge!
68:37 Do you possess a scripture in which you read
68:38 that you shall indeed have in it whatever you would like?
68:39 Do you have a pledge binding on Us until the Day of Resurrection, that you shall indeed have whatever you decide?
68:40 Ask them, which of them will aver [any of] that!
68:41 Do they have any partners [they ascribe to Allah]? Then let them produce their partners, if they are truthful.
68:42 The day when the catastrophe occurs, and they are summoned to prostrate themselves, they will not be able [to do it].
68:43 With a humbled look [in their eyes], they will be overcast by abasement. Certainly they were summoned to prostrate themselves while they were yet sound.
68:44 So leave Me with those who deny this discourse. We will draw them imperceptibly [into ruin], whence they do not know.
68:45 I will grant them respite, for My devising is indeed sure.
68:46 Do you ask them for a reward, so that they are weighed down with debt?
68:47 Do they possess [access to] the Unseen so that they write it down?
68:48 So submit patiently to the judgement of your Lord, and do not be like the Man of the Fish who called out as he choked with grief.
68:49 Had it not been for a blessing that came to his rescue from his Lord, he would surely have been cast on a bare shore while he were blameworthy.
68:50 So his Lord chose him and made him one of the righteous.
68:51 Indeed the faithless almost devour you with their eyes when they hear the Reminder, and they say, ‘He is indeed crazy.’
68:52 Yet it is just a reminder for all the nations.


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