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68:1  Noon. By the Pen and that (the angels) write
68:2  you are not, because of the favor of your Lord, mad
68:3  Indeed, there is an unfailing wage for you
68:4  Surely, you (Prophet Muhammad) are of a great morality
68:5  You shall see and they will se
68:6  which of you is the demented
68:7  Indeed, your Lord knows very well those who strayed from His Path, and those who are guided
68:8  Therefore, do not obey those who belie
68:9  they wish you would compromise, then, they would compromise
68:10  And do not obey every mean swearer
68:11  the backbiter who goes about slandering
68:12  those who hinder good, the guilty aggressor
68:13  the crude of low characte
68:14  because he has wealth and sons
68:15  When Our verses are recited to him, he says: 'They are but fairytales of the ancients!
68:16  We shall mark him upon his nose
68:17  We have tried them as We tried the owners of the garden who had sworn that in the morning they would reap it
68:18  without adding to their swearing, (Allah willing, InshaAllah)
68:19  Then, a visitation from your Lord came down upon it while they slept
68:20  and in the morning it was if the garden had been reaped
68:21  (Then) in the morning they called out to one another, saying
68:22  'Come out to your tillage if you want to reap!
68:23  And so they departed, whispering to one another
68:24  'No needy person shall set foot in it today.
68:25  And they went out early, determined in their resolve
68:26  But when they saw it they said: 'We have surely gone astray
68:27  No, rather, we have been prevented!
68:28  (Whereupon) the best among them said: 'Did I not say to you to exalt (Allah)?
68:29  'Exaltations to Allah, our Lord, ' they said, 'We were truly harmdoers.
68:30  And they came blaming one another
68:31  They said 'Woe to us, truly we were insolent!
68:32  It may be that our Lord will give us better than it in exchange. To our Lord we humbly turn.
68:33  Such was their punishment. But the punishment of the Everlasting Life is much greater, if they but knew
68:34  Surely, the cautious shall have Gardens of Bliss with their Lord
68:35  What, shall We make those who are submissive like the wrongdoers
68:36  What is the matter with you then, how do you judge
68:37  Or, have you a Book from which you stud
68:38  surely in it you shall have whatever you choose
68:39  Or, have you an oath from Us that stretches to the Day of Resurrection (if so) you shall surely have what you judge
68:40  Ask them, which of them will guarantee that
68:41  Or, do they have associates? Then let them bring their associates, if what they say is true
68:42  On the Day when the leg shall be bared, and they are ordered to prostrate themselves, they will be unable
68:43  Their eyes will be humbled, and humiliation shall spread over them for they were already ordered to prostrate themselves when they were undiminished
68:44  Therefore, leave Me with he who belied this discourse. We will draw them on little by little from where they do not know
68:45  I shall respite them, My stratagem is firm
68:46  Or, do you ask them for a wage, so that they are burdened withdebt
68:47  Or, is the Unseen with them, and they are writing it down
68:48  So be patient with the judgement of your Lord and do not be like the Companion of the Whale (Jonah), when he called out choking inwardly
68:49  Had the favor of his Lord not come upon him, he would have been blamed, cast upon the shore
68:50  But his Lord had chosen him and He placed him among the righteous
68:51  When the unbelievers hear the Reminder, they nearly strike you down with their glances, and say: 'Surely, he is mad!
68:52  But it is nothing other than a Reminder for all the worlds