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16:1  The command of Allah (regarding the punishment to the disbelievers) has come, therefore you need not seek to expedite it before its appointed time; and He is beyond and far above (all the things) they associate (with Him)
16:2  He sends down the angels with the revelation by His command to such of His servants as He will, (saying,) ` Warn the people that there is no other, cannot be and will never be One worthy of worship but I, therefore take (only) Me as a shield
16:3  `He has created the heavens and the earth to suit the requirements of truth and wisdom. He is beyond and far above (all) the things they associate (with Him).
16:4  He has created human being from a mere drop of fluid, (a small life germ) then look! what a perspicuous and sound debater he has turned out to be
16:5  And the cattle (too) He has created; they provide you with the things giving warmth and (various) other benefits, and through some of these (cattle) you obtain your food
16:6  And in them there is for you provision of graceful beauty (and a matter of pride and honour), when you bring them home in the evening and when you drive them out to pasture in the morning
16:7  And it is (these cattle) that carry your heavy loads to lands that you could never reach except by putting yourselves to great hardships. Indeed, your Lord is Most Compassionate, Ever Merciful
16:8  And (He has created) horses, mules and donkeys that you may ride them and look graceful. And He will yet create (for you) things of which (today) you have no knowledge
16:9  And (because He is our Creator) upon Allah lies (the responsibility of) leading to the right path, for there are some (paths) deviating (from the right and moderate course and so they lead astray). And if He had (enforced) His will, He would have guided you all
16:10  He it is Who poured down water from the clouds for you. It provides you with drink; it produces the plants on which you pasture (your herds of cattle)
16:11  He thereby grows for you the crops (of corn) and olives and date-palms and vines and all kinds of other fruit. Surely, in that there is a sign for a people who reflect
16:12  And He has made subservient to you the night and the day and the sun and the moon. And (similarly) the stars (too) are made subservient to you by His command. Surely, in that there are many a sign for a people who make use of their understanding
16:13  And (consider over) that what He has created for you in the earth which is of varying colours and qualities. verily, in that is, of course, a sign for a people who take heed
16:14  And He it is Who has made subservient (to you) the sea that you may eat of its fresh flesh (of fish), and may bring forth out of it (precious and beautiful things of) ornaments for your wear. And you see the ships cleaving through it. (They do so that you may journey with ease) and that you may seek of His bounty (in other ways) and that you may render thanks (to Him)
16:15  And He has placed firm mountains in the earth lest it shall quake and that they may be a source of benefit and provision of food for you, and (has made) rivers (flow on it), and many routes that you may take the right way to reach your goal
16:16  And (He has established many other) landmarks as well; (it is by these) and by the stars (too) that the people can follow the right direction
16:17  Can He then Who creates (out of nothing) be like those who can create nought? Will you not then take heed
16:18  If you count Allah's blessings and bounties (upon you, they are so many that) you will never be able to number them. Most surely, Allah is Great Protector, Ever Merciful
16:19  Allah knows all that you conceal and all that you profess and do openly
16:20  And the things whom they call upon apart from Allah can create nothing. Rather they are themselves created
16:21  They are dead, not alive. And they do not perceive when they shall be raised (to life again)
16:22  Your God is One God. But as for those who do not believe in the Hereafter, their hearts are strangers (to the truth), and they are full of vanity
16:23  As a matter of fact, Allah knows what they conceal and all that they profess and do openly. Surely, He does not love such vain persons at all
16:24  And when these (disbelievers) are asked, `What is (in your opinion) that which your Lord has sent down?' They say,` They are (mere) stories of the ancients.
16:25  (They say it) with the result that they will bear their own burdens in full on the Day of Resurrection and (also) a portion of the burdens of those (who are) without knowledge and whom they are leading astray (because of their ignorance). Look! how evil is the burden which they bear
16:26  Their predecessors did (also) hatch schemes (against the Prophets), Allah struck at the very root of their foundations, so that the roof fell down from above them and the punishment came upon them from quarters they did not perceive
16:27  (That is not all,) then on the Day of Resurrection He will disgrace them and will say, `Where are My (so called) partners (associated with Me by you), for whose sake you used to oppose (My Prophets and the believers in truth).' At that time those who have been given the knowledge would say, `Surely, this day disgrace and calamity shall be the lot of the disbelievers.
16:28  Those whom the angels cause to die while they are (still engrossed) in doing wrong to themselves; (when they are on the point of death) they will offer submission (saying), `We used to do no evil.' (The angels will say,) `It is not as you say. Surely, Allah knows well all that you have been doing
16:29  `Therefore enter the gates of Gehenna to abide therein.' Evil indeed is the abode of those whose hearts are full of vanity and pride
16:30  And (when) it is said to those who guarded against evil, `What (do you think) is that which your Lord has revealed?' They said, `The best.' There is a good reward in this world for those who do good but the abode of the Hereafter they shall have is indeed far better. How excellent is the abode of those who become secure against evil
16:31  (These abodes) they shall enter (are) Gardens of Eternity, served with running streams (to keep them green and flourishing). They shall have therein all that they desire. That is how Allah rewards those who become secure against evil
16:32  Those (are happy indeed) whom the angels cause to die while they are pure saying, `Peace be upon you! Enter Paradise because of that (noble deeds) you have been doing.
16:33  These (disbelievers) only wait for the angels to descend upon them (with the punishment), or that the decisive decree of your Lord should come to pass. Their predecessors acted in a (wrong) way as they do. Allah did not deal with them unjustly but they have been doing injustice to themselves
16:34  So that the evil consequences of their deeds afflicted them. And (that punishment) which they used to look down upon encompassed them
16:35  Those who associated partners (with Allah) said (also), `Had Allah so willed, neither we nor our fathers would have worshipped anything apart from Him, nor would we have forbidden anything without (sanction from) Him.' Their predecessors acted as they do. But there is no other responsibility upon the Messengers except the delivery (of the Message) in plain terms
16:36  And We raised a Messenger among every community (teaching,) `Worship Allah and shun the transgressor (- satan).' Thus there were some among them whom Allah guided and there were some among them who were condemned to be lost. So travel in the land and behold how evil was the end of those who cried lies (to the truth)
16:37  (Prophet!) if you are solicitous of their guidance, then (know that) Allah never guides those who lead (others) astray (knowingly), and they shall have no helpers (to protect them against the evil consequences of their deeds)
16:38  And they have sworn by Allah their most earnest oaths that Allah will not raise the dead to life. Why not? It is a promise binding (in accordance with His will) upon Him. (He has guaranteed it,) but most people do not know (this true fact)
16:39  (It is a fact that He will raise the dead to life) so that He may make plain to them the things over which they were at variance (in the present life), and so that the disbelievers may know that they were truly liars
16:40  Our word to a thing when We intend it (to come into being) is only that We say to it, `Be' and it comes to be
16:41  We will certainly provide a goodly abode in this world for those who emigrated (from their homes) in the cause of Allah after they were dealt with unjustly. And truly the reward (that they shall have) in the Hereafter is greater still. If the disbelievers but knew (it would have been much better for them)
16:42  These are those (emigrants) who patiently persevered and put their trust in their Lord (alone)
16:43  And we sent not (as Messengers) before you but they were men to whom We revealed (Our teachings). So ask the people of the Reminder (-the Qur'an), if you do not know
16:44  (We sent these above mentioned men) with clear proofs and Scriptures. And (similarly now) We have revealed to you the Reminder that you may explain to mankind (the commandments) that have been sent down to them so that they may ponder and reflect (over it)
16:45  Do they, who have been hatching evil plots (against you), feel secure that Allah will not abase them in this very earth and that punishment will not befall them from quarters they perceive not
16:46  Or (do they feel secure) that He will not seize them in their going to and fro so that they shall not be able to frustrate (Him in His designs and plans)
16:47  Or it may be that He will take them to task through (a process of) gradual diminition (until disbelief is completely annihilated)? For surely your Lord is All-Compassionate, Ever Merciful
16:48  Have they not considered that the shadow of everything which Allah has created shift from the right and from the left, prostrating themselves to Allah (in obedience to His laws) in humble supplication
16:49  All that is in the heavens and on the earth of the crawling and moving creatures and the angels (too), make obeisance to Allah and they do not disdain (to worship Him)
16:50  They fear (disobedience to) their Lord above them, and do whatever they are commanded. [Prostration]
16:51  Allah has said, `Take not to you two gods (to worship) He is the only One God. Therefore stand in awe of Me and (I repeat) Me alone
16:52  All that is in the heavens and on the earth belongs to Him. Obedience is due to Him forever. Will you still take something other than Allah as (your) shield
16:53  And whatever blessings you have, come from Allah. And when affliction befalls you it is to Him that you cry (for redress)
16:54  Yet as soon as He removes the affliction from you some among you (begin to) associate (others as) partners with their Lord (in His worship)
16:55  With the result that they show ingratitude for the favours which We have bestowed upon them. Well, enjoy yourselves a little, for soon you will know (the evil consequences of your ingratitude)
16:56  And they set apart (for the false gods) a portion of that (gift) We have provided them with, about (the reality of) which they know not. By Allah, you will be called upon to account for all that you have forged
16:57  And they assign daughters to Allah; Holy is He, whereas they (wish to) have for themselves what they desire
16:58  When one of them is given the tidings (of the birth) of a female, his face clouds up and darkens (in sorrow) and he is full of grief and anger suppressed up
16:59  He hides himself (in shame) from the people because of the (so called) bad news he has received, (considering) whether he should keep her (alive) inspite of disgrace, or commit her somewhere in the dust. Look! evil (in every way) is the judgment they make
16:60  Evil (in every way) is the state of those who do not believe in the Hereafter; while sublime are the attributes of Allah (in every respect). And He is the All-Mighty, All-Wise
16:61  And if Allah were to seize the people (immediately) for their (committing) injustice (and their ascribing partners with Him), He would not leave any (unjust and polytheistic) living and crawling creature on the face of the earth, but He gives them respite till an appointed term. So when their time (of punishment) comes, they cannot delay (it) by a single moment (and escape it), nor can they go ahead (of it to save themselves from it)
16:62  And they ascribe to Allah what they dislike (for themselves), nevertheless their tongues utter the lie that they shall have the best of every thing (in the Hereafter). As a matter of fact there awaits them the Fire, and indeed they are the ones to be sent (therein) in advance and abandoned
16:63  By Allah! We did send (Messengers) to (all) nations before you but (it so happened that) satan made their (evil) deeds fair-seeming to them. So he is their (- disbelievers') patron (again) this day, and there awaits them a grievous punishment
16:64  We have sent to you this perfect Book (for no other purpose) but that you may explain to the people things over which they differ (among themselves), and (that it may serve as) a guidance and a mercy for a people who would believe (in it)
16:65  And Allah has sent down water (and divine revelation) from above and with it He has given life to (the whole of) earth after its death. Surely, there is a sign in this for a people who would listen (to the truth)
16:66  And most surely, you have an evidence in the cattle (also, which should lead you from ignorance to knowledge). We feed you with pure milk which lies in their bellies; betwixt the faeces and the blood, (which is) agreeable and sweet for those who drink (it)
16:67  And (We feed you with the) fruits of the date-palms and the vine (too); you obtain from it intoxicants and wholesome food. In that there is a remarkable sign for a people who make use of their understanding
16:68  And your Lord inspired the bees (saying), `Make your hives in the hills and in the trees and in the trellises which the people erect
16:69  `Then eat of every (kind of) fruit and follow the ways (and laws) of your Lord as that have been made easy (for you).' There comes forth from their insides a fine fluid of varying hues which is a cure for the people. Infact, in this there is a sign for a people who reflect
16:70  Allah has created you, then He causes you to die; and there are some of you who are driven to the worst part of life (-very advanced old age), with the result that he knows nothing after (having had) knowledge. Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Powerful
16:71  And Allah has given to some of you better means of sustenance than to others; but the preferred ones would not give away and restore to their bondsmen their (share of) sustenance, even though they are equal (sharers) with them. Do they then deny the bounty of Allah
16:72  And Allah has made for you mates from your own species and has given you sons, (daughters) and grand children from your mates and has provided you with good and pure things. Will the people still believe in vain and false things and deny the blessing of Allah
16:73  And they worship, apart from Allah, such things as possess no authority to grant them any provision from the heavens and the earth, nor can they (ever) have such power in fact
16:74  So coin not similitudes to Allah. Allah knows (its evil) and you do not know
16:75  Allah sets forth (for your knowledge) an excellent description of a slave who is owned (by another), (and) who has no power over anything. On the other hand there is another (a free man) whom We have provided with goodly provision from Ourself and he spends out of it secretly and openly (in Our cause). Can they both be alike? (No, not at all.) All true and perfect praise belongs to Allah, but the thing is, most of these people do not know
16:76  And Allah sets forth an excellent description of (other) two men. One of them is dumb and has no power over anything and he is a useless burden on his master; wherever he sends him he fetches no good. Can he be like the man who enjoins justice and who follows the exact right path? (No, not at all.
16:77  And to Allah belongs (the knowledge of) the hidden realities of the heavens and the earth, and the matter of the (coming of the promised) Hour is just like the twinkling of an eye. May be, it is nearer still. Behold! Allah is Possessor of every power (to do) all He will
16:78  And Allah brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers, while you were void of all knowledge, He gave you ears, eyes and hearts, so that you might render (Him) thanks
16:79  Have they not seen the birds held under subjection (while flying) in the vault of the heaven? None withholds them (from falling down) but Allah. In this there are signs for a people who believe
16:80  Allah has made your houses a place of rest (for you), and He has (also) made for you of the skins of the cattle houses (of tents) which you find light (to carry) at the time of your journey and useful at the time when you halt. And out of their wool and their furs and their hair, (He has supplied you with) household goods and (other) articles of temporary use and utility
16:81  And Allah has provided you shelter from the sun in the things that He has created, He has made places of retreat in the mountains and He has made for you such garments as protect you from heat (and cold) and coats of mail to guard you in intensity of your wars. (Just as He has given you these things,) thus does He complete His favours upon you that you may submit (wholly to Him)
16:82  But if still these (opponents) turn away, you should know that upon you is (only the responsibility of) delivery (of the divine Message) in plain terms
16:83  They recognize the bounty of Allah, yet they deny it. Most of them have no sense of gratitude (for His favours)
16:84  And (beware of) the day when We shall raise a witness from every nation, then those who were ungrateful shall not be given leave (to make amends) nor shall they be afforded an opportunity to approach the threshold (of God) to offer a plea or an excuse (and thus solicit His good will)
16:85  And when those who behaved unjustly actually face the punishment (in the Hereafter), it shall neither be reduced for them (after that) nor shall they be given respite
16:86  And when those who associate partners (with God) will see their associate-gods they will say, `Our Lord! these are partners associated with You by us, whom we used to call upon instead of You.' But they (-the so-called partners) will retort them with the words, `Most surely, you are liars.
16:87  And on that day they shall tender submission to Allah, and all that they used to forge shall forsake them
16:88  (As to) those who disbelieve and hinder (the people) from Allah's way, We shall enhance many times over their punishment because of the evil they wrought
16:89  (Beware of) the day when We shall raise from every people a witness who shall hail from among themselves and who shall testify against them. And We shall bring you (O Muhammad!) as a witness against (all) these. And (that is why) We have revealed to you this perfect Book explaining every (basic) thing and (which serves as) a guidance and a mercy, and (gives) good tidings to those who submit (to God)
16:90  Allah enjoins justice and the doing of good to others and giving like kindred and He forbids indecencies and manifest evil and transgression. He admonishes you that you may take heed and attain eminence
16:91  And keep your covenant with Allah when you have once made any covenant (with Him). And do not break your oaths once you have ratified them, while you have already made Allah your surety. Verily, Allah knows how you conduct yourselves
16:92  And be not like the woman who breaks her yarn after spinning it strong with hard labour into thread. You use your oaths to deceive one another (for fear) lest one nation should become more powerful than the other nation. Surely, Allah tries you thereby and on the Day of Resurrection will make clear to you all the things about which you had been differing (from one another)
16:93  Had Allah (enforced) His will He would surely have made you (all) one nation (following one and the same faith). But He leaves in error him who wishes (to remain so) and guides him who wishes (to be guided). And you shall surely be called upon to account for your deeds and conduct
16:94  Do not use your oaths to deceive one another or you will lose your foothold (again) after having gained stability and you will suffer evil consequences for your barring (the people) from (following) Allah's way and for forsaking the path of Allah and you shall receive great punishment
16:95  And do not sell the covenant you made with Allah for a paltry price (-worldly gains). That reward (of righteousness) which is with Allah is better for you, if only you knew
16:96  (Did you but know) that which is with you shall pass away (being transitory) but that which is with Allah is enduring and will last. And We will certainly give those who patiently persevere their reward according to the best of their deeds
16:97  Whoever acts righteously, whether male or female, and is a believer, We will certainly enable him lead a pure life and surely We will bestow on such their reward according to the best of their deeds
16:98  And when you recite the Qur'an, seek refuge with Allah from satan, the rejected
16:99  Surely, he has no authority over those who believe and put their trust in their Lord
16:100  His authority is over those only who take him as their friend and who associate partners with Him (under his influence)
16:101  And Allah knows very well the need of what He reveals, yet when We replace a revelation with another revelation they say (to you), `You are only a fabricator (of lies).' The truth is, however, that most of them know nothing
16:102  Say, `The Spirit of Holiness has brought this (Qur'an) down from your Lord to suit the requirement of truth and wisdom, (Allah has revealed it) so that He may strengthen those who believe in their faith and so that (this may serve as) a guidance and good tidings for Muslims
16:103  And We know fully well what they say (by way of objection) that this (Qur'an) is (not revealed by God but it is) only what a human being instructs to him (- to Muhammad). But (strange it is) that the tongue of him to whom they (unjustly) allude (of making this insinuation) is foreign and wanting in clearness, whereas the language of this (Qur'an) is chaste Arabic, plain and clear
16:104  Surely, Allah will not guide those (to success) who do not believe in the Messages of Allah (intentionally). There awaits them a grievous punishment
16:105  It is only those who do not believe in Allah's Messages, who forge lies. And it is they who are the liars themselves
16:106  Those who disbelieve in Allah after they have believed in Him - but not those who are compelled (to recant) while their hearts find peace (and are firm) in the faith - (and) those who accept disbelief from the core of their hearts shall incur the displeasure of Allah and shall receive a stern punishment
16:107  That is because they have preferred the present life to the Hereafter and because Allah does not guide the disbelieving people (to their goal)
16:108  It is these people on whose hearts, hearing and eyes Allah has set a seal (for their disbelief). And it is these people who are really heedless
16:109  Undoubtedly, it is they who will be the very losers in the Hereafter
16:110  Again those who emigrated (from their homes) after they had been persecuted and strove hard (in the cause of Allah) and patiently persevered, will ultimately find that your Lord, yes, your own Lord is indeed Great Protector, Ever Merciful (to them)
16:111  (The perfect manifestation of such a recompense will be) on the day when every soul shall come pleading for (protection for) itself, and every soul shall be repaid in full for its deeds and they shall, in no way, be dealt with unjustly
16:112  And Allah sets-forth an excellent description of a township (-Makkah). It enjoyed a state of security and peace. It received its provision in plenty from every quarter. But (it so happened) that it began to show ingratitude for the bounties of Allah. So Allah made (the citizens of) it taste a pall of hunger and fear (which covered it like a garment -the conditions of famine and war prevailed there) because of what its citizens had wrought
16:113  And certainly there had come to them a (great) Messenger from among their own men, but they cried lies to him so the (promised) punishment overtook them while they were behaving transgressingly
16:114  So (believers!) eat of the lawful, good and pure things Allah has provided you and give thanks for Allah's bounty, if it is, in fact, Him that you worship
16:115  He has made unlawful for you only carrion (that which dies of itself), blood (flowed out), the flesh of swine and that which has been sacrificed in some other name than Allah's. But he who is constrained (to do this) not desiring it and having no intention either to disobey or to exceed the limits (of necessity), will find that Allah surely is Great Protector, Ever Merciful
16:116  And do not say because of the lies which your tongues utter, `This is lawful and that is unlawful,' lest you should forge a lie against Allah. Those who forge lies against Allah will never attain the goal
16:117  (Though in forging lies) they may enjoy themselves for a brief spell in this life, yet a grievous punishment awaits them (in the Hereafter)
16:118  We have already made unlawful to those (also) who judaised, all that We have related to you already. And We did not deal with them unjustly. Rather they wronged themselves
16:119  Again, those who commit evil in ignorance and then after that turn to Him in repentance and mend their ways, will find that surely after that, (for those who repent) your Lord is Great Protector, Ever Merciful
16:120  The truth of the matter is that Abraham was a paragon of virtue; obedient to Allah, upright, and he was not of the polytheists
16:121  Highly thankful for His favours. He chose him and guided him on to the exact right path
16:122  And We granted him great success (and all comforts) of this life, and in the Hereafter he is most surely among the righteous
16:123  Again, (Prophet! to complete Our favours on Abraham) We have revealed to you (saying), `Follow the creed of Abraham (who was an) upright, (devotee of God) and was not of the polytheists.
16:124  The (punishment for profaning the) Sabbath was made to recoil on those only who were at odds over it, and your Lord will surely judge between them concerning all their differences on the Day of Resurrection
16:125  (Prophet!) call the people to the way of your Lord with wisdom and goodly and kind exhortation, and argue with them in the most pleasant and best manner. Surely, your Lord knows very well who has gone astray from His path, and He knows very well the guided ones to the right path
16:126  (Believers!) if you have to punish (the oppressors) then punish them to the extent you have been persecuted. But if you endure patiently, remember it is far better for the patiently persevering
16:127  And be patiently-persevering. Verily, you can exercise patient endurance only with (the help of) Allah. Do not grieve at their state, nor feel distressed on account of their intrigues (out of enmity for you)
16:128  Allah is, of course, with those who guard against evil, and those who are doers of good to others