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16:1  Allah’s commandment has come therefore do not be in haste for it. Glory be unto Him and far exalted is He above all that they ascribe as partners to Him.
16:2  He sends down the angels with the spirit from His commandment unto whom He pleases from among His slaves [saying] that warn [them] that there is no deity except Me therefore revere Me.
16:3  He created the heavens and the earth by the truth. Far exalted is He above all that they ascribe as partners to Him.
16:4  He created the human being from a drop of liquid but behold he has become a manifest contender [to his Lord].
16:5  And the cattle, He did create them. For you, in them there is warmth and sundry uses and from them [their meat] you do eat.
16:6  And in them there is a beauty for you when you bring [them home] in the evening and when you take them to pasture [in the morning].
16:7  And they carry your loads to lands that you were not going to reach them except through hardship on the souls. Lo! Your Lord is indeed All-tender All-merciful.
16:8  And the horses and the mules and the donkeys [has He created for you] that you may ride on them and as an ornament [for you] and He creates what you know not.
16:9  And unto Allah [leads] the middle way but there are ways which are deviated but if He so willed He would have indeed guided you all altogether.
16:10  He it is who sent down water from the heaven from it there is a drink for you and from it are trees with which you graze [your animals].
16:11  With it He grows for you the crop and the olive and the palms and the grapes and of all types of produce. Lo! In that indeed is a sign for a people who reflect.
16:12  And He has subjugated for you the night and the day and the sun and the moon; and the stars are subjugated by His commandment. Lo! In that indeed are signs for a people who understand.
16:13  And what He has disseminated for you in the earth with varying colors. Lo! In that indeed is a sign for a people who remember.
16:14  And He it is who has subjugated the sea so that you may eat fresh meat from it and obtain from it jewelry that you wear and you see the vessels cutting through the waves therein so that you may seek from His favor and so that perhaps you may offer gratitude.
16:15  And He has set in the earth mountains lest it oscillates with you [and He also set in it] rivers and pathways so that you may find guidance;
16:16  and [He also set in it] landmarks; and by the star also they find guidance.
16:17  Therefore is He who creates like the one who creates not? Will you then not remember?
16:18  And if you attempt to count the blessings of Allah, you cannot encompass them. Lo! Allah is indeed Oft-Forgiving All-merciful.
16:19  And Allah does know that which you conceal and that which you reveal.
16:20  And those they call on besides Allah create nothing but they themselves are created.
16:21  They are dead and not living nor are they aware of when they will be raised.
16:22  Your God is One Deity. As to those who do not believe in the hereafter, their hearts are in denial while they continue to be arrogant.
16:23  It is no wonder that Allah does know all that they conceal and all that they reveal. Truly, He does not love those who continue to be arrogant.
16:24  And whenever it is said to them, “What is it that your Lord has sent down?”, They say, “Tales of the ancient.”
16:25  So that they may carry their burdens in full on the day of resurrection and from the burdens of those that they misguide without knowledge. Alas, how evil is it that they carry!
16:26  Those before them did make their scheme but Allah fell upon their structure from the foundations and the roof fell on them from above them and the punishment came at them from where they were unaware.
16:27  And then on the day of resurrection He will humiliate them and He will say, “Where are my partners that you used to dispute about them?” Those who are given knowledge will say, “Lo! The humiliation today and the woe is on the disbelievers.”
16:28  They whose souls are taken by the angels while they are doing wrong to their own souls and they offer peace [saying] we did not use to do any evil. Nay! Allah indeed knows well about all that you used to do.
16:29  So enter the doors of hell to abide therein forever. And how evil is the resting place of the arrogant.
16:30  And it is said to those who safeguard their own souls, “What is it that your Lord has sent down?” They say, “Nothing but good.” As for those who act in excellence in this life lies an excellent reward [for them] and truly home of the hereafter is better and truly how good is the home of those who revere Allah.
16:31  Gardens of eternal felicity wherein they will enter, beneath it the rivers flow and therein for them is all that they desire. Thus does Allah reward those who revere Him.
16:32  It is they whose souls are taken by the angels in a state of purity, they will say [to them], “Peace be unto you. Enter the garden because of what you used to do.”
16:33  What else are they waiting for except that the angels come to them or that the commandment of your Lord comes. Thus those who were before them acted and Allah did not wrong them but they wronged their own souls.
16:34  So the evils of what they did overtook them and they were besieged by that which they used to mock at.
16:35  And those who ascribed partners to Allah said, “If Allah had willed we would not have worshipped aught besides Him, neither us nor our fathers, neither had we prohibited anything without his commandment. Thus did those before them act but is there anything on the messengers except the clear conveyance [of message]?
16:36  We have indeed sent in every nation a messenger [saying] that worship Allah and stay away from Taghoot. But among them are those whom Allah guided and among them are those upon whom the sentence of misguidance has been passed. Therefore travel in the land and see how was the ending of the beliers.
16:37  Even if you are keen for their guidance, truly Allah guides not whom He causes to go astray and there are no helpers for them.
16:38  And they swear by Allah their most solemn oath [that] Allah will not raise the one who dies. Nay it is a binding promise on Him but most people do not know.
16:39  So that He may make clear to them that in which they differ and so that those who disbelieve will know that they indeed were liars.
16:40  Our word of commandment for anything that We will it to happen is for Us to say to it, “Be” and it is.
16:41  But those who migrate in the way of Allah after that they were wronged, We will most certainly give them a goodly abode in this life but the reward of the hereafter is most certainly greater if only they knew.
16:42  They who are steadfast in patience and in their Lord, they put their trust.
16:43  And We did not send anyone before you except men unto whom We sent Our inspiration so ask the people of remembrance if you do not know.
16:44  [We sent them] with clear signs and with the warningsand thus We sent down to you the remembrance so that you may make clear to people that which has been sent down on them and so perhaps they may come to reflection.
16:45  Are those who take evil counsels feel safe that Allah may make the earth swallow them or that punishment may come unto them from whence they are unaware,
16:46  or that He may seize them in their movements going and coming and they are not going to escape,
16:47  or that He may seize them while they are in a state of fear truly your Lord is All-tender, All-merciful.
16:48  Have they not seen how everything that Allah has created, their shadows incline on the right side and on the left sides prostrating to Allah in a state of abject humility.
16:49  And to Allah prostrates all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth of living creatures and [all] the angels and they do not hold themselves arrogant.
16:50  They fear their Lord from above them and they act on that which they are commanded.
16:51  And Allah said, “Do not take two distinct gods. Only He is a deity who is One so only Me therefore should you fear.”
16:52  And for Him is all that is in the heavens and in the earth and for Him is the religion for all times. Do you then revere anyone besides Allah?
16:53  And whatever good is happening to you is from Allah but then whenever harm touches you, surely it is to Him that you flee for help
16:54  And when He removes the harm from you, Lo! A party of you starts to ascribe partners to their Lord
16:55  Let them be ungrateful for that We have given them and so enjoy for a little while in time you will come to know.
16:56  And they allocate a portion of that which We have provided them with for things that they know not. By Allah you will certainly be questioned regarding all that you used to contrive.
16:57  And they attribute daughters to Allah. Glory be on to Him. And for themselves [they take] that which they desire [the sons].
16:58  And when any of them is given the glad tidings about the birth of a daughter his face remains darkened while he suppresses his indignation.
16:59  He hides from the people due to shame of that which he was given the glad tidings of. Is He going to keep it with humiliation or thrust it inside the dust? Lo! How evil is that which they judge.
16:60  To those who do not believe in the hereafter belongs the similitude of the evil but for Allah is the similitude which is the most high and He is The All-mighty, The All-wise.
16:61  And if Allah were to take humankind to book for all their wrongdoing, He would not leave any living creature above it [the earth] but He gives them respite till an appointed term and when their term comes they cannot delay it by a moment nor can they advance it.
16:62  And they attribute to Allah that which they themselves dislike and their tongues utter the lie [saying] that the good reward is for them. No wonder that for them is the fire and that they are going be abandoned [therein].
16:63  By Allah We have indeed sent [messengers] to nations before you but Satan made their deeds seem goodly to them so he is their ally today and for them is a painful punishment.
16:64  And We have sent down this book to you only so that you make clear to them that in which they differ and as a guidance and as a mercy for a people who believe.
16:65  And Allah sent down from the heaven rainwater and by it He brought the earth to life after its death. Indeed in that is truly a sign for a people who hear.
16:66  And truly for you in the cattle is a visible sign. We make you to drink from that which comes from its belly from between waste and blood, a milk pure and palatable for the drinkers.
16:67  And from the fruits of the dates and of the grapes you extract from it an intoxicating drink and a goodly provision. Truly in that surely is a sign for a people who understand.
16:68  And your Lord inspired the bees [saying] choose for yourself houses from the mountains and from the trees and from that which human beings build.
16:69  Then eat from all kinds of the produce and then travel through the ways of your Lord smoothly. From their bellies comes out a drink of various colors, in it is a healing for the human beings. Truly in that surely is a sign for a people who reflect.
16:70  It is Allah who created you and then takes your souls at death but among you are ones who are brought back to the most abject stage of the age so that they know nothing after knowing. Truly Allah is All-knowing and All-powerful [to do all things].
16:71  And Allah has favored some of you above others in sustenance. But those who have been favored are not going to return their sustenance unto those whom their right hands possess so that they stand equal in that respect. Do they then deny the blessing of Allah?
16:72  And it is Allah who has made for you mates from your selves and from your mates has made for you children and grandchildren and He has provided for you from the goodly provisions. Are they then going to believe in the falsehood and disbelieve in the true blessing of Allah?
16:73  And they worship besides Allah such that do not control for them any sustenance at all from the heavens and the earth and nor will they be able to [in the hereafter].
16:74  Therefore do not set up similitudes for Allah. Truly Allah knows while you know not.
16:75  Allah sets forth a parable; on one hand an owned slave who does not have power over anything, on the other hand one whom We have provided with a goodly provision from Us and he spends from it in secret and in public. Are they equal? The praise is for Allah but most of them know not.
16:76  And Allah sets forth a parable; two men, one of them is dumb who has no power over anything and is completely dependent on his master, wherever he directs him [on a mission], he comes with no good. Is he equal to one who commands [people] unto justice and who himself is on a most straight path?
16:77  And to Allah belongs the hidden treasures of the heavens and of the earth and the command of the hour is but as a twinkling of an eye or swifter. Truly Allah has power over everything.
16:78  Allah has raised you out of the wombs of your mothers when you knew nothing and He made for you the hearing and the [degrees of] sights and the hearts so that perhaps you may offer gratitude.
16:79  Have they not seen the birds held afloat in the air of the sky. Nothing holds them except Allah. Truly in this are signs for a people who believe.
16:80  And it is Allah who has provided for you a place of rest from your homes and also provided for you from the skin of the cattle, houses which you find light to carry on the day of your travelling and on the day of your camping, and from their wool and their fur and their hair [He provided for you] furniture and items of use for a little while.
16:81  And it is Allah who has made for you shades from that which He has created and has made for you shelters from the mountains and has made for you coats that protect you from the heat and armored dresses that protect you from your mutual fury. Thus He perfects His blessing on you so that perhaps you may submit [to His will].
16:82  But if they turn away, your only duty is the clear conveyance [of the message].
16:83  They recognize the blessing of Allah but then they deny it and most of them are ungrateful.
16:84  And the day in which We will raise a witness from every nation and then no permission will be given to the disbelievers [to plead] nor will they be excused.
16:85  And when those who wrong their own souls see the punishment, it will not then be attenuated for them nor will they be given a respite.
16:86  And when those who ascribe partners to Allah see their partners they will say, “O our Lord, these are our partners whom we used to invoke besides You.” They retort back to them, “Truly you are liars.”
16:87  And they offered the [word of] peace to Allah on that day and all that they used to contrive was lost from them.
16:88  As for those who disbelieve and also hinder people from the way of Allah, We increase them in punishment on top of the punishment because they used to spread corruption [in the land].
16:89  And on the day when We will raise from every nation a witness upon them from themselves and We will bring you as a witness upon these [your companions] and We have sent down the book to you gradually so as to explain everything in detail and as a guidance and as a mercy and glad tidings for those who have submitted themselves to Allah.
16:90  Truly Allah commands unto the justice and the charity and giving to near of kin [what is due to them] and forbids from injustice and wickedness and arrogant conduct [against kinfolk]. He exhorts you so that perhaps you may remember.
16:91  And fulfill your covenant with Allah once you have ratified a covenant [with Him] and do not undo your oaths after having solemnized them and when you have made Allah a guarantor over you. Truly Allah knows all that you do.
16:92  And be not like the woman who after having woven her skein to strength undoes it into loosely jumbled threads [likewise] you take your oaths as a deception between you so that one nation will be greater in gain than another. Surely Allah is only trying you by this and truly on the day of resurrection He will make clear to you all that in which you used to disagree.
16:93  If Allah so pleased He would certainly have made you one nation but He causes to go astray whom He pleases and guides whom He pleases and most certainly you will be asked about all that you used to do.
16:94  And do not take your oaths as a means of deception between you lest [some people’s] foot will slip after its firm establishment and consequently you will taste the evil [punishment] for that you hindered from the way of Allah and there will be an awful punishment for you.
16:95  And do not sell Allah’s covenant for a little price for indeed what is with Allah is better for you if only you knew.
16:96  What you have will finish and what is with Allah is going to last and certainly We will give those who are patient their reward according to the best that they ever did.
16:97  Whoever acts righteous deeds whether he is a male or a female while he is a true believer, We will surely make him live a goodly life and We will certainly give them their reward according to the best that they ever did.
16:98  And when you recite the Quran, do seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the pelted one.
16:99  Truly he has no authority over those who believe and in their Lord they put their trust.
16:100  His Authority is only over those who take him as an ally and those who, because of him, ascribe partners to Allah.
16:101  And when We put one sign in the place of another for Allah knows best what He is revealing they say, “You are but a contriver.” Nay most of them know not.
16:102  Say, “It was brought down in truth by the spirit of holiness from your Lord so as to reinforce those who believe and as a guidance and glad tidings to those who have submitted.
16:103  And We do indeed know that they say, “It is only a human who teaches him.” The tongue of the one towards the one they incline is non-Arab but this is Arabic tongue explaining everything in evidence.
16:104  Truly those who do not believe in the signs of Allah, Allah does not guide them and for them there is a painful punishment.
16:105  Only they contrive the lie who do not believe in the signs of Allah and those are indeed the liars.
16:106  Whoever disbelieves in Allah after his belief except the one who is under compulsion but his heart remains firm with belief [there is no blame on him] but whosoever embraces disbelief with an open bosom, on such is a wrath from Allah and for them there is an awful punishment.
16:107  And that is because they have preferred the life of this world on the hereafter and truly Allah does not guide the disbelieving folk.
16:108  It is they whom Allah has put a seal on their hearts, and on their hearing, and on their sight and it is they who are truly oblivious.
16:109  No wonder it is they truly who are the ones in loss in the hereafter.
16:110  Thereafter, truly your Lord, for those who have migrated after their exposure to tribulation and thereafter who strove and remained patient, truly your Lord, after all that is surely Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
16:111  On the day when every soul will come arguing in defense of itself and every soul will be paid in full for that which it had done and they will not be wronged.
16:112  Allah sets an example of a township which was enjoying security and tranquility and its provision was coming to it abundantly from every place but it turned ungrateful to the blessings of Allah, so Allah made it taste [cover it with] the dress of hunger and of fear because of that which they used to fabricate.
16:113  And indeed a messenger came to them from among themselves but they belied him so the punishment took hold of them while they were doing wrong to their own souls.
16:114  And therefore eat from that which Allah has provided for you lawful and good and be grateful for the blessing of Allah if it is only Him that you truly worship.
16:115  He has only forbidden to you the dead animal and the blood and the meat of swine and all that on which was invoked the name of any other than Allah. But the one who is driven by necessity and not by willful desire nor transgression, then truly Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
16:116  And do not say according to that which your tongues describe as lie, “This is lawful and this is unlawful” so that you contrive the lie against Allah. Truly those who contrive the lie against Allah will not prosper.
16:117  This is but a little enjoyment [in this life] and for them is a painful punishment [in the hereafter].
16:118  And unto the Jews We had prohibited such things as We mentioned to you before. We did not wrong them but they used to wrong their own souls.
16:119  But truly your Lord, for those who do evil out of ignorance but thereafter they repent and follow up with righteous deeds. Truly your Lord after it [their repentance] is surely Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
16:120  Truly Abraham was a nation all by himself devout to Allah true in faith and he was not of those who ascribe partners to Allah,
16:121  he was grateful for His blessings. He chose him and guided him to a path most straight.
16:122  And We gave him a goodly reward in this life and truly in the hereafter he will most certainly be of those who are righteous.
16:123  So We have inspired you that follow the way of Abraham true in faith and he was not of those who ascribe partners to Allah.
16:124  The Sabbath was only imposed on those who disagreed about it and truly your Lord will most certainly judge between them on the day of resurrection about all that in which they used to disagree.
16:125  Call unto the way of your Lord with wisdom and with a goodly preaching and argue with them only with that which is the most excellent. Truly your Lord is He who knows best who has gone astray from His way and it is He who knows best who are well guided.
16:126  And if you meet out a punishment, then afflict a punishment of the like of that which you are punished with but if you exercise patience truly that [patience] is best for those who are patient.
16:127  So be patient and your patience is only by Allah and do not grieve over them and do not be constricted because of that which they are plotting.
16:128  Truly Allah is with those who revere Him and with those who act in excellence.