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16:1  Allah´s command has come, so do not be in a hurry for it, glorified and exalted is He above what they assign as partners.
16:2  He sends the angels with the revelation by His command to anyone He pleases of His servants: issue a warning that there is no god but I, so beware of Me.
16:3  He created the heavens and the earth in truth, exalted is He above what they assign as partners.
16:4  He created man from a sperm, then he argues openly.
16:5  And the cattle He created which provide warmth and benefits for you and you eat of them.
16:6  And there is beauty in them for you when you bring them in and take them out to graze.
16:7  And they carry your burden to a land you could not have reached without personal exertion, for your Lord is lenient and merciful.
16:8  And the horses, the mules and the donkeys for you to ride and as an adornment, and He creates what you do not know.
16:9  And Allah directs the way, and some deviate from it, and had He willed, He would have guided all of you.
16:10  He is who sent water from the sky which produces drinking water and trees amongst which you let them graze.
16:11  With it He makes grain grow for you and olives, palms and grapes and every kind of fruit; in that is a sign for people who reflect.
16:12  He made the night and day of service to you, and the sun, moon and stars are put into service by His command; in that are signs for people who understand.
16:13  And what He has spread for you on earth in different colours; in that is a sign for people who remember.
16:14  And He is who made the sea of service so that you eat fresh meat from it and extract from it jewellery which you wear. And you see the ship cut through it, so that you seek of His bounty and so that you would be grateful.
16:15  And He placed stabilisers on earth so it does not shake you up, and rivers and pathways for you to be guided.
16:16  And as signposts, and by the stars they are guided.
16:17  Is then He who creates like he who does not create? Do you not reflect?
16:18  And if you were to count the blessings of Allah you could not enumerate them, for Allah is forgiving and merciful.
16:19  And Allah knows what you conceal and what you disclose.
16:20  And those they call besides Allah do not create anything and are themselves created.
16:21  They are dead, not alive, and they have no idea when they will be raised.
16:22  Your god is one single god, and those who do not believe in the hereafter, their hearts are averse and they are arrogant.
16:23  Without fail Allah knows what they conceal and what they disclose, and He does not love the arrogant.
16:24  And when they were asked what did your Lord reveal, they said: stories of old.
16:25  So that they carry their burden in full on the day of resurrection and of the burden of those whom they lead astray without knowledge; bad is what they carry.
16:26  Those before them schemed, then Allah shook their building from its foundations and the roof fell on them from above and the punishment reached them from where they did not realise.
16:27  Then on the day of resurrection He will humiliate them and say: where are My associates on whose behalf you were in opposition? Those with knowledge will say: today disgrace and troubles is upon those who rejected (the truth).
16:28  Those whom the angels take away whilst they wronged themselves, and they offer peace, saying: we didn´t do anything wrong, but no, Allah knows what you did.
16:29  So enter the gates of hell to remain there, and bad is the home of the arrogant.
16:30  And it will be said to those who bewared (of Allah), what did your Lord reveal, they will say: that which is good. There is good for those who did good in this world, and the abode of the hereafter is (even) better, and blessed is the home of those who beware.
16:31  The gardens of Eden which they will enter; rivers flow through it and they have there whatever they wish. This is how Allah rewards those who beware (of Him).
16:32  Those whom the angels take away whilst they are good, saying: peace be with you, enter the garden on account of what you used to do.
16:33  Do they wait that the angels will come to them or the command of your Lord will come? This is what those before them did, and Allah did not wrong them but they wronged themselves.
16:34  Then their bad deeds caught up with them and what they used to make fun of overcame them.
16:35  And the idolaters say: if Allah willed we would not have served anything besides Him, neither us nor our fathers, and we would not have sanctified anything besides Him. This is what those before them did, so are the messengers tasked with anything but to convey clearly?
16:36  And We sent amongst every community a messenger saying: serve Allah and shun the idols. Then amongst them are those whom Allah guides and among them are those for whom error comes true, so travel on the earth, then see what the outcome was like for the deniers.
16:37  You may desire their guidance, but Allah does not guide those who lead astray, and they have no helpers.
16:38  And they swear their utmost oaths by Allah that Allah will not raise the dead, but no, it is a binding promise upon Him, but most people don´t know.
16:39  So that He explains to them what they differed in and so that those who rejected (the truth) will know that they were liars.
16:40  For whenever We want something, We say to it: Be, then it is.
16:41  And those who migrate for Allah after having been wronged, We will arrange for them good in this world and the reward of the hereafter will be greater, if they only knew.
16:42  Those who were patient and relied on their Lord.
16:43  And before you We only sent men to whom We gave revelation, so ask those who keep the reminder if you don´t know.
16:44  With clear proofs and the scriptures, and We revealed to you the reminder to explain to mankind what has been revealed to them so that they reflect.
16:45  Are then those who scheme evil safe that Allah should not make the earth swallow them up or bring them the punishment from where they do not realise?
16:46  Or overtake them whilst they move about, then they will not escape?
16:47  Or take things away from them? For your Lord is lenient and merciful.
16:48  Do they not see that whatever Allah created, its shadow turns submissively to the right and left in prostration to Allah?
16:49  And to Allah prostrates whatever creature is in the heavens and on earth and the angels, and they are not arrogant.
16:50  They fear their Lord above them and do as they are commanded.
16:51  And Allah stated: do not take two gods, for He is one single god, so fear only Me.
16:52  And to Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and on earth, and His is the lasting religion, so would you beware of other than Allah?
16:53  And whatever blessing you have, it is from Allah, then, when hardship afflicts you, you pray to Him.
16:54  Then, when He removes the hardship from you, a group of you assign partners to their Lord.
16:55  So that they reject that which We gave them, then enjoy it for a while, you will soon know.
16:56  And they assign a share of what We have provided them with to that which they do not know. By Allah, you will be asked about what you invented.
16:57  And they assign daughters to Allah, glorified is He, and for them is what they desire?
16:58  And when any of them is given news of a female, his face darkens and he is upset.
16:59  He hides from the people on account of the news he received: should he keep it in shame or bury it in the ground? Bad is how they judge.
16:60  For those who do not believe in the hereafter have evil attributes and Allah has the highest attributes, and He is mighty and wise.
16:61  And if Allah held people to account for their wrongdoing, He would not leave a single creature (on earth), but He gives them time until a fixed date, then when their date comes, they will not delay it for an hour nor speed it up.
16:62  And they assign to Allah what they dislike, and their tongues invent lies that they will have the best, without fail they will have the fire and they will be abandoned.
16:63  By Allah, We sent to communities before you, then the devil made their deeds appeal to them, so he is their protector today, and theirs is a painful punishment.
16:64  And We only revealed the book to you to explain to them that in which they differed and as a guidance and mercy for people who believe.
16:65  And Allah sent down from the sky water then revived with it the earth after its death, in that is a sign for people who listen.
16:66  And there is a lesson for you in the cattle, We give you pure milk to drink from their bellies, originating in between the waste matter and blood, pleasant to drink.
16:67  And of the fruit of the palm tree and grape vine you obtain intoxicants and good provision, in that is a sign for people who understand.
16:68  And your Lord inspired the bee to adopt houses in the mountains and the trees and in what they construct.
16:69  Then eat of every fruit and travel on the paths made available by your Lord. From its belly emerges a syrup of different colours in which there is healing for people. In that is a sign for people who reflect.
16:70  And Allah created you, then He takes you away, and amongst you is he who is returned to most feeble old age, so that he knows nothing after having had knowledge, for Allah knows and is able.
16:71  And Allah preferred some of you over others in provision, and those who were preferred do not reject their provision in favour of those in their possession so that they would be equal in it. Do they then dispute Allah´s blessings?
16:72  And Allah gave you partners from amongst yourselves and gave you from your partners children and grandchildren and provided well for you. Do they then believe in falsehood and reject the blessings of Allah?
16:73  And they serve besides Allah that which does not have control of any provision for them from the heavens or the earth nor could they.
16:74  So do not coin likenesses for Allah, for Allah knows and you don´t know.
16:75  Allah coins the likeness of a wholly owned slave unable to do anything and him whom We have provided with good provision of which he spends secretly and openly - are they the same? Allah is praised, but most of them don´t know.
16:76  And Allah coins the likeness of two men, one of them dumb, unable to do anything and useless to his master, wherever he directs him, he does not do any good - is he the same as the one who commands justice and is on the straight path?
16:77  And to Allah belongs the unseen of the heavens and the earth, and the Hour will happen in the blink of an eye or is even closer, for Allah is able to do anything.
16:78  And Allah brought you out of the wombs of your mothers when you knew nothing and gave you hearing and eyesight and hearts, so that you would be grateful.
16:79  Do they not consider the birds held suspended in the air of the sky. Only Allah holds them up, for in that are signs for people who believe.
16:80  And Allah gave you dwellings in your houses and gave you houses from the skins of cattle which are lightweight on the days you depart and camp, and of their wool and fur and hair you obtain furnishings and provision for a while.
16:81  And Allah gave you shade from what He created and gave you shelter in the mountains and gave you clothing to protect you against the heat and clothing to protect you against harm. Like this He completed His favours for you, so that you would submit (as Muslims).
16:82  But if they turn away, then your duty is only to convey clearly.
16:83  They know the favours of Allah, then they negate them and most of them are rejecters (of the truth).
16:84  And on the day We raise a witness of every community, no excuses will be accepted from those who rejected (the truth) nor will they be allowed redress.
16:85  And when those who did wrong see the punishment it will not be lightened for them and they will not be spared.
16:86  And when the idolaters see their idols, they will say: our Lord, these are our idols on whom we called besides You, but they respond to them: you are liars.
16:87  And that day they will offer submission to Allah and what they used to invent deserted them.
16:88  Those who reject (the truth) and divert from the way of Allah, We increase the punishment manifold for them because of their corruption.
16:89  And on the day We raise in every community a witness against them from amongst themselves and bring you as a witness against these - and We revealed to you the book as an explanation of everything and a guidance and a mercy and good news for those who submit (as Muslims).
16:90  Allah commands justice and goodness and to give to relatives and forbids indecency, wrongdoing and transgression; He admonishes you so that you take heed.
16:91  And observe your promise to Allah when you have promised and do not violate your oaths after confirming them when you have made Allah a guarantor over you, for Allah knows what you do.
16:92  And do not be like the woman who completely undoes her knitting after it has been put together, using your oaths as a means of gaining an advantage between you when one community is stronger than the other, for Allah tests you with it in order to explain to you on the day of resurrection what you used to differ in.
16:93  And had Allah willed, He would have made you a single community, but He lets go astray whom He pleases and guides whom He pleases, and you will be asked about what you did.
16:94  And do not use your oaths to gain an advantage between you, derailing things after they were established, so you will experience hardship because you diverted from the way of Allah and you will have a severe punishment.
16:95  And do not sell your promise to Allah for a small price, for what is with Allah is better for you if you knew.
16:96  What is with you vanishes and what is with Allah remains, and We will give those who have patience their reward in line with the best of what they did.
16:97  Whoever does good work, male or female, and is a believer, We let them live a good life and give them their reward in line with the best of what they did.
16:98  And when you read the Qur´an seek refuge in Allah from the cursed devil.
16:99  For he has no authority over those who believe and rely on their Lord.
16:100  He only has authority over those who befriend him and who take him as an associate.
16:101  And when We replace one verse with another, and Allah knows best what He reveals, they say: you invented it. But most of them don´t know.
16:102  Say: the holy spirit revealed it from your Lord in truth to strengthen those who believe and as a guidance and good news for those who submit (as Muslims).
16:103  We know that they say: a man taught him. The language of the one they refer to is foreign and this is a clear Arabic language.
16:104  Those who do not believe in the signs of Allah, Allah does not guide them and theirs is a painful punishment.
16:105  The ones who invent lies are those who do not believe in the signs of Allah, and they are the liars.
16:106  Whoever rejects Allah after having believed, except for one who has been compelled whilst his heart is content with belief, but whoever openly shows rejection, upon them is anger from Allah and theirs is a severe punishment.
16:107  This is because they prefer the life of this world to the hereafter and that Allah does not guide people who reject (the truth).
16:108  Those are the ones whose hearts, hearing and eyesight Allah has sealed, and those are the careless.
16:109  Without fail they will be the losers in the hereafter.
16:110  Then your Lord is forgiving and merciful to those who migrated after having been persecuted, then they fought and were steadfast.
16:111  On the day when every soul will come arguing on its own behalf and every soul will be given in full what it has worked for and they will not be wronged.
16:112  And Allah coins the likeness of a town which was safe and content, with its provision reaching it freely from everywhere, but they rejected the blessings of Allah, so Allah made them taste the garment of hunger and fear on account of what they used to fabricate.
16:113  And a messenger from amongst them had previously come to them, but they denied him, so the punishment overtook them whilst they were wrongdoers.
16:114  So eat of what Allah has provided you with as lawful and good and be grateful for the blessings of Allah if you serve Him.
16:115  He has only forbidden you carrion, blood and pork and whatever has been consecrated to other than Allah. But whoever is forced without (wilful) transgression or habit, then Allah is forgiving and merciful.
16:116  And do not state from your own fabrications that this is lawful and this is forbidden in order to invent a lie against Allah, for those who invent a lie against Allah will not succeed.
16:117  They will have a short provision and a painful punishment.
16:118  And to the Jews We made unlawful what We previously told you about, and We did not wrong them, but they wronged themselves.
16:119  Then your Lord is forgiving and merciful to those who do bad out of ignorance, then repent and do good.
16:120  Ibrahim (Abraham) was a humble leader, sincerely devoted to Allah, and was not of the idolaters.
16:121  He was grateful for His blessings, and He chose him and guided him on a straight path.
16:122  And We gave him good in this world, and in the hereafter he is amongst the righteous.
16:123  Then we revealed to you to follow the religion of Ibrahim (Abraham), sincerely devoted, for he was not one of the idolaters.
16:124  The Sabbath was imposed on those who differed about it, and your Lord will judge between them on the day of resurrection with regard to what they used to differ in.
16:125  Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful admonition and argue with them through that which is better, for your Lord knows best who strays from His way and He knows best those who are guided.
16:126  And if you punish, then punish with the like of what you were afflicted with, and if you have patience, then it is better for those who have patience.
16:127  And be patient, and your patience is only through Allah, and do not worry about them and do not be uptight about what they are scheming.
16:128  For Allah is with those who beware (of Him) and those who do good.