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16:1  The Command of God is coming; so seek not to hasten it. Glory be to Him and exalted is He above the partners they ascribe
16:2  He sends down angels with the Spirit from His Command to whomsoever He will among His servants, “Give warning that there is no god but I, so reverence Me!
16:3  He created the heavens and the earth in truth. Exalted is He above the partners they ascribe
16:4  He created man from a drop, and behold, he is a manifest adversary
16:5  And cattle has He created for you, in which there is warmth and [other] uses, and whereof you eat
16:6  And in them there is beauty for you, when you bring them home, and when you take them out to pasture
16:7  And they bear your burdens to a land you would never reach, save with great hardship to yourselves. Truly your Lord is Kind, Merciful
16:8  And [He has created] horses, mules, and asses, that you may ride them, and as adornment, and He creates that which you know not
16:9  And it is for God to show the way, for some of them lead astray. Had He willed, He would have guided you all together
16:10  He it is Who sends down water from the sky, from which you have drink, and from which comes forth vegetation wherewith you pasture your cattle
16:11  Therewith He causes the crops to grow for you, and olives, and date palms, and grapevines, and every kind of fruit. Truly in that is a sign for a people who reflect
16:12  He has made the night and the day subservient unto you, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars are subservient by His Command. Truly in that are signs for a people who understand
16:13  And whatsoever He created for you on the earth of diverse hues—truly in this is a sign for a people who reflect
16:14  He it is Who made the sea subservient, that you may eat fresh meat therefrom, and extract from it ornaments that you wear. You see the ships plowing through it, and [this is so] that you may seek His Bounty, and that haply you may give thanks
16:15  And He cast firm mountains in the earth, lest it shake beneath you, and streams, and ways, that haply you may be guided
16:16  and landmarks, and by the stars they are guided
16:17  Is He Who creates like one who creates not? Will you not, then, reflect
16:18  And were you to count the blessings of God, you could not number them. Truly God is Forgiving, Merciful
16:19  And God knows what you hide and what you disclose
16:20  And those whom they call upon apart from God create naught, and are themselves created
16:21  [They are] dead, not living, and they are not aware of when they will be resurrected
16:22  Your God is one God. And those who believe not in the Hereafter, their hearts deny and they wax arrogant
16:23  There is no doubt that God knows what they hide and what they disclose. Truly He loves not the arrogant
16:24  When it is said unto them, “What has your Lord sent down?” they say, “Fables of those of old!
16:25  [This is so], that on the Day of Resurrection they may bear their burdens completely, along with some of the burdens of those whom they lead astray without knowledge. Behold! Evil is that which they bear
16:26  Those before them also plotted. Then God came upon their building from the foundations, and the roof fell down upon them from above, and the punishment came upon them whence they were not aware
16:27  Then on the Day of Resurrection He will disgrace them and say, “Where are My partners on whose account you were defiant?” Those who were given knowledge will say, “Surely, this day, disgrace and evil are upon the disbelievers”
16:28  those whom the angels took while they were wronging themselves. Then they will offer submission, “We were not doing any evil.” Nay, but God knows best that which you were doing
16:29  So enter the gates of Hell, to abide therein. Evil indeed is the abode of the arrogant
16:30  And it will be said unto those who are reverent, “What has your Lord sent down?” They will say, “Goodness.” For those who are virtuous in this world, there shall be good, and the Abode of the Hereafter is better. Excellent indeed is the abode of the reverent
16:31  They shall enter the Gardens of Eden with rivers running below. Therein shall they have whatsoever they will. Thus does God recompense the reverent
16:32  those whom the angels take while they are in a state of goodness. They will say, “Peace be upon you! Enter the Garden for that which you used to do.
16:33  Do they await aught but that the angels should come upon them, or that the Command of thy Lord should come? Those before them did likewise. And God wronged them not, but they wronged themselves
16:34  Thus they were stricken by the evil deeds they had done, and were beset by that which they used to mock
16:35  Those who ascribe partners unto God say, “Had God willed, we would not have worshipped aught apart from Him—neither us nor our fathers—nor would we have considered sacred aught apart from Him.” Those before them did likewise. Is aught incumbent upon the Messenger save the clear proclamation
16:36  We indeed sent a messenger unto every community, “Worship God, and shun false deities!” Then among them were those whom God guided; and among them were those who were deserving of error. So journey upon the earth and behold how the deniers fared in the end
16:37  Though thou eagerly desire that they be guided, verily God guides not those who lead astray, and they shall have no helpers
16:38  And they swear by God their most solemn oaths [that] God will not resurrect those who die. Nay, but it is a promise binding upon Him, though most of mankind know not
16:39  [This is so] that He might make clear unto them that wherein they differed, and that those who disbelieved might know that truly they were liars
16:40  And Our Word unto a thing, when We desire it, is only to say to it, “Be!” and it is
16:41  And those who emigrate for the sake of God, after having been wronged, We shall surely settle them in a good place in this world—and the reward of the Hereafter is greater, if they but knew
16:42  those who are patient and trust in their Lord
16:43  We sent no messengers before thee, save men unto whom We revealed—ask the people of the Reminder, if you know not
16:44  clear proofs and scriptures. And We have sent down the Reminder unto thee that thou mightest clarify for mankind that which has been sent down unto them, that haply they may reflect
16:45  Do those who have plotted evil deeds feel secure that God will not cause the earth to engulf them, or that the punishment will not come upon them whence they are not aware
16:46  Or that He will not seize them in the midst of their going to and fro, and they will be powerless to thwart [it]
16:47  Or that He will not seize them with a gradual diminishing? And truly your Lord is Kind, Merciful
16:48  Have they not considered that whatsoever God has created casts its shadow to the right and to the left, prostrating to God while in a state of abject humility
16:49  And unto God prostrates whatever crawling creatures or angels are in the heavens or on the earth, and they do not wax arrogant
16:50  They fear their Lord above them, and they do whatsoever they are commanded
16:51  And God says, “Do not take up two gods. Truly He is only one God. So be in awe of Me.
16:52  Unto Him belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth, and religion belongs to Him forever. Will you then revere something other than God
16:53  Whatever blessing you have, it is from God. Then, when affliction befalls you, it is unto Him that you cry for help
16:54  Then, when He removes the affliction from you, behold, a group among you ascribes partners unto their Lord
16:55  So let them be ungrateful for that which We have given them: “Enjoy yourselves! For soon you will know.
16:56  And they dedicate a share of that which We have provided them unto that which they know not. By God, you shall surely be questioned about that which you used to fabricate
16:57  And they assign unto God daughters—glory be to Him!—while they have that which they desire
16:58  And when one of them receives tidings of a female [child], his face darkens, and he is choked with anguish
16:59  He hides from the people on account of the evil of the tidings he has been given. Shall he keep it in humiliation, or bury it in the dust? Behold! Evil indeed is the judgment they make
16:60  Those who believe not in the Hereafter have an evil description, while unto God belongs the loftiest description. And He is the Mighty, the Wise
16:61  And were God to take mankind to task for their wrongdoing, He would not leave a single creature upon [the earth]. But He grants them reprieve till a term appointed. And when their term comes, they shall not delay it a single hour, nor shall they advance it
16:62  They assign unto God that to which they are averse. And their tongues utter the lie that the best shall be theirs. There is no doubt that theirs shall be the Fire, and they shall be hastened [toward it]
16:63  By God, We have indeed sent messengers unto communities before thee. But Satan made their deeds seem fair unto them. So he is their protector on this day, and theirs shall be a painful punishment
16:64  And We did not send down unto thee the Book, save that thou mightest make clear to them that wherein they differed, and as a guidance and a mercy for a people who believe
16:65  And God sends down water from the sky, and thereby revives the earth after its death. Surely in this is a sign for a people who hear
16:66  And surely in the cattle there is a lesson for you: We give you to drink from that which is in their bellies, between refuse and blood, as pure milk, palatable to those who drink [thereof]
16:67  And from the fruits of the date palm and the vine, from which you derive strong drink and a goodly provision. Surely in this is a sign for a people who understand
16:68  And thy Lord revealed unto the bee, “Take up dwellings among the mountains and the trees and among that which they build
16:69  Then eat of every kind of fruit, and follow the ways of your Lord made easy.” A drink of diverse hues comes forth from their bellies wherein there is healing for mankind. Truly in that is a sign for a people who reflect
16:70  God created you; then He takes you [unto Himself]. And among you are those who are brought back to the weakest of ages, such that they know nothing after having had knowledge. Truly God is Knowing, Powerful
16:71  And God has favored some of you above others in provision. Those who have been favored do not hand over their provision to those whom their right hands possess, such that they would be equal in this regard. Would they thus reject the blessings of God
16:72  And God has ordained mates for you from among yourselves, and from your mates He has ordained for you children and grandchildren. And He provided you with good things. Will they then believe in that which is false, and show ingratitude for the blessings of God
16:73  And they worship, apart from God, that which has no power over any provision that may come to them from the heavens and the earth; nor are they capable [of such]
16:74  So set forth no parables for God. Truly God knows and you know not
16:75  God sets forth a parable: a servant enslaved, with power over naught, and he unto whom We have provided a goodly provision from Us, who then spends of it secretly and openly. Are they equal? Praise be to God! Nay, but most of them know not
16:76  God sets forth a parable: two men, one of whom is dumb, with power over naught, who is a burden unto his master; wheresoever he dispatches him, he brings no good. Is he equal to one who enjoins justice, and who is on a straight path
16:77  Unto God belongs the Unseen of the heavens and the earth. The matter of the Hour is as the blinking of an eye, or nearer still. Truly God is Powerful over all things
16:78  And God brought you forth from the bellies of your mothers, knowing naught. And He endowed you with hearing, sight, and hearts, that haply you may give thanks
16:79  Have they not considered the birds, made subservient, in midair? None holds them save God. Truly in that are signs for a people who believe
16:80  And God has ordained for you a place of rest in your dwellings, and He has made dwellings for you from the skins of cattle, which you bear with ease on the day you travel and the day you pitch camp. And from their wool, and their fur, and their hair, furnishings and enjoyment for a while
16:81  And God has made shade for you from among that which He created, and He has made places of refuge for you in the mountains. He has made coats for you that protect you from the heat and coats that protect you from your own might. Thus does God complete His Blessing unto you, that haply you may submit
16:82  Then if they turn away—only the clear proclamation is incumbent upon thee
16:83  They recognize the Blessing of God, and then deny it, and most of them are disbelievers
16:84  And on that Day We shall raise up a witness from every community; then those who disbelieved will not be permitted [to speak], nor can they make amends
16:85  And when those who did wrong see the punishment, it shall not be lightened for them, nor shall they be granted respite
16:86  When those who ascribed partners unto God see the partners they ascribed, they will say, “Our Lord! These are our partners whom we called upon apart from Thee.” But they will retort, “Verily you are liars!
16:87  And they will offer submission unto God on that Day, and that which they used to fabricate will forsake them
16:88  Those who disbelieve and who have turned from the way of God, for them We shall add punishment on top of punishment, for their having worked corruption
16:89  And on that Day We shall raise up in every community a witness against them from among themselves, and We shall bring thee as a witness against these. And We sent down unto thee the Book as a clarification of all things, and as a guidance and a mercy and glad tidings for those who submit
16:90  Truly God commands justice, virtue, and giving to kinsfolk, and He forbids indecency, wrong, and rebelliousness. And He admonishes you, that haply you may remember
16:91  Fulfill the pact of God when you have pledged it, and break not your oaths after solemnly affirming them, and having made God a Witness over you. Surely God knows whatsoever you do
16:92  Be not like she who unravels her yarn, breaking it after it had been strong [by] taking your oaths to practice deception among yourselves, so that one community might be larger and wealthier than another. God only tries you thereby. And on the Day of Resurrection, He will surely clarify for you that wherein you differed
16:93  Had God willed, He would have made you one community. But He leads astray whomsoever He will and guides whomsoever He will. And you shall surely be questioned about that which you used to do
16:94  Take not your oaths to practice deception among yourselves, lest a foot slip after it had been firmly planted, and you taste evil for your having turned from the way of God, and yours should be a great punishment
16:95  Sell not the pact of God for a paltry price. Surely that which is with God is better for you, if you but knew
16:96  That which is with you comes to an end, but that which is with God subsists. And surely We shall render unto those who are patient their reward for the best of that which they used to do
16:97  Whosoever works righteousness, whether male or female, and is a believer, We shall give them new life, a good life, and We shall surely render unto them their reward in accordance with the best of that which they used to do
16:98  So when you recite the Quran, seek refuge in God from the outcast Satan
16:99  Truly he has no authority over those who believe and trust in their Lord
16:100  His authority is only over those who take him as a protector, and those who take him as a partner
16:101  And when We replace one sign with another—and God knows best that which He sends down—they say, “You are only a fabricator!” Nay, but most of them know not
16:102  Say, “The Holy Spirit has brought it down from thy Lord in truth, to make firm those who believe, and as guidance and glad tidings for those who submit.
16:103  Indeed, We know that they say, “He has merely been taught by a human being.” The tongue of the one whom they falsely implicate is foreign, while this is [in] a clear, Arabic tongue
16:104  Truly those who believe not in the signs of God, God guides them not, and theirs shall be a painful punishment
16:105  Only those who believe not in the signs of God fabricate lies. It is they who are liars
16:106  Whosoever disbelieves in God after having believed—save one who is coerced, while his heart is at peace in faith—but whosoever opens his breast unto disbelief, upon them shall be the Wrath of God, and theirs shall be a great punishment
16:107  That is for their having preferred the life of this world to the Hereafter. And surely God guides not disbelieving people
16:108  It is they on whose hearts God has placed a seal, and on their hearing and their seeing. It is they who are heedless
16:109  There is no doubt that in the Hereafter they are the losers
16:110  Then indeed thy Lord, for those who emigrated after being oppressed, then strove and were patient, surely thy Lord thereafter is Forgiving, Merciful
16:111  That Day every soul will come disputing on behalf of itself, and every soul will be paid in full for that which it has done. They shall not be wronged
16:112  God sets forth a parable: a town secure and at peace, its provision coming unto it abundantly from every side. Yet, it was ungrateful for the blessings of God; so God let it taste the garment of hunger and fear for that which they had wrought
16:113  A messenger from among themselves had surely come unto them, but they denied him. And so the punishment seized them while they were wrongdoers
16:114  So eat of the lawful and good things God has provided you, and give thanks for the Blessing of God, if it is He Whom you worship
16:115  He has only forbidden you carrion, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and that which has been offered to other than God. But whosoever is compelled by necessity, without willfully disobeying or transgressing, truly God is Forgiving, Merciful
16:116  And utter not lies in what your tongues assert, [saying], “This is lawful and this is forbidden,” such that you fabricate a lie against God. Surely those who fabricate lies against God will not prosper
16:117  A little enjoyment, while theirs shall be a painful punishment
16:118  And unto those who are Jews, We forbade that which We recounted unto thee beforehand. We wronged them not, but they wronged themselves
16:119  Then truly thy Lord—for those who commit evil in ignorance, then later repent and make amends—truly thy Lord thereafter is Forgiving, Merciful
16:120  Truly Abraham was a community, devoutly obedient to God, a ?anif, and he was not among the idolaters
16:121  [And he was] thankful for His Blessings. He chose him and guided him unto a straight path
16:122  And We granted him good in this world, and surely in the Hereafter he shall be among the righteous
16:123  Then We revealed unto thee, “Follow the creed of Abraham, a ?anif, and he was not among the idolaters.
16:124  And the Sabbath was only ordained for those who differed concerning it, and surely thy Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection, concerning that wherein they used to differ
16:125  Call unto the way of thy Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation. And dispute with them in the most virtuous manner. Surely thy Lord is He Who knows best those who stray from His way, and He knows best the rightly guided
16:126  And if you would punish, then punish with the like of that wherewith you were punished. But if you are patient, then that is better for the patient
16:127  So be patient, and thy patience is only with God. And grieve not on their account, nor be distressed by what they plot
16:128  Truly God is with those who are reverent, and those who are virtuous