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12:1  Alif, Laam, Ra; These are the verses of the clear lucid Book
12:2  Surely, We have revealed this Qur´an in Arabic so that you may understand
12:3  Through the revelations in this Qur´an, We narrate to you the best of the past events! You had no prior knowledge of these events
12:4  Once, Yusuf said to his father, "Oh my father! I had a dream. I saw eleven planets, the sun and the moon lying prostrate before me!"
12:5  He said, "Oh my son! Do not narrate your dream to your brothers! They might scheme and plot against you! Surely, Shaitan is the acknowledged foe of the human beings!"
12:6  "Your Lord will choose you. He will teach you to interpret dreams and events. Thus, He will confer His blessings upon you and the family of Yaqub. In the past, too, He had conferred His blessings upon Ibraheem and Ishaq, two of your great grandparents. Your Lord, really, is the all-Knowing and the all-Wise!"
12:7  For the truth seekers, surely there is proof (of your prophethood) in the tale of Yusuf and his brothers. (They had demanded to hear the story of Yusuf)
12:8  Yusuf´s half-brothers said, "Our father loves Yusuf and his brother more than us, although we are a strong well-knit group! Our father is clearly misguided!"
12:9  "Let us kill Yusuf or cast him in a distant land. Our father´s attention will then be ours, exclusively! Later we will revert, and be pious!"
12:10  One of them suggested, "Let us not kill Yusuf! If you must do something, let us toss him in a dried out well. Let a passing caravan pick him up and take him."
12:11  They said, "Oh father, Do you not trust us concerning Yusuf? Surely, we are his well-wishers!"
12:12  "Tomorrow, let him go with us! Let him play and enjoy! We will watch over him!"
12:13  (The father) said, "I am afraid you might take him out, then become unmindful of him and a wolf might devour him. That thought saddens me!"
12:14  They said, "A wolf will devour him? Despite the fact that we are such a strong knit group? We would be nothing but losers then!"
12:15  They took him out and agreed amongst themselves to leave him in a dried out well. There, We sent word to Yusuf, "Surely, one day you will describe to them this act of theirs, as they would fail to recognize you!"
12:16  In the evening, they returned to their father, weeping
12:17  They said, "Oh father, we were engaged in a racing competition among ourselves. We had left Yusuf to watch over our baggage and a wolf got him and devoured him! You will not believe us even though we are telling the truth!"
12:18  As evidence, they presented Yusuf´s shirt with fake blood on it. He said, "Rather, your conscience has made the matter easier for you! I shall bear it with the utmost patience! I seek Allah´s support regarding what you say!"
12:19  A passing caravan sent their water-carrier to fetch water. He lowered the pail and cried out, "Good news! It´s a boy!" They hid him in their baggage and Allah was well aware of their actions
12:20  They soon got apprehensive about Yusuf, and sold him for a paltry sum ___ a few drachmas
12:21  The one in Egypt who bought him, took him to his wife saying, "Take good care of him! He might bring us some benefits or we might adopt him as a son!" Thus, We provided a home for Yusuf in that land, so that We may teach him the interpretation of dreams and events. Allah has dominating controlis over His commands, but most people do not know
12:22  When he came of age, We granted him wisdom and knowledge. This is how We reward those who are good
12:23  Once, the lady of the house attempted to seduce him. She fastened the door and said, "Come to me!" He said, "I seek Allah´s refuge! My master has treated me very well!" Surely, the evil doers never prosper
12:24  She advanced towards him; and he would have responded, had he not witnessed clear signs from his Lord! His Lord did that in order to keep him away from a lecherous and shameful act! He was among Our sincere servants
12:25  He ran towards the door. She followed him, grabbed the back of his shirt and tore it. At the door they found her husband! She said, "How do you punish the person who covets, and casts an evil (lustful) eye upon your wife? Shouldn´t he be put behind bars or receive other painful punishment?"
12:26  He said, "She was the one trying to seduce me!" A witness from her family made an observation. He said, "If the front of his shirt is torn, then she is right and he is the liar!"
12:27  "On the other hand, if the back of the shirt is torn, then he is right and she is lying!"
12:28  He looked at the shirt. It was torn from the back! He said (to his woman), "Surely, it was your treachery. The deception wrought by women is hard to figure!"
12:29  "Yusuf, ignore this! Oh woman, seek forgiveness! Surely, you are the wrong doer!"
12:30  Gossip spread among the women of the town, "The wife of the chief is infatuated with her slave and attempted to seduce him! We think she has clearly gone astray!"
12:31  When she heard such sly remarks, she threw the ladies of the town a lavish party. During the party, she seated them on couches and gave each of them a knife. Then she asked Yusuf to suddenly appear before them. The ladies saw him and were stunned! Suddenly, (lost in amazement) they sliced their hands with the knife! They said, "We swear by God! This could not be a man! He has to be an honored angel!"
12:32  She said, "This is the one you were taunting me about! I did try to seduce him, but he got away! Now, if he fails to comply with my wishes, he will definitely land in prison and will have to face humiliation!"
12:33  Yusuf prayed, "Oh Lord, They are inviting me towards the shameful act, but I prefer the life of prison over it. Please Lord! If You do not turn their wicked wiles away from me, I might succumb to them! If so, I would be among the ignorant wicked ones."
12:34  His Lord accepted his prayers and saved him from their evil plot. Surely, He is the One Who hears all and knows all
12:35  Despite the evidence before them, they concluded that they better send Yusuf to prison for a while
12:36  Two other young men had also landed in prison at about the same time. One of them said, "I dreamt that I was extracting wine". The other said, "I saw myself carrying bread over my head and birds were eating out of that bread! Please, interpret our dreams for us! We find you to be so pious!"
12:37  He said, "I will tell you the interpretation of your dreams before it is time for you to be served dinner in prison! My Lord has taught this knowledge to me! I have abandoned this (evil) nation. They do not believe in Allah, and they deny the coming of the life-to-come!"
12:38  "I follow the ways of my forefathers: Ibraheem, Ishaq and Yaqub. It is not proper for us to associate any partners with Allah! Allah is Gracious to us and all other humans! But most people do not offer thanks!"
12:39  "Oh my companions of prison! Isn´t one God, Allah the Omnipotent, better than several independent gods?"
12:40  "What you worship besides Allah are merely names that you and your fore-fathers have made up! Allah has not sent down any sanction for it! Allah, alone, has the authority! He has commanded that you do not worship anyone else besides Him! This is the established permanent way! But most people do not know!"
12:41  "Oh my comrades in prison! One of you will serve wine to his master. The other will be crucified; birds will peck the meat from his head! The matter, about which you sought my opinion has been clarified."
12:42  Yusuf said to the one he thought will survive, "Tell your master about me!" But Shaitan made him forget and Yusuf stayed in prison for a few additional years
12:43  The king said, "I had a dream! I saw seven lean cows devouring seven fat ones and I saw seven green ears of corn and seven other dry ones! Oh my Courtiers, tell me the meaning of my dream, if you have any experience in dream interpretation!"
12:44  They said, "Dreams are nothing but scattered meaningless thoughts. We are not aware of any meaning in the dreams!"
12:45  After a while, Yusuf´s companion in prison __ the one who had survived __ remembered him and said, "I will tell you its meaning. First, send me on a trip (to the prison)."
12:46  "Oh Yusuf, the truthful, give me your opinion about this dream. Seven lean cows ate seven fat ones! And there were seven green ears of corn and seven dry ones! Hopefully, I can return to my people and inform them about the meaning of that dream!"
12:47  (Yusuf) said, "You will reap bumper crops for seven years. So leave the grain you harvest in its ear. Store it, except for what you need to eat."
12:48  "These will be followed by seven years of drought. During that time, you will use up all the grain you had stored, except what you need as seed."
12:49  "This will be followed by a year of pouring rain. People will press grapes to get wine!"
12:50  The king said, "Bring him to me!" The king´s messenger came to fetch him! (Yusuf) said, "Go back to your master and ask him, "What about the ladies who had sliced their hands. My Lord, of course, is very well Aware of their treacherous deception!"
12:51  The king said, "Ladies! What about it? Did you really try to seduce him?" The women said, "We swear by Allah, we did not find anything evil in him!" The chief´s woman said, "It has all come out now! The truth is, it was I who tried to seduce him! He is surely telling the truth!"
12:52  (Yusuf said), "Just so the truth comes out! I did not betray my master´s trust in his absence. Surely, Allah does not guide the disloyal and the faithless!"
12:53  "I am not trying to pretend piety. The self in fact does instigate and nudge towards evil! (Its incitements are not easy to resist), except for those upon whom my Lord showers His mercy. My Lord is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful."
12:54  The king said, "Bring him to me. I will keep him specifically for myself!" and after conversing with him declared, "Surely today, as far as I am concerned, you are trustworthy!"
12:55  (Yusuf) said, "Appoint me the chief of the earth´s treasury. I have the knowledge and I am the protector."
12:56  Thus, We granted Yusuf power and authority in the land. He could live anywhere he wanted! By Our Grace, We guide whom We please. We do not waste the rewards of the pious
12:57  And the reward of the afterlife is, indeed, better! It is for those who believe and are fearful (pious)
12:58  Yusuf´s brothers came to Egypt, and visited him (to receive their share of the grain); he recognized them but they could not recognize him
12:59  He prepared their baggage (with their share of grain) and said, "Next time, make sure you bring your half brother to me. Do you not notice, I fill the measure to the full, and I am a good host?"
12:60  "You may not receive any grain, nor even come close (to me) unless you bring him along!"
12:61  They said, "We will surely try to induce his father (to send him along). That, of course, we will do."
12:62  Yusuf asked his aides to put their barter goods back into their baggage, so that they may recognize their goods upon returning to their families. Then maybe they will return to Egypt
12:63  They returned to their father and said, "We have been refused our next share of grain. Please send our brother with us, so that we may obtain our due portion. We will surely watch over him."
12:64  (Their father) said, "Shall I trust you with him now, like I trusted you with his brother earlier? Allah is the real Protector. He is absolutely the most Merciful."
12:65  They unpacked their baggage and found their barter goods returned to them. They said, "Oh our father! What else do we need! These are our goods (with which we paid for the grain) returned to us! Now, we can provide for our family! We will watch over our half-brother and increase our share by a camel load of grain. This load of camel is really easy for us!"
12:66  (The father) said, "I will not send him along, unless you give me your solemn word _ sworn in the name of Allah as your witness _ that you will bring him back to me, unless you are ambushed. When they gave him a firm assurance, he said, "Allah is the witness over what you say!"
12:67  And he said, "Oh my sons! Don´t you all enter the town through one gate, but rather go through different ones. I cannot protect you a bit against Allah. The authority belongs solely to Allah! I trust Him! All trusting persons should place their trust in Him!"
12:68  They went into town passing through different gates, as instructed by their father. That could not have protected them against Allah a bit, but this is how Yaqub felt in his heart. So he chose to satisfy himself. He had the knowledge given by Us, but most people do not know
12:69  They came to Yusuf. He pulled his brother close to him and said, "I am your brother. Do not grieve over what they have done!"
12:70  Then, as he packed their luggage for departure, he hid the peg in his brother´s baggage. (When the caravan departed), the announcer called, "Oh you people of the caravan! You are thieves!"
12:71  They came forward and asked, "What have you lost?"
12:72  "The king´s peg is missing!" they said, "A reward of a camel load of grain has been announced (for its recovery). We are the guarantors of that peg!"
12:73  They said, "By Allah, you know us. We have not come to make trouble in the land! We are not thieves!"
12:74  He said, "So what should be the punishment of the thief, if you are lying?"
12:75  They said, "He, in whose baggage the stolen goods is found, should be arrested and kept along with the goods. That is how we punish the transgressors!"
12:76  First, he searched the baggage of others. Then came to his brother and produced it (peg) from his baggage! Thus, We played a trick on them, and found an excuse for Yusuf. The law of the king did not allow Yusuf to keep his brother! We elevate in status, whomever We please! And over all those with knowledge, there is the One Who is the all-Knowing!"
12:77  They said, "He is not alone! His brother, too, had committed a theft earlier." Yusuf swallowed that remark and disclosed nothing. In his heart, he said, "You are indeed, of an evil status! And Allah knows what you describe!"
12:78  They said, "Oh chief, his father is really very old. Keep one of us in his stead! We find you to be a kind hearted person!"
12:79  Said, "May Allah help us! We can only keep the one, in whose baggage we found the stolen goods. We may not keep any one else! Otherwise, we will be the transgressors!"
12:80  They failed to convince Yusuf, and consulted each other. The oldest brother said (to others), "Do you not know? Father had obtained a firm oath upon Allah from you. And earlier, in Yusuf´s case, you had been neglectful. I will not leave this place until my father permits me, or until Allah decides my fate. He is the Best of the judges."
12:81  "Go back to your father and tell him, "Oh father, your son committed a theft. We say only what we know, and we could not have foreseen the future! We could not protect him from the unseen."
12:82  "Ask the people of the town we were in, or others in our caravan. We are telling the truth!"
12:83  (The father) said, "Rather, your evil spirits made it easier for you (to say that)! I will bear with patience, the utmost patience! Allah might still bring both of my sons back to me. Surely, He is the All-knower and the All-wise."
12:84  He turned away from them and said, "Alas! Poor Yusuf!" He tried to hide his feelings, but his eyes turned white with grief!"
12:85  They said, "By Allah, you would never quit talking about Yusuf, until you either die or melt away."
12:86  Said, "I complain only to Allah about my grief and anxiety. I know that about Allah, which you do not know."
12:87  "Oh my sons! Go look for Yusuf and his brother. Do not give up hope. Have faith in the mercy of Allah. Surely, only the disbelievers lose hope in the mercy of Allah!"
12:88  When they visited Yusuf again, they said, "Oh Chief, we and our families have come upon some hard times. We have brought our humble assets. Please be charitable and let us have the full measure of grain. Allah, surely, rewards those who are charitable!"
12:89  He said, "Now do you realize what you had done to Yusuf and his brother in your ignorance, earlier?"
12:90  They asked, "Are you really Yusuf?" Said, "I am. And this is my brother! Allah has bestowed favors upon us. Surely, Allah does not waste the reward of the pious, those who fear Him and remain steadfast."
12:91  They remarked, "We swear by Allah! He chose you over us. We were clearly the wrong-doers!"
12:92  (Yusuf) said, "There is no censure, today. Allah will forgive you. And He is absolutely the most Forgiving of all!"
12:93  "Take this shirt of mine and place it over my father´s eyes! It will bring back his sight! And bring all your families to me!"
12:94  And when the caravan moved (from Egypt) their father said, "Call me senile, but I am beginning to smell the scent of Yusuf!"
12:95  They said, "By Allah, you are still obsessed by that same old thing!"
12:96  The bearer of good news arrived and placed the shirt over his face. His sight was restored forthwith. Said, "Did I not tell you? I know that about Allah, which you do not know."
12:97  They said, "Oh our father, pray for our forgiveness. We surely, are the sinners!"
12:98  Said, "I will ask my Lord to forgive you. He is really the most Forgiving and the most Merciful!"
12:99  When they came to Yusuf, he raised his parents to the throne with him, saying, "Welcome to Egypt, God willing, in peace!"
12:100  He helped his parents up to the throne with him; and they all fell down prostrate before him! He said, "Oh Father! This is what I saw in my dream earlier. My Lord has made it all come true. He blessed me, when He took me out of prison, and again when He brought all of you to me from the village, even though Shaitan had sowed discord between me and my brothers. Surely, my Lord is extremely kind to whomever He pleases, and surely, He is the All-knower and the Wise!"
12:101  "My Lord! You have awarded me kingdom and have taught me the meaning of (dreams and) events. Oh Maker of the heavens and the earth, You are our Patron in this world, as well as in the afterlife. Give me the death of a Muslim, and let me join the pious."
12:102  These are the events of the unseen distant past which We reveal to you (oh Mohammed)!. Certainly, you were not present among them, when they were in accord and were plotting and scheming
12:103  Most people will not believe, no matter how hard you try
12:104  Do you ask them for anything in return? This (Qur´an) is, in fact, a reminder and an advice for the entire world
12:105  There are so many signs in the heavens and the earth. They pass by them without paying any attention
12:106  Most of them do believe in Allah, but then they associate partners with Him
12:107  Do they now feel secure from the overwhelming punishment of Allah, or the hour (of Judgment). It may descend upon them suddenly, when they least expect it
12:108  Say, "This is my way. It is with proofs and evidences! I, as well as those who follow me, call you towards Allah. He is the most High! I would never commit the sin of shirk (associating partners with Allah)!"
12:109  Even prior to you, We sent men from among the townsfolk towards them. To these men, We sent revelations. Have they not moved about in the land and seen the fateful end of those before them? The abode of the afterlife is far superior, and it is for those who are fearful (pious)! So, do they not think
12:110  Take heart! Our help arrived just as the messengers were beginning to lose hope and (their opponent) thought that they had been lied to (by the messengers)! We rescued whom We pleased! Our punishment will never be warded off from the criminal nation
12:111  Surely, for those who are wise there is a moral in this tale. It is not a made-up story! The book that exists with them confirms it in all its details. And in it is guidance and mercy for any nation that believes