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13:1  Alif, Laam, Meem, Ra. These verses of the book are the absolute truth revealed to you by your Lord. But most people do not believe
13:2  It is Allah Who raised the heavens without any pillars, as you can see. Then, He mounted the throne and tamed the sun and the moon _ each is in motion for a specified time. He conducts His affairs and He explains His signs. Perhaps you will acknowledge the scheduled meeting with your Lord
13:3  He spread out the earth, and laid upon it mountains and rivers. He made fruits of all kinds in pairs, and He wrapped the day over the night. Surely, these are all signs for a pondering nation
13:4  There are adjoining tracts of lands on earth containing fields, date-trees _ some with forked trunks _ and grape orchards. The same water irrigates them all. Yet, We excelled some over others in taste and nutrition. That surely is a sign for a thinking nation
13:5  Be amazed if you must, at their question, "After we have become dust, would we be created anew?" They are the ones who have rejected their Lord! They have shackles round their necks and they are the inmates of (hell) fire! They shall live in it for ever
13:6  They hasten to seek the bad before the good. The likes of them have gone by earlier. Indeed, your Lord forgives people despite their sins! Indeed, your Lord is very Stern when He punishes
13:7  The unbelievers say, "Why did a sign from his Lord not accompany him?" You are truly a warner for them! There is always a guide for every generation
13:8  Allah is Aware of every pregnant female, that which she carries, and that which her uterus draws off and supplies. He has all things in perfect proportions
13:9  He knows all things, manifest as well as mysterious and unseen. He is the Mightiest and the most High
13:10  It is the same for Him whether you whisper or shout out loud, hide in the dead of night or walk in broad daylight
13:11  By the orders of Allah, the guardian angels accord protection. They keep watch in front of and behind everyone. Surely, Allah does not alter the fate of a nation till they change their own selves. If Allah intends evil for a people, there is no escape from it. They have no guardian besides Allah
13:12  It is He Who shows you the lightning, and you observe it with fear and anticipation. He initiates the clouds heavy with rain
13:13  Out of fear, the angels sing His praises, and so does thunder. With a bolt of lightning, He stupefies whomever He wants. Yet, they quarrel about Allah! He is extremely Powerful
13:14  To call (and implore) Him is the real prayer. _ (To be prayed to, is His exclusive right). Those others they implore besides Him could never respond! They are like the one stretching his hands towards water, wishing it to enter his mouth. It never can! The prayers of the unbelievers will only go to waste
13:15  Everything in the heavens and on earth falls prostrate before Allah _ willing or not! So do all shadows, every morning and evening
13:16  Ask them, "Who sustains the heavens and the earth?" Say, "Allah!" Say, "Do your patrons _ those you accept besides Him _ have any ability to benefit or harm even their own selves?" Say, "Is a blind man comparable to the one with eyes? Are darkness and daylight equal? Have others, like the partners you ascribe to Allah, created anything that matches His creations? Is that the doubt?" Say, "Allah alone is the Creator of all things! He is the One and Only, and He is the Omnipotent!"
13:17  The rainwater He sends down fills the drains to their capacity. The rushing water carries the froth on top. When purified over fire, the jewelry and other fineries also yield froth. Allah illustrates the truth and falsehood with these examples! The froth gets discarded, while that which is useful stays behind to serve the earth! In this manner Allah cites the parables
13:18  The happy ending is for those who respond to their Lord! Those who do not, would be ready to pay as ransom the entire wealth of this world, and even twice as much if it was theirs! Their reckoning will be stringent, and hell would be their home _ a horrendous place
13:19  So! Can those accepting the absolute truth revealed to you by your Lord be like the blind? Surely only the rational ones pay heed
13:20  Those who fulfill their pledge with Allah and do not break their covenant
13:21  Those who establish that which Allah has enjoined, fear Allah and are afraid of the stringent reckoning
13:22  Those who remain steadfast, seek the pleasure of their Lord, establish ´salat´ and out of Our grant give charity _ openly as well as in secret. The eventual success is theirs! They get rid of their sins by their righteous deeds
13:23  They will enter the eternal paradise, and so will the righteous among their forefathers, children and wives. Angels will come to serve them from every door
13:24  (Angels will say) ´Peace upon you´, in return for your patience. The final outcome, par excellance, is yours
13:25  Cursed are those who enter into a pact, and then violate their pledges, those spreading mischief in the land, and those severing the relationship Allah has enjoined. Theirs is the worst abode
13:26  Allah extends or limits the provisions, for whomever He pleases. They are contented with the life of this world. Compared to the afterlife, this life is just a brief comfort
13:27  The unbelievers say, "Why did his Lord not send down a sign with him?" Say, "Allah leads astray whomever He wants, and He guides those who heed."
13:28  The believers find solace in the remembrance of Allah. Listen good! Hearts obtain solace with the remembrance of Allah
13:29  The title of honor and an exquisite abode belong to those who believe and do righteous acts
13:30  Generations before them have passed like that. To this generation We sent you! So you may recite Our revelations to them. They have disavowed the most Merciful! Say, "He is my Lord. There is no god except Him! In Him do I trust! And towards Him is my return!"
13:31  What if the mountains move about, the earth rips open and the dead begin talking? What if the Quran were to cause all that? (They would still not believe). Indeed, the power and prerogative of all sorts belong to Allah! Do the believers not feel reassured by the fact that Allah, if He had wanted, could bestow guidance upon all people. As a consequence of their lies, calamity would continue to hit them in their homes, or strike nearby, till the day of His promise. Surely, Allah does not renege on His promise
13:32  Many messengers were mocked prior to you. I allowed the unbelievers some respite; then I seized them. How terrible was My punishment
13:33  They appoint partners for Allah, even though He is the vigilant Guardian over every soul´s deeds! Say, "Name them! Are you just blurting things out or do you, on His earth, know something that even Allah does not? The deceptions of the disbelievers are made to appear delightful for them. Such deceptions keep them away from the straight path! No body can guide those whom Allah leads astray."
13:34  They will be punished in the life of this world; and the torture of the afterlife is more severe! They have no helpers against Allah´s wrath
13:35  The paradise being promised to the righteous has rivers flowing right through it. Its food and shades are eternal! Such is the reward for the righteous, and the retribution for the unbelievers is fire
13:36  The people of the book are pleased about what is revealed to you. However, groups of them dispute portions of it. Say, "My orders are to worship Allah exclusively, and not join partners with Him. Towards Him I call you, and towards Him is my return journey!"
13:37  Thus, We have sent down this order in Arabic. After this revelation, if you allow any adjustment for their whims, you will find no rescuers or protectors against Allah
13:38  Indeed, prior to you We sent messengers who also had wives and children. No messenger can perform miracles of his own accord _ without the will of Allah. Each age has its own preordained destiny
13:39  Allah abolishes, and confirms, what He wants! He has the real authority
13:40  You (oh Mohammed, SAW) may witness how We punish them, or We may let you die first. Either way, conveying the message is your obligation, calling them to account is Ours
13:41  Have they not observed? We are consistently shrinking the land from all sides. Allah´s is the final command. There is no overseer above Him and His reckoning is swift
13:42  The nations before them tried to be cunning. Ingenuity of all sorts belongs to Allah! He knows exactly the deed each soul has gathered. The unbelievers will soon realize who triumphs in the final outcome
13:43  The unbelievers are saying, "You are not the messenger." Tell them, "The testimony of Allah, or anybody with the knowledge of the book, is enough to settle this issue between you and me."