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12:1  Alif Laam Ra. These (are the) Verses (of) the Book [the] clear.
12:2  Indeed, We, We have sent it down, (as) a Quran in Arabic so that you may understand.
12:3  We relate to you the best of the narrations in what We have revealed to you (of) this the Quran, although you were, from before it, surely among the unaware.
12:4  When said Yusuf to his father, "O my father! Indeed, I I saw one ten (i.e eleven) star(s) and the sun and the moon; I saw them to me prostrating."
12:5  He said, "O my son! (Do) not relate your vision to your brothers lest they plan against you a plot. Indeed, the Shaitaan (is) to man an enemy open.
12:6  And thus will choose you your Lord and will teach you of (the) interpretation (of) the narratives and complete His Favor on you and on (the) family (of) Yaqub as He completed it on your two forefathers from before - Ibrahim and Ishaq. Indeed, your Lord (is) All-Knower, All-Wise."
12:7  Certainly were in Yusuf and his brothers signs for those who ask.
12:8  When they said, "Surely Yusuf and his brother (are) more beloved to our father than we, while we (are) a group. Indeed, our father (is) surely in an error clear.
12:9  Kill Yusuf or cast him (to) a land so will be free for you (the) face (of) your father, and you will be from after that a people righteous."
12:10  Said a speaker among them, "(Do) not kill Yusuf but throw him in the bottom (of) the well, will pick him some [the] caravan if you are doing."
12:11  They said, "O our father! Why (do) you not trust us with Yusuf, while indeed, we (are) for him surely well-wishers?
12:12  Send him with us tomorrow, (to) enjoy and play. And indeed, we for him (will) surely (be) guardians."
12:13  He said, "Indeed, [I] it surely saddens me that you should take him and I fear that would eat him a wolf while you of him (are) unaware."
12:14  They said, "If eats him the wolf while we (are) a group, indeed, we then surely (would be) losers."
12:15  So when they took him and agreed that they put him in (the) bottom (of) the well. But We inspired to him, "Surely, you will inform them about affair this. while they (do) not perceive."
12:16  And they came (to) their father early at night weeping.
12:17  They said, "O our father! Indeed, we [we] went racing each other and we left Yusuf with our possessions, and ate him the wolf. But not you (will) believe us, even if we are truthful."
12:18  And they brought upon his shirt with blood false. He said, "Nay, has enticed you your souls (to) a matter, so patience (is) beautiful. And Allah (is) the One sought for help against what you describe."
12:19  And there came a caravan and they sent their water drawer then he let down his bucket. He said, "O good news! This (is) a boy." And they hid him (as) a merchandise. And Allah (is) All-Knower of what they do.
12:20  And they sold him for a price very low, dirhams few, and they were about him of those keen to give up.
12:21  And said the one who bought him of Egypt to his wife, "Make comfortable his stay. Perhaps that (he) will benefit us or we will take him (as) a son." And thus We established Yusuf in the land that We might teach him from (the) interpretation of the events. And Allah (is) Predominant over His affairs, but most (of) the people (do) not know.
12:22  And when he reached his maturity, We gave him wisdom and knowledge. And thus We reward the good-doers.
12:23  And sought to seduce him she who, he (was) in her house from his self. And she closed the doors and she said, "Come on you." He said, "I seek refuge in Allah. Indeed, he (is) my lord (who has) made good my stay. Indeed, not will succeed the wrongdoers."
12:24  And certainly she did desire him, and he would have desired her, if not that he saw the proof (of) his Lord. Thus, that We might avert from him the evil and the immorality. Indeed, he (was) of Our slaves the sincere.
12:25  And they both raced (to) the door and she tore his shirt from the back, and they both found her husband at the door. She said, "What (is) the recompense (of one) who intended for your wife evil except that he be imprisoned or a punishment painful?"
12:26  He said, "She sought to seduce me about myself." And testified a witness of her family "If [is] his shirt (is) torn from the front then she has spoken the truth, and he (is) of the liars.
12:27  But if [is] his shirt (is) torn from (the) back then she has lied and he (is) of the truthful."
12:28  So when he saw his shirt torn from (the) back he said, "Indeed, it (is) of your plot. Indeed, your plot (is) great.
12:29  Yusuf, turn away from this. And ask forgiveness for your sin. Indeed, you are of the sinful."
12:30  And said women in the city, "The wife of Aziz (is) seeking to seduce her slave boy about himself; indeed, he has impassioned her (with) love. Indeed, we [we] surely see her in an error clear."
12:31  So when she heard of their scheming, she sent for them and she prepared for them a banquet and she gave each one of them a knife and she said, "Come out before them." Then when they saw him they greatly admired him, and cut their hands, they said, "Forbid Allah, not (is) this a man not (is) this but an angel noble."
12:32  She said, "That (is) the one, you blamed me about him. And certainly I sought to seduce him, [from] [himself] but he saved himself, and if not he does what I order him, surely, he will be imprisoned and certainly will be of those who are disgraced."
12:33  He said, "My Lord, the prison (is) dearer to me than what they invite me to it. And unless You turn away from me their plot I might incline towards them and [I] be of the ignorant."
12:34  So responded to him his Lord, and turned away from him their plot. Indeed, [He] He (is) All-Hearer, All-Knower.
12:35  Then (it) appeared to them from after [what] they had seen the signs, surely they should imprison him until a time.
12:36  And entered with him (in) the prison two young men. Said one of them, "Indeed, I [I] see myself pressing wine." And said the other, "Indeed, I [I] see myself [I am] carrying over my head bread, (were) eating the birds from it. Inform us of its interpretation; indeed, we [we] see you of the good-doers."
12:37  He said, "Not (will) come to both of you food you are provided with but I will inform both of you of its interpretation, before [that] [it] comes to both of you. That (is) of what has taught me my Lord. Indeed, I [I] abandon (the) religion (of) a people, not they believe in Allah, and they in the Hereafter [they] (are) disbelievers.
12:38  And I follow (the) religion (of) my forefathers, Ibrahim, and Ishaq and Yaqub. Not was for us that we associate with Allah any thing. That (is) from (the) Grace (of) Allah upon us, and upon the mankind but most (of) the men (are) not grateful.
12:39  O my two companions (of) the prison! Are lords separate better or Allah, the One the Irresistible?
12:40  Not you worship from besides Him but names which you have named, you and your forefathers, not (has) sent down Allah for it any authority. Not (is) the command but for Allah. He has commanded that not you worship but Him Alone. That (is) the religion the right, but most [the] men (do) not know.
12:41  O my two companions (of) the prison! As for one of you he will give drink (to) his master wine; and as for the other he will be crucified, and will eat the birds from his head. Has been decreed the matter the one about which you both inquire."
12:42  And he said to the one whom he thought that he (would be) saved of both of them, "Mention me to your master." But made him forget the Shaitaan (the) mention (to) his master, so he remained in the prison several years.
12:43  And said the king, "Indeed, I [I] have seen seven cows fat, eating them seven lean ones, and seven ears (of corn) green, and others dry. O chiefs! Explain to me about my vision if you can of visions interpret."
12:44  They said, "Confused dreams, and not we (are) in the interpretation (of) the dreams learned."
12:45  But said the one who was saved of the two and remembered after a period, "I [I] will inform you of its interpretation so send me forth.
12:46  Yusuf, O the truthful one! Explain to us about (the) seven cows fat eating them seven lean ones, and seven ears (of corn) green and other dry, that I may return to the people so that they may know."
12:47  He said, "You will sow (for) seven years, as usual, and that which you reap so leave it in its ears except a little from which you (will) eat.
12:48  Then will come from after that seven hard (years) (which will) consume what you advanced for them, except a little of what you (will) store.
12:49  Then will come from after that a year in it will be given abundant rain the people and in it they will press."
12:50  And said the king, "Bring to me him." But when came to him the messenger, he said, "Return to your lord, and ask him what (is the) case (of) the women who cut their hands. Indeed, my Lord of their plot (is) All-Knower."
12:51  He said, "What (was) your affair when you sought to seduce Yusuf from himself?" They said, Forbid Allah!" Not we know about him any evil." Said (the) wife (of) Aziz, "Now (is) manifest the truth. I sought to seduce him from himself, and indeed, he (is) surely of the truthful.
12:52  That he may know that I not [I] betray him in secret, and that Allah (does) not guide (the) plan (of) the betrayers."
12:53  "And not I absolve myself. Indeed, the soul (is) a certain enjoiner of evil, unless [that] bestows Mercy my Lord. Indeed, my Lord (is) Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."
12:54  And said the king, "Bring to me him." I will select him for myself." Then when he spoke to him, he said, "Indeed, you (are) today with us firmly established (and) trusted."
12:55  He said, "Appoint me over (the) treasuries (of) the land. Indeed, I (will be) a guardian knowing."
12:56  And thus We established [to] Yusuf in the land to settle therein where ever he willed. We bestow Our Mercy (on) whom We will. And not We let go waste (the) reward (of) the good-doers.
12:57  And surely (the) reward (of) the Hereafter (is) better for those who believe and are God conscious.
12:58  And came (the) brothers (of) Yusuf and they entered upon him; and he recognized them, but they not knew him.
12:59  And when he had furnished them with their supplies, he said, "Bring to me a brother of yours, from your father. Do not you see that I [I] give full [the] measure, and that I am (the) best (of) the hosts?
12:60  But if not you bring to me him then (there will be) no measure for you from me, and not you will come near me."
12:61  They said, "We will try to get permission for him (from) his father, and indeed we, surely will do."
12:62  And he said to his servants, "Put their merchandise in their saddlebags so that they may recognize it when they go back to their people so that they may return."
12:63  So when they returned to their father, they said, "O our father! Has been denied to us the measure, so send with us our brother (that) we will get measure. And indeed, we for him (will) surely (be) guardians."
12:64  He said, "Should I entrust you with him except as I entrusted you with his brother from before? But Allah (is) the best Guardian and He (is the) Most Merciful (of) the merciful."
12:65  And when they opened their baggage, they found their merchandise returned to them. They said, "O our father! What (could) we desire? This (is) our merchandise returned to us. And we will get provision (for) our family, and we will protect our brother and get an increase measure (of) a camel's (load). That (is) a measurement easy."
12:66  He said, "Never will I send him with you until you give to me a promise by Allah that surely you will bring to me him unless that surrounded you are." And when they had given him their promise, he said, "Allah over what we say (is) a Guardian."
12:67  And he said, "O my sons! (Do) not enter from gate one, but enter from gates different. And not I can avail you against Allah any thing. Not (is) the decision except with Allah, upon Him I put my trust and upon Him, let put (their) trust the ones who put trust."
12:68  And when they entered from where ordered them their father, not it avail(ed) them against Allah any thing but (it was) a need of soul Yaqub which he carried out. And indeed, he (was) a possessor (of) knowledge because We had taught him, but most (of) the people (do) not know.
12:69  And when they entered upon Yusuf, he took to himself his brother. He said, "Indeed, I [I] am your brother so (do) not grieve for what they used (to) do."
12:70  So when he had furnished them with their supplies, he put the drinking cup in the bag (of) his brother. Then called out an announcer "O you (in) the caravan! Indeed, you surely (are) thieves."
12:71  They said turning towards them, "What (is it) you miss?"
12:72  They said, "We are missing (the) cup (of) the king. And for (one) who brings it, (is) a load (of) a camel, and I for it (is) responsible."
12:73  They said, "By Allah certainly you know, not we came that we cause corruption in the land, and not we are thieves."
12:74  They said, "Then what (will be the) recompense (of) it if you are liars."
12:75  They said, "Its recompense (is that one) who, it is found in his bag, then he (will be) his recompense. Thus (do) we recompense the wrongdoers."
12:76  So he began with their bags before (the) bag (of) his brother; then he brought it out from (the) bag (of) his brother. Thus (did) We plan for Yusuf. Not he could take his brother by the law (of) the king, except that willed Allah We raise (in) degrees whom We will, but over every possessor (of) knowledge (is) the All-Knower.
12:77  They said, "If he steals - then verily stole a brother of his from before." But kept it secret Yusuf within himself, and (did) not reveal it to them. He said, "You (are the) worse (in) position, and Allah knows best of what you describe."
12:78  They said, "O Aziz! Indeed, he has a father old [great], so take one of us (in) his place. Indeed, we [we] see you of the good-doers."
12:79  He said, "Forbid Allah that we take except (one) who, we found our possession with him. Indeed, we then surely (would be) wrongdoers."
12:80  So when they despaired of him, they secluded themselves (in) private consultation. Said the eldest among them, "Do not you know that your father, indeed has taken upon you a promise by Allah, and from before that you failed concerning Yusuf? So never will I leave the land until permits me my father or decides Allah for me, and He (is) the Best (of) the judges.
12:81  Return to your father and say, 'O our father! Indeed, your son has stolen, and not we testify except of what we knew. And not we were of the unseen guardians.
12:82  And ask the town where we were [in it], and the caravan which we returned [in it]. And indeed, we surely (are) truthful.'"
12:83  He said, "Nay, have enticed you your souls something, so patience (is) beautiful. Perhaps Allah, that will bring them to me all. Indeed, He He (is) the All-Knower, All-Wise."
12:84  And he turned away from them and said, "Alas, my grief over Yusuf!" And became white his eyes from the grief, and he (was) a suppressor.
12:85  They said, "By Allah, you will not cease remembering Yusuf until you become fatally ill or become of those who perish."
12:86  He said, "Only I complain (of) my suffering and my grief to Allah, and I know from Allah what not you know.
12:87  O my sons! Go and inquire about Yusuf and his brother, and not despair of (the) Mercy (of) Allah. Indeed, none despairs of (the) Mercy (of) Allah except the people the disbelievers."
12:88  So when they entered upon him they said, "O Aziz! Has touched us and our family the adversity, and we have come with goods (of) little value, but pay (in) full to us the measure and be charitable to us. Indeed, Allah rewards the charitable."
12:89  He said, "Do you know what you did with Yusuf and his brother, when you were ignorant?"
12:90  They said, "Are you indeed, surely you, Yusuf?" He said, "I am Yusuf and this (is) my brother. Indeed, has been gracious Allah to us. Indeed, he who fears Allah and (is) patient, then indeed, Allah (does) not let go waste (the) reward (of) the good-doers."
12:91  They said, "By Allah, certainly has preferred you Allah over us and indeed, we have been sinners."
12:92  He said, "No blame upon you today. will forgive Allah you, and He (is) the Most Merciful (of) the merciful
12:93  Go with shirt of mine this and cast it over (the) face (of) my father, he will regain (his) sight. And bring to me your family all together."
12:94  And when departed the caravan, said their father, "Indeed, I [I] find (the) smell (of) Yusuf, if not that you think me weakened in mind."
12:95  They said, "By Allah indeed, you surely (are) in your error old."
12:96  Then when [that] arrived the bearer of glad tidings, he cast it over his face, then returned (his) sight. He said, "Did not I say to you, indeed, I [I] know from Allah what not you know?"
12:97  They said, "O our father! Ask forgiveness for us (of) our sins. Indeed, we have been sinners."
12:98  He said, "Soon I will ask forgiveness for you (from) my Lord. Indeed, He, He (is) the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful."
12:99  Then when they entered upon Yusuf, he took to himself his parents and said, "Enter Egypt if wills Allah, safe."
12:100  And he raised his parents upon the throne and they fell down to him prostrate. And he said, "O my father! This (is the) interpretation (of) my dream, from before. Verily, has made it my Lord true. And indeed, He was good to me when He took me out of the prison, and brought you from the bedouin life from after [that] had caused discord the Shaitaan between me and between my brothers. Indeed, my Lord (is) Most Subtle to what He wills. Indeed, He, He (is) the All-Knower, the All-Wise.
12:101  My Lord, indeed, you have given of the sovereignty and taught me of the interpretation of the events. Creator (of) the heavens and the earth, You (are) my Protector, in the world and the Hereafter. Cause me to die (as) a Muslim, and join me with the righteous."
12:102  That (is) from the news (of) the unseen which We reveal to you. And not you were with them when they put together their plan while they (were) plotting.
12:103  And not most (of) the mankind, even though you desire, (will be) believers.
12:104  And not you ask them for it any reward. Not (is) it but a reminder to the worlds.
12:105  And how many of a Sign in the heavens and the earth they pass over it, while they (are) from them the ones who turn away.
12:106  And not believe most of them in Allah except while they associate partners with Him.
12:107  Do they then feel secure (against) that comes to them an overwhelming [of] punishment (of) Allah, or comes to them the Hour suddenly while they (do) not perceive?
12:108  Say, "This (is) my way; I invite to Allah, with insight, I and whoever follows me. And Glory be (to) Allah and not I am of the polytheists."
12:109  And not We sent from before you, but men We revealed to them from (among) (the) people (of) the townships. So have not they traveled in the earth and seen how was (the) end (of) those who (were) from before them? And surely the home (of) the Hereafter (is) best for those who fear Allah. Then will not you use reason?
12:110  Until when gave up hope the Messengers, and thought that they certainly were denied, then came to them Our help, and was saved whom We willed. And not (can) be repelled Our punishment from the people (who are) criminals.
12:111  Verily, (there) is in their stories a lesson for men (of) understanding. Not (it) is a narration invented, but a confirmation (of that) which (from) between his hands and a detailed explanation (of) all things, and a guidance and mercy for a people who believe.